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  2. George Holliday, the Los Angeles plumber who shot grainy video of four white police officers beating Black motorist Rodney King in 1991, has died of complications of COVID-19, a friend said Monday. Holliday, 61, died Sunday at a Los Angeles hospital, where he had been for more than a month, according to Robert Wollenweber, a longtime friend and former coworker. Holliday was not vaccinated and was on a ventilator in recent days after contracting pneumonia, Wollenweber said. Holliday was awakened by a traffic stop outside his San Fernando Valley home on the night of March 3, 1991. He went outside to film it with his new video camera, catching the Los Angeles officers punching, kicking and using a stun gun on King, even after he was on the ground. A year later, Holliday’s out-of-focus footage — about 9 minutes worth — was a key piece of evidence at the four officers’ criminal trial for assault and excessive use of force. https://apnews.com/article/health-violence-los-angeles-coronavirus-pandemic-rodney-king-017eaf6c0394a6330e3a75537bbed3ed
  3. SAMUT PRAKAN: A young couple were arrested at a hotel in Bang Phli district late on Monday night for streaming their sexual activities online. The 19-year-old woman, known as Kainao, and her 20-year-old boyfriend shared their sexual exploits online via the OnlyFans website, Thai media reported. They were arrested by police from the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau. The couple admitted to producing pornographic content over a computer network, according to police. Police said they would not take legal action against the owner of the website, which only allowed creators to share content. Police said the arrests were the result of the website being abused by content creators. So that is what RTP do all day, spend tax payers money on only fans subscription and watch Porn
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  5. And it slips yet again, it will be Mid-April by end of September at this rate Welcoming tourists back to Bangkok hinges on three factors, including that 70% of its population are fully vaccinated, which could push the reopening near mid-November, according to the City Hall. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2185071/reopening-of-capital-must-be-safe
  6. Scotty from Marketing has done pretty well here He managed to piss off the French and the Chinese in one go
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  8. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-09-18/evergrande-moment-of-truth-arrives-with-bond-payment-deadlines
  9. By saying "I am sure France will be extremely helpful in resolving upcoming issues concerning Brexit. " I intend to publish my opinion that the French at the next best occasion will seek revenge once another Brexit-related issue will be on the table. Is that understood now? "You must be very naive, at the least, to think that Brexit would in anyway affect me." My naivity is indeed endless, although in this case your opinion that I spend any time thinking what the Brexit is doing to you is a product of your phantasy only.
  10. I can read, and write also, how the hell think I am taking onboard your posts and replying? You stated that “France will be extremely useful in resolving upcoming issues concerning Brexit” and then state the Ireland Protocol as one of these issues. FFS the French are totally against changes to the protocol. What else is there? Fishing, French always want to fish UK waters but don’t allow UK to fish French, Trade and immigration, how can the French alone be helpful in any of these issues, the countries have been a tech others throats on and off for over 900 years. Brits hate the French and the French hate the Brits Well considering I left the UK over 30 years ago, have no property or Bank accounts there, worked exclusively in SE Asia / Far East since well before Brexit, do not hold GBP or EUR and so on, Brexit concerns me as much as Loong Somchai the local taxi driver, i.e. Fuck all. You must be very naive, at the least, to think that Brexit would in anyway affect me
  11. All they have to do is fly to Mexico and walk across the border... US travel ban: Why is Biden still keeping Britons out of US? A couple of dozen journalists will be on the plane with him. An advance party is already in Washington DC. Every one of those will be allowed in because the American authorities have granted them a National Interest Exemption. Without it, you cannot enter the US from the UK or the European Union. Period. But why? Or to put it simply, what possible justification is there for President Joe Biden to keep this travel ban in place? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-58619393?fbclid=IwAR3Drjgkqo1UvvabInzUGMdODhW1oESZGV6nCSmlLXuGWzumexRk02wK0Og
  12. Gov. Abbott Goes Rogue, Dispatches Texas Forces to Take Control of Border Fed up with the Biden administration’s lack of action on the border crisis in Del Rio, Texas, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is taking matters into his own hands. A mass migration of illegal immigrants — mostly from Haiti — has overrun the area around the city as a crowd of about 15,000 migrants has camped there. “The Texas Department of Public Safety is in full force along the border around the Del Rio area. They have built a barricade with their squad cars and State Troopers. The National Guard is working with them to secure the border,” Abbott tweeted Saturday night. https://www.westernjournal.com/gov-abbott-goes-rogue-dispatches-texas-forces-take-control-border/?ff_source=facebook&ff_medium=westernjournalism&ff_campaign=manualpost&ff_content=2021-09-18&fbclid=IwAR0lCnjBkYfyTdp4riCWi2q3AWBlhnCi-woEpAFR-p6C8VH2USDDlpyjLAQ
  13. Help [2021 TV movie] A young woman seems to have found her calling working in a Liverpool care home where she has a special talent for connecting with the residents. Then, in March 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic hits. A downer drama as can be expected about care home failings at the time with two very strong lead performances to make it worthwhile.
