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  2. CS has lost it. CS is no longer credible.
  3. "Not corruptible ..." Really, CS? All of "the squad" have been charged with misusing there own campaign funds. And Warren and Bernie aren't exactly saints. Just give the new folks time. They'll become as corrupt as the rest. Meanwhile, Ken Starr has spoken up: Congressional Democrats have pushed too hard on President Trump’s impeachment hearings and may force Republican senators to dismiss the case altogether, said former special prosecutor Ken Starr on Thursday: “It’s an outrage to seize control of the deliberate process of a committee — [it] simply compounds a series of very, very terrible abuses,” he said… “Where did she get this power?” Starr asked… “It is an abuse of power.”
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  5. Let the TDS sufferers get educated by a real economist...
  6. Thank you President Trump for the excellent ecocomy! My portfolio is up 14% this year! That's actual and I see the great results of the economy everyday! So the nay sayers can harp and promote theories BS but I see the actual numbers!!!
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  8. Am positive he had a passport to get in (assuming it's the same guy I'm thinking of) - but it was near 20 years ago and he may have lost it at some stage. Hoping he has some kind of support back home as the lifestyle I remember him living (granted - it was a long time ago) will be a bit different to the UK.
  9. The economy is anemic and as I said the jobs numbers are hiding the fact that most Americans are struggling. To be fair to Trump its been like this since 2008. After the Great Recession, many jobs, in the millions, never came back to pre recession ways. Company didn't re-hire after layoffs, they cut back on salary, benefits, etc. There are some industries and niches that have some demand, even in bad times, there is a need for certain jobs. However, overall, we never fully recovered from 2008. The job numbers under Obama were the same tweaked numbers that Bush used and Clinton used but in Clinton's case the economy was great so even tweaked, it was still a good economy. Anyway, Trump got a lot of voters because they would hear from the White House press room so many jobs being created and their lives didn't reflect it and they knew it was bullshit. Trump came along and said, not only are those numbers bullshit, I'm going to solve your quality job issue. Hillary didn't address it She had to ride the job numbers sine it was her own party. Trump's numbers are the same and the economy still sucks. Here is the difference. The Obama voters who voted for Trump out of desperation in Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania aren't going to this time if its Bernie as the Dem candidate. They may stay home or vote again for Trump if its Hillary/Obama 2.0 like Biden. Also, Trump brought out the fringe right vote who thought the Republican party wasn't hard enough. They weren't impressed by McCain or Romney. Trump spoke to them and what is not discussed is the alt right vote. Trump got a lot of people who hated all sorts of people to come out in numbers. A lot of those guys at rallies were first time voters or haven't voted in a long time. The big difference this time around is their job still suck but they are voting for Trump anyway. Why? Because they are fighting for more than economics. They see the demographic changes, rise of non Black citizens, non heterosexual people, etc as an existential threat to themselves and their progeny. They see it as a cultural civil war not too dissimilar than 150 years ago. They are going to ride with Trump come hell or high water. They are not dissuaded from videos of kids in cages, they are encouraged by it. They aren't dissuaded by hundreds of thousands kicked off food stamps, etc, they are encouraged by it. If we have a crash, it could change some of them. Not all but some. What a crash will do is get out the non Republican vote and it won't matter if Republicans get a record turnout. If Dems or left of center people vote, Dems win. We saw that in Kentucky, Louisiana and other races in November that had record Republican turn outs. Its the dirty little secret the Republicans don't want the masses of Republicans to know is that that can turn out even 100 percent in some cases and still lose. The country is essentially moderate and left of center at its core as a collective. And the future is even moreso. The milennials are progressive. They grew up in a progressive society. They have had classmates since kindergarten who don't look like them, so its hard to tell them they should vote against people who have personal relationship with. They grew up on hip hop, and the internet that has made the world small. They grew up playing video games against other gamers from Saudi Arabia, Korea, etc, and its going to be tough to get them to go along with projecting American might at countries with people they know of and you can't demonize them.
