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Here is an update of my original post on the Delphi Sanuk board on “Some Information on some Turkish Bath and Massage Parlours in Bangkok”.

Prices quoted is what I have been told or paid, phone numbers from a card or from a publication "Exciting NightLife in Bangkok 1995/96'.

Further information from internet sites;






To get to this area head north on Asoke road from the New Petchaburi road intersection, near Mona Lisa massage, or that is in the opposite direction to Sukhumvit Road (and Soi Cowboy). When you reach the major intersection where the Fortune Hotel is situated; if you turn left this is Asoke-Din Deang Road where the Cleopatra Massage & Turkish Bath is located. While if you turn right this is the beginning of Rama IX road where a number of massage parlors are located including the Honolulu Love Boat Club. If you keep going straight instead you would end up at the many places on Ratchadphisek road, near the Emerald Hotel at the Huawy Kwang junction.

New Cleopatra is on Asoke-Din Deang road, about 300 yards from the intersection with Asoke Road where the Fortune Hotel is, the large gaudy neon sign cannot be missed.
phone #: 246-6680
Comments: An upscale massage parlor, with some of the most expensive girls (supposed models) working in any of the Bangkok parlors. The fisbowl at Cleopatra’s is on the left when you walk in, it is quite large with some quite attractive girls. The cost of the fishbowl girls is 1,900 baht. If you turn right at the entrance instead, you will see a sign saying ‘members lounge’, you don’t need to be a member to enter this area. In the members lounge, you will find the sideline girls and ‘models’ the cost varies from 2,700 baht (sideline), 3,500, 4,500 and 5,500 for the VIP models. The girls sit in a lounge area and can be summoned over for a drink, talk etc. The attendants here are very personable in helping you make a choice. At the bar they also have photo albums with pictures of ‘models’ that are also available, the attendant highlighted a picture of one supposed Thai Penthouse magazine model that was available for 5,500 baht. Also I was asked if I was interested in Russian girls, I think the cost was ~5,000 baht.

Honolulu Love Boat Club is at 555 Soi Soon Vijai 4, Rama IX road. Honolulu is close to the Rama IX hospital (follow the signs) and is right next door to the Radison Hotel. So if coming here by taxi, tell the driver to go to the Radison Hotel at Rama IX.
phone #: 641-5757
Comments: Another upscale massage parlor, the building is quite distinctive as part of the front is shaped like a boat. Honolulu has a large fishbowl with about 40-50 girls, the girls in the bowl cost 1,800 baht. Also you will find here a fairly lavish restaurant, a kararoke club and a lounge bar with sideline girls costing between 2,500 to 3,500 baht. Note that the original Royal City Avenue (RCA) is just around the corner, for those who may be interested in checking out the bars and restaurants in this much hyped local entertainment area.

Victoria’s Secret is at 555 Soi Soon Vijai, Rama IX road.
phone #: 318-8370
Comments: Never been. Cost ~1,800 baht.

**** CHINATOWN ****
Texas Café and Massage is located across the road from the Chinatown Hotel, in lane (Trok Srai) next to McDonalds on Yarowrat Road.
Phone #: 223-3521
Comments: Smallish place. Cost is 1,000 and 1,200 baht for girls in fishbowl. Or 1,700 baht for younger sideline girls in the Café.

Harlem is located on Maichai Trit Road, next to the Sri Kung Hotel and across the road from a Chinese Temple. It is in between Hualongpong railway station and the Wongwien 22 Karakada (22nd July) but closer to the station.
Phone #: ?
Comments: Does not have a sign in English, but there is a welcome sign in English on the door. Smallish place with about 20 girls. Cost 800 baht.

**** NEW PETCHABURI ROAD - near Sukhumvit Soi 3 ****

The first 5 places are near the Sukhumvit Soi 3 junction (Mit Saphan) with New Petchaburi Road, but on the other side of the road starting from the Prince Hotel near the Makassan Road intersection.

