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  2. Hitting St George on Google this comes up, your point being
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  4. The Greatest Beer Run Ever [2022] A man's story of leaving New York in 1967 to bring beer to his childhood buddies in the Army while they are fighting in Vietnam. Based on a true story, partly filmed in Thailand this war drama is flat, forces the humor, has some awful acting and is barely watchable.
  5. Only You [2018] A young couple struggle in their relationship when they cannot have a baby. Not much else happens for two hours besides the premise, but a wonderfully screenplay, no melodrama, performed to perfection in an intimate story. Of note for a subtlety nuanced female lead.
  6. The Walk-In [2022 TV Limited Series] Follows a Neo-Nazi who plans to kill an MP and how his plan was foiled by an inside man who became an informant or a walk-in. Based on the true story of a British MPs murder and attempt on another, this drama seems flat and is only noticeable for its star lead, who can make anything worth seeing.
  7. I'd always though that St George was famous, for being the first, to observe the benefit, of getting one's leg into the trouser's, first time and one after the other.
  8. I am not denying Saint George was a Crusader, what I am saying is the fans are dressing as “St George” and not “Crusaders”Much like when an American wears a Cowboy Outfit as fancy dress it is not anti Native American (well not yet) I would argue your average football fan would be to ignorant to the Crusades against the Muslims and didn’t realise the connection between dressing up as St George and the Crusades If it pisses the Qataris off, GOOD, their bribery to get the World Cup, Winter World Cup, Human Rights, Women's Rights, Changing rules on Beer, extortionate prices, lying about attendances and many other things the Qataris are guilty of have pissed the rest of the world off, so we’ll done English fans, they don’t like it when we piss them off.
  9. Hitting " crusader " on Google, this comes up: But probably the man on the right owns a pub.
  10. Good, glad to get back at the rad heads. Point of order though, they are not dressed as “Crusaders” but in fact “Saint George” the patron saint of England “The George” is the 12th most popular pub name in UK with 222, “George and Dragon” 27th with 129, the combined 351 would make it 4th most Popular
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  12. Ahead of England’s World Cup clash with the United States on Friday, world soccer’s governing body FIFA said that Crusader costumes worn by England fans are “offensive.” Some England fans attend sports events dressed as the English patron Saint George, equipped with helmets, crosses and plastic swords. FIFA told CNN: “Crusader costumes in the Arab or Middle East context can be offensive to Muslims. That is why anti-discrimination colleagues asked fans to wear things inside out or change dress.” Christian armies fought Muslims for more than 200 years to get back control of Jerusalem and its surrounding areas that were under Islamic rule... https://edition.cnn.com/2022/11/25/sport/world-cup-crusader-costumes-offensive-intl-scli/index.html
  13. I heard once of an idea, that involved two or more separate laser beams, that were invisible to the viewer, but when they intersected in the air, that point, could produce a spark of light, the functional equivalent of a pixel. Cupla million of these and different colours and a refresh rate and you have virtual screen. Whether to not it could be utilised for more than one person's view, I don't know. Also I don't know if the idea is being followed or developed.
  14. There's a lot in this world, that governments and organisations that are set up by governments, can do, that we will have access to. It's only when whistle blowers out them or when the organisation thinks it's beneficial for the public to know, that we find out. As an example, a country in the Pacific Ocean, has an almost complete news black out, on the private life, of a TV personality, who is (relationship withheld) associated with a Politician. Any B+, A-, celeb, is usually putting out hundreds of stories in Women's magazines and news outlets, on, their new shoes, babies, fave pasta dish, etc. This one, all you see are the TV projects. Nothing else.
  15. Bizzaro, quite interesting then they can't defend themselves that well,
  16. Ive been driving for Amazon recently Amazing what people buy Seriously, is a carton of Coke or dunny paper that much cheaper? Nappies must be, My best delivery? 9 packages to a house, 8 of them a mixture of nappies, baby wipes, baby formula etc, And 1 carton of wine I laughed Mum!
  17. My old company I worked for spent a fortune in 3D, waste of money People with glasses and motion sickness just spoil it for everyone else I have seen an amazing 3D display that was directional The view depended on where you stood or sat in relation to the screen, Your watching the tv, a person drive in from left and parks the car, As he opens the door, those on the left side of the room can see into the car, on the right side of the room those could not, just the car door blocking the view, Was amazing, super expensive, was managed by using masses of tiny cones for the screen, which pointed in different directions to offer diffferent views
  18. Gee lets steal the name from a famous TV show nightclub
  19. Good mate of mine was half Japanese, half NZ He fell asleep after a drunken binge in Tokyo where he was working in his tiny unit, which had a verment problem Woe up with half his face stuck to rat paper, that super sticky paper used to catch rats,
  20. Going back quite a long time I lost a large sum of money, so I got drunk, and ended up sleeping under Bush's window within the APEC security perimeter, must be nearly 20 years ago??? My wife somehow got the drunk who's bus stop I was sleeping at to answer my phone, so she found out where I was She arrived at 2am in the morning to get me, with a USA marine really pissed of myself and a thai drunk had made our beds under Bush's Was a very large amount of money,
  21. Whilst there are issues with it, it's easy to compare it with alcohol and tobacco. Teenagers will go for what they can't have. Many of us have smoked grass when young and it can be argued, that we didn't turn out bad, well not too bad. I can only thank my lucky stars that I never was exposed to Meth or Opioids or synthetic dance chemicals.... There are much worse fates than getting stoned on THC.
  22. I happen to know a Thai mother, well, Lao mother , who is is very much afraid of her son falling victim to an easily available useless poison disturbing the home environment. What the hell are they promoting this for ?????? As if people would need that shit.
  23. Coss


    - 2021 - Forest fires - Man goes to help fight the fires - Locals lynch him thinking he started the fires, because he's not from 'round here. - 49 people sentenced to death for said lynching https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-63741557?at_medium=RSS&at_campaign=KARANGA *mental note, don't go to Algeria.
  24. We would take off the silk and remove the stick and put the buds in papers and then smoke it. vis
  25. ‘Vote for me’ for weed to remain legal, Anutin tells anxious proponents Baked Thais Advocates and entrepreneurs who rallied at the health ministry today to demand weed remain legal and free were relieved after Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul vowed that it would never be recriminalized – so long as he remains in office..... https://coconuts.co/bangkok/news/vote-for-me-for-weed-to-remain-legal-anutin-tells-anxious-proponents/?mc_cid=142cda2f1a&mc_eid=503e28128a
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    I do 50 50. On the one hand, the online gets me cheaper purchase prices, but delivery costs that are pulling the tit. On the other hand, visiting the store which is easy (traffic/cost/temperature in NZ and Oz), I can get exactly what I want and not have to feel cheated, like when the online order turns out to be, not quite what was advertised.
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