  10. wow memory lane...... now 2 years + in HH and still love it
  11. It doesn't matter if someone wants you out of the office no matter what. If you break the law, you gave them a ready excuse. The Republicans were at the ready to impeach Obama on literally anything. The flimsiest of reasons. When you have the head of the Senate and other elected officials say they are not going to work with the President on anything, its more than enough proof. Try as they did, they couldn't come up with any reason, even if its unjustified. There were 8 years of videos posted on this forum saying an impeachment of Obama was imminent and none of them came to fruition or even close. No matter what one might think of his politics, he ran about as pristine of a shop as any President could. He's a former Harvard Law Review editor and a constitutional law professor. Tough to get a person like that.
  12. AOC and the others are breaking the elite as well. Both parties leadership are essentially bribed (thank you Supreme Court). They vote based on the needs of the people who gave to their campaign (the NRA, Wall Street banks, Unions, Fossil fuel industry, big Pharma). The new entrants from the farther left made it a point of not taking money. They are not corruptible and that is why even the Democrat establishment, including Pelosi and Biden do not like them and have made rules that has made it difficult for others to do the same such as banning any person such as strategists, pollsters from working with the DNC if they work for someone trying to unseat an incumbent. See folks, I criticize the Democrats as well 😊 Trump was bought, in part. Billionaire nationalist Robert Mercer and those under his purview chose much of Trump's key staffers. Trump is not independent. To his credit he has tried and have fired some of Mercer's choices but he is not independent. The 7 figure donations to his inauguration were essentially bribes to be in his good favor.
  13. How dare CNN print something like this! Donald Trump was elected to break the elite. Of course they want to impeach him By Scott Jennings When the global elite are aligned against him and laughing like the immature cool kids you hated in middle school, President Donald Trump is winning. When the liberal law professors are neglecting their Thanksgiving turkeys to read congressional transcripts and snarking about Trump's 13-year old son, Trump is winning. When the politicians are mad — so mad that they have shut down all policymaking to impeach the President of the United States on what constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley called "wafer thin" evidence —Trump is winning. You have to remember: Donald Trump wasn't elected to fit in with these people — the political, intellectual class -- to make them happy, or to become one of them. He was elected to break them. And that's apparently what he's done. After Wednesday's House Judiciary Committee hearing featuring three liberal law professors and Thursday's announcement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that her conference is moving forward with impeachment, the die is cast -- Donald Trump will be the third president in American history to be impeached by the House of Representatives. And honestly, that's just fine with Trump's supporters. What better evidence is there that you've shaken Washington to its core when the minders of a system you've come to despise are leveling the gravest punishment the system permits against the very President who is doing the shaking up? We can lawyer this to death, but for many Americans this comes down to a simple observation -- Trump said he was going to rattle their cages, and by golly they seem rattled. Trump's supporters have known since election night that this day would eventually come. After all, his sworn enemies have been openly promising it since before he was sworn into office! They've used words like "resistance," "coup," "insurance policy," and "impeachment" so often that, now that they are actually doing it, the American people — and Republicans especially — are offering a collective yawn. Rueful analysts stare into television cameras, lamenting and wondering why Republicans aren't fleeing from the President over the impeachment