Plaza is an entertainment complex that is located (back entrance) at the soi that leads to the Prince Hotel on New Petchaburi Road, across from the Soi 3 (Soi Nana). The main entrance is at the L-bend on Makassan Road. Within the Plaza there are 3 places (Cupidy, Sherbert and Delia) that offer girls sitting in fishbowls and/or sideline girls sitting in a lounge.
Phone #: 253-1502
Comments: Cupid’s (Cupidy) is located on the ground floor of the Plaza, you will directly pass the entrance to Cupidy if you enter via the Petchaburi back entrance to Plaza. There is usually a portable neon sign on Petchaburi road advertising this place. A largish bowl with 50 or more girls, the price being 1,900 baht (Dec 1999). The price in March 2000, was 1,500 and 1,700 baht for massage girls, and 500 baht for girls in the traditional massage section. Similar to its neighbours Vilunda and Atami you probably should avoid coming here with a taxi or tuk-tuk driver. The staff here are quite aggressive to the point of being somewhat obnoxious.
Sherbert is on the 2nd floor of Plaza and is advertised as a kararoke place, if you enter Plaza via the main entrance you will enter into this place. At Sherbert you will find a mid-size fishbowl with about 30 girls, cost ~2,000 baht. There is also a lounge area with sideline girls, cost 2,700 baht. Unlike at Cupidy’s the staff here are quite civil.
Delia’s is on the 6th floor of Plaza and is a member’s type club, although you don’t need to be member to enter. At Delia’s you will find some very attractive sideline girls (supposed ‘models’, students, office workers) sitting in the lounge area, costing 3,500 to 4,500 baht. The staff at Delia’s are very personable.

Embassy is on Soi 39, and is part of the better known Embassy Kararoke establishment.
Phone #: 252-0393
Comments: The Turkish Bath and Massage part of Embassy appears new as of 2000. The entrance to the massage parlor is at the end of the soi. The bowl is small with about 15 girls. Cost was 1,200 baht, although after I showed no interest the attendant lowered the price to 1,000 baht.

Vilunda (also known as Angara) is on the soi 41 just before Atami.
Phone #: 251-6222
Comments: The girls here are in 3 sections traditional (500 baht), body and massage (1,500 baht) and superstar (2,000 baht). Similar to Atami, it is also a favoured place by taxi drivers and street touts. In Dec, 1999 the price was 1,500 baht for all girls of the soapy variety. The last time I was there (March, 2000) the price was 1,200 and 1,500 baht for the massage girls.

Halem is a new place (early 2000) on Soi 41, opposite side of the soi to Vilunda (Angara) massage.
Phone: ?
Comments: The fishbowl is fairly small (20 girls), the cost being 1,500 baht. Sideline girls sitting in the cafe were available for 2,500 baht.

Atami is at 1573 New Petchaburi Road (after Soi 41), and quite close to the corner with Nana Soi 3 but on the other side of the road.
Phone #: 252-8907-8
Comments: Atami is a favourite with taxi drivers and touts on the streets and hence the price is variable depending on whether you go by yourself or are taken by a tout and probably your bargaining skills. The girls (~80) are in 4 sections, traditional massage (500 baht), massage only and tora body massage (both 2,000 baht) and superstar massage (2,500) one Monday night in early April 99. A week earlier, the price was 1,500 and 1,700 baht respectively ! In Dec, 1999 the price was 2,000 baht for all girls of the non-traditional massage variety. The last time I was there March, 2000 the massage girls were in 2 sections at 1,500 and 2,000 baht respectively. The last time I was there

**** NEW PETCHABURI ROAD - Asoke to Soi Soon Vijai ****

The next 9 massage places on New Petchaburi Road starting from the Asoke junction to Soi Soon Vijai ( Bangkok General Hospital ) are located fairly closely together and constitues the (in)famous ‘soapy’ section of New Petchaburi Road.

