2000-08-28 04:37:00
From : SAMUEL188
To : ALL
sick of bangkok, try BATAM
indonesia, half an hour by ferry
from singapore, it's like
bangkok in the sixtes.
2000-08-28 05:10:00
From : JJ
To : SAMUEL188
Gee , Samuel , you just been elected President of Batam or what ?. Why the heavy promotion ?. I personally love indo girls , lots of fun in Java , before I discover Bangkok. Well, I might take you up on the Batam trip.

One of my schoolmates father is the chief of Police on the island , and boy , he says Batam is a rough town.


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2000-08-28 13:45:00
To : JJ
batam is alright,not trying to
promote batam, just to let people
know that there is a nice fuck place
in case they are sick of bangkok.
are you not sick of bangkok/ the same
night scene in patpong/nana/soi cowboy
even the fuck shop at rachada is the
same year in year out.
do you have another fuck place to
2000-08-28 13:47:00
From : JJ
Bruther - read chinese ?. Check out , many options also the prics are not exactly unaffordable for chinese gals -


2000-08-30 23:06:00
From : SAMUEL188
To : JJ
dont like HK, most of the pros
money face