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  2. Once I find some I´ll show them some of Cavanamis´s links and I am sure they race back into shelter.
  3. BBJ on his birthday every year?
  4. Would she of hand delivered his letter I wonder?
  5. Can people not use there phones in Landscape mode?
  6. cavanami

    Songkran 2021

    A local hospital near me was giving free vaccinations...thousands of Thais there! I had a chat with a nurse working at this hospital and she said she was injected with the vaccine from China...so far she has been feeling OK...
  7. cavanami

    Songkran 2021

    Nahhhh....you can carry the virus while visiting your relatives but you are under quarantine...I'm sure the virus won't spread with the family members all jammed together....sad!!!
  8. Wow...you can actually hear Bidumb calling the ATF, the AFT...the demented Bidumb but our very own lying social engineer will have you believe Bidumb is doing a fine job...5555555555 LUCKILY, STATES ARE ALREADY GEARING UP FOR A FIGHT AGAINST BIDEN'S GUN CONTROL EXECUTIVE ORDER!+NEWS
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  10. Cabinet Reshuffle Replaces 3 Members Booted By Court BANGKOK (AP) — The appointments of several new Cabinet members to Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha’s government were made official Tuesday when their approval by King Maha Vajiralongkorn was published in the government gazette. The Cabinet reshuffle became necessary after the Criminal Court in the capital Bangkok last month found three serving ministers guilty of sedition for leading sometimes violent protests in 2013-14 against the government then in power. Under Thai law, Digital Economy Minister Buddhipongse Punnakanta, Edu
  11. Bubi, I believe KS has spoken to you about this before, we know that the Macaques like an outing, but they'll go hungry if you keep letting them escape... Troop of monkeys escape German wildlife park Twenty-five barbary macaques have broken out of their enclosure in southwestern Germany. Police suspect that their escape was enabled by construction work. Twenty-five Barbary macaques escaped from a zoo in the German town of Löffingen on Thursday for several hours. The troop of monkeys were first spotted roaming around a local neighborhood. Zoo employees then tried to capture
  12. Whilst we all may have different views of the Phil, here are his words, that to me, sum him up: Celebrities To pop star Tom Jones in 1969: ‘What do you gargle with, pebbles.’ More on Tom Jones: ‘It's hard to see how he is popular. He sings the most hideous songs.’ On Elton John, in 2001: ‘I wish he'd turn the microphone off.’ To Elton John in 2001: ‘So it's you that owns that ghastly car is it?’ On hearing Madonna was to perform in 2002: ‘Are we going to need earplugs?’ His job Visiting Canada, 1969: ‘I declare this thing open, whatever it is.’ Visi
  13. Vis the question posed. In NZ we have an electoral role. We sign up on a form, it's address based.. They periodically have campaigns to get new voters (young 'uns) and lazy sods, to update or register. I guess because we are a small population, it's relatively easy to maintain, a more or less "clean" database. That being said, I'm not on it anymore, I'm so disillusioned with the lies, that when I'm asked why? I say: "I don't believe that any one of them, deserves my vote after I have been lied to so often. Perhaps it's time to take back the control of society from the politicians, w
  14. Mekong

    Songkran 2021

    Good way to keep COVID-19 under control ... NOT!
  15. Prince Philip has died aged 99, Buckingham Palace announces
  16. https://ssl-adh.ark.org/images/uploads/pdf/RESOURCE_-_ID_Requirements_-_ENGLISH.pdf These are all accepted at various agencies as legitimate. Many people have gotten ballots in various states based on them. Again, I have zero issues with one all inclusive ID for voting IF WE GET IT FOR THEM FOR FREE. If you are living on food stamps and in public housing and are elderly, its a huge burden to get an ID to vote in elections you have been voting in for decades. The Republicans are full of shit. Putting undue burden on thousands of people without a good reason. Solving a non existent problem.
  17. a list of IDs the federal government accepts but not the state of Georgia. https://idcard.uiowa.edu/policies/approved-government-photo-id-list Individuals must present a valid (not expired), approved form of government issued photo ID. Please Note - All forms of ID must be the original, physical document. We will not accept photocopies or a photo of an ID on a mobile device. Approved Forms of Government Issued Photo ID: Non-Driver Photo ID (Issued within U.S. including U.S. Territories) U.S. Passport U.S. Passport Card U.S. Military ID Card
  18. A few things. I just heard Biden speak on gun violence and the need for enforcing gun laws. He sounded coherent and spoke well. This whole narrative he is incoherent is bullshit. You can't be incoherent in one speech and be coherent others. The guy is not a great public speaker. And if he's not, then who is in charge. You never hear that. You know who was totally out of it? Reagan in his last year or so in office. It's fact, Nancy was the de facto President. She would essentially be the chief of staff and say "Ron wants to do this and that'. There are videos of her under her breath telli
  19. With greatest pleasure I wish to inform the esteemed community about a vaccination that has taken place in the Federal Republic only yesterday. Material called Biontec has been injected into the body of member BuBi at 05:30 PM central European time. Second one scheduled for May the 20that the very same hour. Arm hurts but that is it. Velly goos. For once I enjoy to belong to the eldery people.
  20. In case you still don't get it...
  21. cavanami

    Songkran 2021

    It has started already....roads jammed, crazy/stupid drivers...police doing what they do best, nothing!!!
  22. Since the USA no longer has a working department of justice... New evidence and shocking admissions from Joe Biden and Hunter Biden themselves are presented to the Citizens' Grand Jury!!!
  23. Last week
  24. As unenthusiastic as I am, about re-igniting any orangeman discourse, I do however, get a little dose of schadenfreude when I read this: https://edition.cnn.com/2021/04/08/politics/vance-mueller-manafort/index.html
  25. Mekong


    Whilst most of the world looks at the UK NHS with envy it is worth noting that NZ Social Healthcare was formed ten years before the UK. Damn right Kiwis are proud of it
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