Mona Lisa is next to the Siam Hotel on New Petchaburi Road, near the corner with Asoke Road and across the road from the Japanese Embassy.
Phone #: 252-3955
Comments: Quite a well known place. There is no sign in English but there is a picture of da Vinci’s masterpiece on the neon sign. You should not go here with a taxi driver or else you will be paying extra. To my surprise the time I was here the fee was only 1,700 baht, I was expecting the fee to be 2,500 baht or more by reports on the Internet. On the 2nd floor there is another place called Monika’s.

The next 5 establishments are after Mona Lisa on New Petchaburi Road (outbound side), in order

Christina - 2115 New Petchaburi Road, just before the entrance to Royal City Avenue (RCA).
Ph: 314-3590
Comments: Sign in English at entrance. A smallish place with about 40 girls at a very cheap 650 baht.

Pornphet - 2235 New Petchaburi Road, about 100 yards before Soi Soon Vijai where Bangkok General Hospital is located. There is a 7-Eleven store on the corner of New Petchaburi Road and Soi Soon Vijai. If coming by taxi get out here.
Ph: 318-2982
Comments: No sign in English. 20-30 girls in the bowl. Girls are divided into 2 sections, 800 and 1,000 baht.

Riveria - 2277 New Petchaburi Road, near Soi Soon Vijai. Just before the Hawaii Massage parlour.
Ph: 314-6367
Comments: Sign in English as well as Thai. Quite a luxurious place with night-club type facilities, including a Japanese club. There were approximately 40 girls sitting in the fishbowl at the time of my visit. Cost is 1,500 or 1,700 baht. Note this place may not be farang friendly from recent reports on the internet.

Hawaii - 2293 New Petchaburi Road, at the corner of Soi Soon Vijai and next to the 7-Eleven store.
Ph: 314-3451
Comments: Sign in English as well as Thai. A smallish place, with about 20-30 girls. The cost is low, 650 or 750 baht although the quality of the girls was not high.

New Stella - 2351 New Petchaburi Road, about 50 yards past Soi Soon Vijai and across the road from the Morakot Hotel on New Petchaburi Road.
Ph: 318-1673
Comments: Sign in English as well as Thai. A smallish place with about 25 girls in the bowl, costing 1500 baht. Also there were a small number of attractive young sideline girls sitting in the café, for 1,700 baht.

The following 3 establishments are on the inbound side of New Petchaburi Road, or the same side as the Japanese Embassy, and are listed in order outbound (going against the traffic).

New York Massage - 1882 New Petchaburi Road next to the Amari Atrium Hotel and a 7-Eleven store.
Ph: 314-4157
Comments: No sign in English. Smallish place with about 15-25 girls. Cost is 800 baht.

Saiphon Massage - 2152 New Petchaburi Road, across the road from the large Royal City Avenue (RCA) entrance sign and Christina’s massage parlour.
Ph: 318-1094
Comments: No sign in English. Small place with about 25-35 girls. Cost is 900 baht.

Bangkok Cozy Massage - 2368 New Petchaburi Road, next to a Toyota dealer. It is across the road from Soi Soon Vijai and the Hawaii and Riveria Massage parlours.
Ph: 314-0731
Comments: Sign in English as well as Thai. A mid-size place of about 40-50 girls in the fishbowl. It is fairly luxurious and also has large karaoke bar attached. The girls are divided into 3 sections, cost is 1,200, 1,500 or 1,700 baht.

**** NEW PETCHABURI ROAD - out of town ****

The next 3 establishments are a long way out of town on New Petchaburi Road, for a person staying in town to consider visiting.

BIWA Café - 2543 New Petchaburi Road, near the Deluxe Palace Hotel but on the other side of the road.
Ph: ?
Comments: Never been. Cost ~1,000-1,300 baht.

Mery Massage - 3183 New Petchaburi Road, near Ekami Expressway.
Ph: 318-1786
Comments: Never been. Cost ~1,400 baht.

Osaka Massage - 949 Pattananakarn Pricha Tower, on Pattananakarn Road
Ph: 321-0345
Comments: Never been. Cost ~1,500 baht.