hearings (he stands at 90% approval among his party in the latest Gallup poll). But there won't be massive convulsions in public opinion because everyone has known for three years what was going to happen. Sure, some Democrats gamely argue that Pelosi didn't really want to go through with it, but she had to out of a sense of duty to the Constitution. But it's a half-hearted argument at best. It's true that Pelosi had no choice, although it's not because of the Constitution. Rather, her party's left flank and their inflamed grassroots activists overwhelmed her. This is a one-sided, partisan impeachment. It's the exact kind of thing Congressman Jerry Nadler, now chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, warned Republicans about in 1998, during Bill Clinton's impeachment. But political party leaders almost always do what the bulk of their party's supporters want them to. Republicans — no matter how moderate — got in line to cut taxes and confirm an avalanche of conservative judges because that's what their activists expected. And what have Democrats wanted more than anything since Trump's election? Since the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh? Since Trump made Twitter his private channel to the electorate? Since the Mueller probe? Since the Trump Hotel story? Since questions over Jared Kushner's security clearance? Since...you name it? The answer is obvious: to undo the 2016 election by any means necessary. It's a political itch that had to be scratched, and Pelosi could hold off her tormented partisans no longer. So here we are, headed for a rushed, hyper-partisan (and futile) exercise put on by the very elites Trump railed against to get himself elected in the first place. But for all the relief they might feel in finally striking this blow against Donald Trump, I wonder: have these Trump opponents even considered what this impeachment signals to the American people? That partisanship is more important than policymaking? That House Democrats have no confidence in their party's ability to beat Donald Trump in an election? And, perhaps most alarmingly, that impeachment — once reserved for the gravest of situations — is now just another tool to inflict damage on their politica https://edition.cnn.com/2019/12/05/opinions/trump-is-still-winning-jennings/index.html?ofs=fbia&fbclid=IwAR1CSaOebWGn17KeNxH7ApgEMJAupfxXF5FYhv2ZLx-xV49sSDkB9QtxHOw
  14. Any recommendation for a decent course close to central BKK. Few mates arriving who want to have a round in the new year but really don't want to have to travel too far
  15. Unfortunately, it is only getting rid of the other party's bad guys.
  16. Hua Hin - one of my favourite places in Thailand. A tad more laid back.
  17. Bohemian Rhapsody The film/movie grossed $216.4 million in the United States and Canada, and $687.3 million in other territories, for a total worldwide gross of $903.7 million, against a production budget of about $52 million.
  18. Leaving personalities aside, simply getting rid of the criminals ought to be top of the agenda, oh wait....
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  20. Pence is not involved in any way? Let's look at the facts. He pressured the Ukrainians. Surely, we have to know his role as its germane to the investigation? I'm not seeing the problem here. The committee would not be doing their duty if they didn't. No? The VP and the main Republican on the committee also involved. Don't you think he ought to recuse himself? https://www.salon.com/2019/12/03/house-intelligence-releases-damning-trump-impeachment-report-mike-pence-devin-nunes-implicated/
  21. We knew they would be going after Pence too. How else are they going to take over the White House without an election? If both Trump and Pence are booted out of office, guess who becomes president. That's right, Nancy Pelosi! My liberal fruitcake sister has even told me she can't wait for that to happen. If the Dems could manage to pull that off, right or wrong, you really would see a civil war in the USA, and the Dems aren't the folks with guns. Are they so blind that they can't see that? They could probably get away with dumping just Trump, but no way they could by seizing the White House but such a method.