  14. What upcoming issues, Do you have a Crystal Ball? Why / How does Brexit Concern me?
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  16. oops... https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/chinese-housing-giant-unable-to-pay-debts-and-could-wreck-global-economy/5CFU72UJR7NZUSIMEYO6NT22UM/ here's the link
  17. In the years since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), the issues within China's financial system and property market have become increasingly apparent. From the infamous ghost cities to the estimated 80 million homes that sit completely empty, the writing has been on the wall detailing the risks for years. Yet, despite predictions that it would all come crashing down in one spectacular heap, the Chinese property sector has not only survived but evolved into an even greater driver of China's economic growth. But behind this apparent success story lurks a far more complex and challenging reality. For years whenever a large property developer or construction company got into a level of trouble that threatened systemic stability, Beijing would generally step in and bail them out in one way or another. Given the level of control the Chinese government wields over the financial system and the corporate world in China, these bailouts and de facto rescues have taken on many different forms over the years. But each time the core of the issue was maintaining the strong economic growth that Beijing has become reliant upon and protecting the wealth of existing property holders. With Chinese households holding more than 60 per cent of their wealth in the form of property, allowing prices to fall and the construction sector to be impacted by rising bad debts was a bitter pill for Beijing to swallow. As President Xi Jinping's push to prepare China for a global black swan event continues, it's becoming increasingly clear that Beijing may no longer have the will to step in so overtly. To put Evergrande's immense size and importance to the Chinese economy into perspective, its debts amount to around $447 billion (US$315b). That is more than three times the entire debt load of the New Zealand Government and around two-thirds of all outstanding Australian federal debt. As Evergrande struggles to pay its creditors, mum and dad investors have stormed the company's headquarters to demand their money back, after payments to retail investors were stopped. Evergrande is not the only Chinese property developer in major distress. Across a long list of China's biggest property developers, a significant number are in similar financial trouble, with their collective debts in a distressed state exceeding more than $710b (US$500b).....
  18. any comment would be superfluous https://forum.pattaya-addicts.com/topic/353944-nwg-girls-live-streaming/?tab=comments#comment-5213729
  19. I am sure France will be extremely helpful in resolving upcoming issues concerning Brexit.
  20. “Faire L’enfant” as they say in French
  21. Clint produced and directed this movie...and did a good job of acting in the movie....he is presently 91 years young!!! Keep going Clint!!!
  22. Reminds me of the spoiled kid who, when losing, takes his ball and goes home.
  23. https://www.msn.com/en-xl/northamerica/top-stories/france-recalls-ambassadors-to-us-australia-over-submarine-deal/ar-AAOzoHG So in a nutshell: France loses Submarine contract worth some 50~90 Billion, dollars presumably. Recalls ambassadors from USA and Straya. ? Isn't that what you do as a preamble to declaring war? Or is now the default position for contract disputes? Instead of running away, dropping rifles, clatter, clatter, clatter?
  24. Not a movie but 3 series' TV show Britannia In vein of and as good as, Vikings, and better IMHO, than Game of Tropes. 1st series: very good, so much so, that I kept straight on and watched the 2nd immediately. 2nd series: still good with plot developing quite nicely. 3rd series: mmm... like a lot of franchises that suffer from multiple directors, producers and owners, I reckon this last, was not possessed of the vigour of the first two. Could be place holder for a possible future resurrection... However - as a whole - Bloody good, some wry humour, a bit of gore and the sex so toned down that it's patently British, well it's in the name... Of note :: David Morrissey as Aulus, a real workhorse, very good performances. Eleanor Worthington-Cox as Cait, stunning performances from, a just now turned, 20 yr old. But this guy is a diamond, just discovered in the rough, very good acting this fella, Nikolaj Lie Kaas as Divis. Standout! If it were not for the 3rd series, it'd be 5 from 5, but well worth a look at 4 stars.
  25. Lewis appears a tad confused at the moment......either that of his right leg is about to marry his left leg
  26. Cry Macho [2021] A one-time rodeo star and washed-up horse breeder takes a job to bring a man's young son home and away from his alcoholic mom across the border in Mexico. On their journey, the horseman finds redemption teaching the boy what it means to be good. Overly slow modern day cowboy drama, would barely pass muster but for it coming from 92 year old Clint. Not bad, but not that good either.
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