**** PETCHABURI ROAD (at Uruphong Junction) ****

At the Uruphong junction, where (old) Petchaburi Road intersects with Rama VI road there are two low-end massage parlors that cater to locals.

Bacara Massage is located at Petchaburi Soi 4.
Phone #: ?
Comments: A small and slighlty rundown place that is about 25 yards into the soi on your left, no sign in English but there is a small neon sign (not lit) in English on the side of the 7-Eleven store that is on corner of Petchaburi Soi 4. A small fishbowl with about 20 girls, cost is cheap at 600 baht and 240 baht for traditional massage girls.

S.Botan (PP Cafe), is located on Rama VI road at Soi 13, which is approximately 250 yards away from the Uruphong junction, past the bridge over Klong San Saep, and a similar distance from the intersection with Rama I road. The nearest hotel is Sol Twins Towers.
Phone #: ?
Comments: A mid-size place with about 40 girls sitting in the fishbowl all dressed in Chinese style dresses and some girls having their hair in Chinese style pig-tails. The cost is quite low at 800 baht, although the service here may only be for 1 hour.

**** PIN KLAO (at Arun Amarin Road) IN THONBURI ****

How to get to Pin Klao ? The easiest way to get to the Pin Klao area in Thonburi, on the other side (western) of the Chao Phraya river to Bangkok is to get a taxi to the Pata Department store at Pin Klao, it is the major landmark in this area. Pin Klao is one of the major shopping and entertainment areas in Thonburi. If you are going to Pin Klao via crossing the Pin Klao bridge then Arun Amarin road is the first intersection, you cannot miss it as there is a major flyover here. The Pata Department store is the next block away from this intersection. Two massage parlours (Chao Phaya 3 and Valentine) are located at the intersection of Arun Amarin and Phra Pin Klao roads.

Although, Pin Klao may appear far away from Sukhumvit (or Silom), a taxi from Pin Klao to Sukhumvit Soi 3 is approximately 70 baht. An alternative method of getting to Pin Klao is to get the river ferry to the Pin Klao pier, if you are staying in the Banglamphoo area, eg Khao San Road, you can also catch the 2 baht cross-river boat from the Phra Artit/Banglamphoo pier. The Snow White massage parlour is very close to the Pin Klao pier.

Snow White is located at Somdet Phra Pin Klao Road, Soi 5 (also known as Soi Suwichai Damri). Soi 7 with a sign to the Police Station is right next to Soi 5. Somdet Phra Pin Klao Soi 5 (and 7) is approximately 100 yards from the Pin Klao Ferry Pier. Mahidol University’s Administration Office is next to the pier in the background as another landmark.
Phone #: 435-3523
Comments: Snow White is about 50 yards into Soi 5. As this soi is relatively quiet, you cannot really miss the place and its shimmering yellow and green neon signs (in Thai only) at night. The place has a mid-size bowl with about 40-50 girls. Cost is 1,300-1,500 baht. Sideline girls sitting opposite the fishbowl cost ~1,800 baht.

Valentine Massage (Star Cafe). On Arun Amarin road, Pata Department store side, near the corner with Phra Pin Klao road and the large flyover.
Phone #: 424-4570
Comments: There is no sign in English, but there is sign in English for the attached Star Cafe. This place has a mid-size fish bowl with about 40 girls, divided into 2 sections. The cost being 1,600 and 1,800 baht respectively.

Chao Phaya 3 is next to Valentine Massage on Arun Amarin road.
Phone #: 433-4667
Comments: Next door to Valentine massage is the 3rd branch of the Chao Phaya Turkish Bath and Massage. There is a large neon sign in English similar to it's better known sister branches on Sri Ayyuthaya road. The Chao Phaya 3 is very similar in design (but smaller) and atmosphere ‘ no hassle' to the Chao Phaya 2. But prices are ~100 baht cheaper than the Chao Phaya 2, body and star massage girls cost 1,400 baht and traditional massage girls are 400 baht. There is also a little ‘newbie’ bowl with young girls for 1,500 baht. The main bowl is probably half the size of that at the Chao Phaya 2.