  22. A word or two about gangs. In America, gangs have always been a symptom of economic inequality. Good economic times for a community stifles gangs. LA is no different. The city has been known and is known as a liberal bastion going back decades but this is the same city that has had riots from the underclass going back to the Zoot Suit riots involving latinos in the 1940s. There was also the famous Watts Riots in 1965 as well as the Rodney King verdict riots in 1992. I'll provide further examples. Jews had been a pariah in Europe for centuries. The word ghetto came from the Jewish quarter of cities. Despite being literally run out of town in various cities over the centuries in Europe, Jews never resorted to criminal gangs and organized crime UNTIL they came to America. So, one has to ask why were there Jewish street gangs as well as organized crime that gave us famous names like Dutch Schultz, Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegal among many, ,many other lesser known gangsters. Why would a people who never resorted to crime before, form criminal gangs. The lower east side of Manhattan was a Jewish stronghold and one of the most dangerous parts of NYC as well as America at one time. Why did they go into crime? Simple answer is the antisemitism they faced was so bad they chose criminality. It was a symptom of the Jewish immigrant masses being excluded from the economy. Yes, there were many Jewish merchants and even some very rich Jews but the masses, especially eastern European Jews, were excluded, even from within Jewish society. Western European jews wouldn't allow them into their synagogues and if you trace the lineage of the most ardent Jewish gangsters they were almost always from eastern European stock. Why don't you have them today? That's easy. Same with Italian, Irish and other ethnic group youth street gangs and organized crime of the adults. I've read that the Italian mafia has a hard time recruiting. They have even started letting in half Italians as long as the father is Italian. Why is it so tough to recruit? Because Italians are now regarded as the same as WASPs when they weren't at one time. Same with Jews and the Irish. The aforementioned three groups were not deemed 'white' at one time in America. Sort of a purgatory...lol...not WASP but not Black but somewhere in between and were the targets of so called 'nativists' the precursor to the term WASP. The Immigration Act of 1924 was enacted specifically to ban these groups as well as others from eastern Europe (Slavs, etc) Anyway, those same dynamics have not changed. The plethora of black and latino street gangs are a result of economic marginalization. This was also the case with certain Asian street gangs. Chinese triads, Vietnamese gangs in Orange country, California. Samoan gangs as well. Middle California, Stockton, Bakersfield and other desolate white areas are a breeding ground for white gangs as well as white biker gangs. Those areas are economically deprived and mostly poor white. It's tough in LA to make enough of a living wage if you are low or unskilled. Hence the drug dealing and the gangs. Simple really.
  23. My observance is that areas do well when both parties share power. One checks the other. One party dominating is never good, be it Democrat or Republican because one party eventually leads to a ton of corruption. Cities like NYC did well when they had both parties as mayors. My hometown, Philadelphia devolved when Democrats dominated all facets of government. Republicans made some headway into the city and it helped stopped the rot. Same for Republican dominated areas. If Republican rule was the solution, then why is Mississippi still a 3rd world state in a first world country?
  24. I"m a California resident. And the one thing that has been marketed is that the state may as well be The People's Republic of California. Home of "Hollyweird" as some have labeled the entertainment industry. This is a complete fallacy. There are not only very conservative areas of California (Orange county being probably the most famous), there are far right enclaves. Very, very far right if you get my meaning. LA and SF are NOT California. The state is huge physically, economically (it would be a G8 nation by itself) but also ideologically. Remember, this is the state that gave us both Nixon and Reagan and presently Nunes, Trump's chief attack dog. California was once a rich, prosperous state, with surplus. Both parties have done their fair share of the once slow but now quickening rot. From 1966 to 2006 when most of the damage was done. In that 40 year period, only 12 of those years had a Democrat governor. 2 specifically and years apart. From 1983 to 1999 there was nothing but Republican governors. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_governors_of_California Los Angeles has zero say about illegal aliens, that's a federal issue at the border. And frankly, whisper it, the federal government WANTED those undocumented workers to work the farms of California which supplied so much of the country's produce. America (and frankly EVERY nation that ruled its era historically) was built on slave and cheap labor. There was no collective will to solve the porous border because it was in America's economic interest NOT to. Slavery ended, cheap European immigrant labor ended and so, a new cheap labor force was needed. The circular cruel irony was that the undocumented were both encouraged to come with a porous border and said labor demonized for votes. I guarantee you those Republican big farm owners, Napa Valley vineyard owners in red counties of California do not want that wall built. There is also a fact that no one repeats and is that there has been a NET loss of people going back to Mexico. And this has been happening for several years. Why not? Our manufacturing base has been relocated south of the border via NAFTA, which although was a Clinton presidency legislation, it had Republican support. https://www.pewresearch.org/hispanic/2015/11/19/more-mexicans-leaving-than-coming-to-the-u-s/ As for the stats, hmmm..the may in fact be true, all or in part but they don't seem accurate on face value.
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