Venus is across the road from the World Trade Centre in the Rajadamri shopping area. It is located across the soi from the Bangkok Inn.
Phone #: ?
Comments: The cost here is 1,500 baht, the place is fairly small (20 girls) and mainly attracts a local clientele. Have only ever wandered in.

**** RATCHADAPHISEK ROAD at Huay Kwang Junction ****

Another major area for massage parlours is on Ratchadaphisek Road near the Huay Kwang junction, this area is commonly referred to as ‘Ratchada’. Ratchada is a major entertainment area catering mainly to better-off locals and other Asian business and tourist groups. Four upscale entertainment complexes are located here, Cesar’s, Emmanuelle, Mirage and Posiedon. However it should be noted there have been postings on the Internet that farangs and other tourists may get doubled-priced at these places. To get to Ratchada, catch a taxi to the Emerald Hotel (Sparks disco/kararoke) or other nearby hotels such as the Merchant Court and Siam Beverley Hills hotels.

Cesar’s Entertainment complex is located across the road from the Emerald Hotel. The massage parlour is on the ground floor located within the restaurant.
Phone #: 692-5063-65
Comments: This place is somewhat akin to dining at a luxurious seafood restuarant with a large aqaurium, except the aquarium here has girls rather than fish. The bowl is very large, however when I was there the number of girls available was small. They claim that their VIP rooms are equipped with the largest bath tubs ever made in Bangkok. Cost is 1,900 baht.

Emmanuelle is an upscale entertainment complex next to Nataree massage parlour on Ratchadaphisek Road.
Phone #: 275-7474
Comments: The massage section of Emmanuelle is on the floor above the entrance, the massage area is quite lavish with a large fish bowl, with the standard and body massage girls costing 1,900 baht. There is also a ‘VIP model’ section which was empty the time I visited, cost from 3,000 baht plus.

Hi-Class is part of the Emmanuelle complex. It is located in a side building next to Emmanuelle.
Phone #: 275-7474 Ext. 212
Comments: Mid-size to largish place with 40-60 girls. Cost is 1,500 baht. There is also section with traditional massage girls, cost 300 baht.

Mirage is an entertainment complex, next to the Plazzo hotel, it is approximately 150 yards down the soi (street) between the Emerald Hotel and Nataree massage.
Phone #: 276-5016.
Comments: Another lavish entertainment complex, the massage section is on the floor above the entrance. The fishbowl is mid-size with 40-50 girls. Cost is 1,900 baht. Sideline girls in the lounge area on the third floor are ~3,000 baht.

Nataree is located next to the Emerald hotel on Ratchadaphisek Road.
Phone #: 692-9144
Comments: Mid-size place with 50-70 girls. Cost is 1,300 and 1,700 baht. Sideline girls sitting in the cafe lounge are available for 1,900 baht. The last time I was there (March, 2000) there were also approximately 6 Russian girls sitting in the cafe, cost 3,500 baht.

Posiedon is a 10 storey entertainment complex, it is about 200 metres up the road from the Emerald Hotel and across the road from the Grand Hotel.
Phone #: 693-8222
Comments: The Poesiedon massage parlour (Venus showroom) is on the second floor and can reached via the stairs (or elevator) from the lobby. The fishbowl has about 50 girls. The cost is 1,800 baht. Sideline girls are also available on the floor (Modelling lounge) above the fishbowl, costs varies from approximately 3,000 to 5,000 baht.


Versailles is located within the Galaxy No Hands Restaurant complex along Rama IV between Suriwongse and Si Phaya Roads and is across the road from the Red Cross Snake Farm. It can also be reached by a soi from Suriwongse that leads to the Rose Hotel. Phone #: 237-7077
Comments: Versailles is a smallish place with about 20 girls with the price 1,500 baht.

Sahara Sauna is located on Rama IV, near the corner with Sathorn (nua) road.
Phone #: 233-7915
Comments: Sahara is a small place with about 15 girls. The cost is quite cheap at 600 baht.

In Patpong itself there are 3 small massage parlours that I am aware of, one place in Patpong 1 itself (Tikara near the King's Castle 3 bar) and the other two in Patpong 2 (Plaza Onzen and La Costa) near the FoodLand supermarket and Rififi's bar.
Comments: Never been to any of these places so cannot make any comments here.


Along Sri-Ayuthya road there are 3 massage parlours. These places are within walking distance of the Phya Thai SkyTrain station which is situated on the corner of Phaya Thai and Sri Ayuthaya Roads. Turn right at Sri-Ayuthaya road and then walk about 200-300 yards.

Chao Phya 1 (J-One Café) is located next to Phaya Thai 1 hospital.
Phone #: 245-3381
Comments: The fishbowl (40-50 girls) is relatively small compared to the bowl at the Chao Phya II across the road. The girls in the bowl are available for either 1,800 or 2,000 baht. Sideline girls sitting in the café are available for 2,500-3,000 baht.

Chao Phaya 2 is across the road from the Europa Inn near the T junction with Rajadaprop road, and next to a Toyota Dealership.
Phone #: 245-5740
Comments: The girls are divided into 4 sections, traditional massage (sex at a privately negotiated price ~500-800 baht) at 500 baht, special body massage (1,500 baht), star massage (1,600 baht) and superstar massage (1,700 baht). Newbies (1,600 baht) are seated behind the body massage girls in the main bowl. There is also a small fishbowl on the right of the main bowl with ‘special’ sideline girls (2,300 baht).

Chavalla is just down the road from the Chao Phya 2 and across the road from the Phaya Thai 1 hospital via an overhead crossing.
Phone #: 245-3003
Comments: 300 baht per hour for semi-private cubicle. In cubicle area normally a BJ is provided for a tip. Private VIP rooms are 500 baht per hour, minimum of 2 hours includes complimentary drinks and snacks.


Annie's is located in the Raja Hotel, close to Soi 2 entrance but can also be easily reached from the Soi 4 entrance to Hotel car park.
Phone #: 251-5680
Comments: 1,000 baht (plus tip ~500 baht) but have never tried. Place is a bit small with about 12-15 girls.

Grace Massage is located in basement of the Grace Hotel, Soi 3. The entrance is located across from the Hotel coffee shop, down the staircase.
Phone #: ?
Comments: 500 baht per hour but have never tried. As the hotel clientele is primarily Arabic, the girls tend to be a bit plump.

Darling is located on Sukhumvit Soi 12, there is a BlockBuster Video store on the corner of Soi 12 and Sukhumvit Road.
Phone #: 229-4652-4
Comments: Relatively expensive at 2,500 baht, or 4,000 baht for a 2 girl sandwich. I believe Darling does not pay taxi/tuk-tuk drivers and touts a commission and hence many taxi drivers/touts will try to dissuade you from coming here and talk you into Atami, Vilunda/Angara or Mona Lisa and other places that provide a finders fee.

Chavalla II is located on Sukumvit Road, near Soi 34 and the Rex Hotel.
Phone: 258-5374
Comment: Never been but believe the set up is similar to original Sri Ayutthaya branch.

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2000-05-29 12:20:00
From : ROSS99
Slimey you are truly amazing
2000-05-29 02:14:00
From : BARNEY5_007


In your post you mentioned that some of these
places offer traditional massage. Are the girls
nude and can you get extras??

I really thank for all this info. 2 thumbs up.


2000-05-29 04:27:00
To : BARNEY5_007
'Traditional' thai massage is offered at many of these places, however I would be 99.99% sure that most of them would offer extras, ie full-service. For example at the Chao Phaya 2, the traditional massage girls are 500 baht - which they get 40 baht - so it is not surprising that they provide extras for a tip, usually ~800 baht. They give you a bath in nude, and a massage & extras, however you can decline but they probbaly won't be that happy if you do. The exception to full service & bath in nude is at the Chavalla, where they bath you from the outside and extras is a BJ.

You should note that many of the 'Traditional' girls at these places are older, although there are some nice ones as well who are quite popular.

If you really want a traditional Thai massage it is probably better to go to a proper Traditional massage place, some of these will probably offer extras as well but others won't, eg Wat Pho obviously & especially at places where the massage is conducted in an open common room.


2000-05-29 09:13:00
From : LONG1209
Thank you very much, SLIMEY.

Always love your directory reports. I wonder if you have ventured to a place called VR~ or V~ something. Its a massage parlour. Heard of it? I think it is in one of the urls you provided.

Care to write about this place when you did/have/will be venturing to this place?

Thank you.


2000-05-29 09:43:00
To : LONG1209
Hi Long,

Do you mean V2 Entertainment ? Or perhaps CR Entertainment. The former is out in Lat Phrao somewhere, and the latter in Bangkorleam (?), Rama III or Menam Hotel area I think. They are both a bit out of my way to go.

My next 'report' that I have vague plans to do is 'A go-go dancing in massage parlours', that apparently exists in a couple of massage parlours, eg Waikiki lounge at the Honolulu Love Boat club. A more closer to home thing I want to do is visit the 'Surat Restaurant/Cafe' - I've read a local report that said 'great food and beautiful hostesses' which intrigued me.

But don't know when I will get around to it though.


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2000-05-29 10:40:00
From : LONG1209

Yes, that's the two I was referring to. Since it is way out, maybe we may look into it once the regular hangouts get bored. hehehe!!! Maybe these 2 places are meant for Thais mainly.

A new report from you? Great! A go go dancing in massage parlour? Hmmm... I wonder how this two, A go go and massage, going to work together in the slide rooms!! hehehe!! Maybe it is separated between the two.

Is Surat Restaurant/Cafe in direct competition with Galaxy No Hands? Maybe so.

Sounds like apparently you are quite tied up with your job huh? Must be busy with the financial year end or financial audits?

Oh well. Mai Pen Rai, as the Thais always say. Will wait for your new report patiently.

Patience is a Virtue, right? heheheh!!!


2000-05-29 11:33:00
Slimey Toad, my hero!

Thanks a lot for your excellent and accurate report.
Sooo many places, sooo little time on my next visit!

For the newcomers I have a few pictures of some of the places you mentioned.

Chaophaya 1, unfortunately at night only.

Chaophya 2. Man, where I live our biggest supermarkets have this size...

Mona Lisa. Note that the exit on the left is for "Monica's model club". Any Idea what this is? The main entrance is to the right (not visible)

The logo of Mona Lisa as you see it from the overhead bridge.

S. Botan. On the corner is the P.P. Cafe, the first entrance in the side street is for the traditional massage, the second one is for the soapy one. If you are new to Bangkok it is worth exploring this small street further down -- truely amazing how people can live in this mess.

LoHaSmoDi -- who wishes he would have such massage services available at home

2000-05-29 00:35:00
From : VOID1954
Thanks for posting the links to your images of the various massage parlours.

Back in April I took some shots of CP-I and CP-II with my digital camera. The places are so big, I ended up using the panoramic mode, and stiched two images into one image (with software). Just out of curiousity, what type of lens did you use with your camera?

2000-05-29 16:22:00
To : VOID1954

>Just out of curiousity, what type of lens did you
>use with your camera?

I have a digital camera too -- a Canon S10 which has a 35 - 70 (35 mm equivalent) optic.

Yes, these places are huge. You have to stand away reeeeaaly far away to picture them :-)
Personally I found the huge fishbows (>120 honeys!) even more exciting. Impossible to make a choice!

LoHaSmoDi -- can't wait to return to the LOS!