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  3. Phil Sphincter..... sorry Spector has died in prison
  4. Used to be a regular in Eden a decade and a half ago. But as the years went by, the girls got more “professional” and worse looking and the whole places got that boiler room vibe. Daisy Dream Is an arse licking place, is it?
  5. I can tell you some very positive and transformative things Nixon did. Truly but he's still a terrible president. You can positives from ANY leader, but overall, there is zero question that Trump will be remembered at or near the bottom. No question. None and I guarantee you in a fairly short time, his supporters will be too embarrassed to say that. Nixon won 2 landslide victories, but you won't find many people from that era who will admit to being a supporter of his. Even recently, how many Bush supporters you hear about longing for those days? That was "only"13 years ago. Reagan is the ONLY president Republicans will publicly talk about in the last 60 years. You have to go back to Eisenhower. In fact, in the last 100 years, only 2 Republican presidents will get a positive mention, Reagan and Eisenhower. No one talks glowingly of Hoover, Coolidge, or Harding. You have to go back to Teddy Roosevelt. Has their been bad Democratic presidents? Sure. Johnson was particularly bad screw up with the Vietnam war. Carter wasn't as bad as some say but you can't say he has a great rep, its overall a bad one as president and a good one post WH years. Anyway, Trump will go the way of Bush.
  6. Bat Flavoured Ice Cream
  7. Hundreds and hundreds of positive actions taken by President Trump for all the USA people!!! 47 minutes detailing some of the excellent accomplishments!!! THIS IS WHY TRUMP'S 2017-2021 PRESIDENTIAL TERM WAS SUCH A SUCCESS!
  8. It's ineresting a lot of the blockchain technology dats back to the early 70's - I think first patent by IBM Agree there needs to be a international currency, independent of the USD, however most international trade including with China is in USD I'd be very happy for a single currency for the reasons you mention Just not a speculative currency as that does not remove the issue facing Ethiopia
  9. Yesterday
  10. I've got more beer and popcorn, the next 3 days are going to be good.
  11. I would love to see Trump boarding the steps to the helicopter for his final ride while a crowd of 50,000+ people chanted "Loser Loser".
  12. The ever self-centred president has requested a major sendoff. It would begin with a throng of cheering, flag-waving staffers and supporters to see him off on the White House's South Lawn, according to a person familiar with the planning, and continue to a more formal ceremony at Joint Base Andrews, featuring a red carpet, military band, colour guard and 21-gun salute. practise throng - Cav, this is really ANTIFA dressing up as moving guys, to take Donald's stuff and burn it, while he's watching the TV.
  13. this may have already been posted -
  14. The My Pillow Guy https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/americas/donald-trumps-america/300207436/trump-to-flee-washington-and-seek-rehabilitation-in-a-maga-oasis-florida One of Trump's final Oval Office visitors was Mike Lindell, the My Pillow founder and television pitchman, who showed up Friday afternoon brandishing notes that he said were from a lawyer, whom he would not identify, advising to institute "martial law" and install Trump loyalist Kash Patel in the CIA leadership. Aides say Trump has been consumed with anger over his impeachment Wednesday by the House for inciting the Capitol riot. Lindell, a vociferous supporter of the president, spent the afternoon at the White House but said in an interview that he left unsatisfied. "I had to make an appointment like everyone else," he said. "People were lined up to see him." Lindell claimed ignorance about the contents of the memo, which was partially captured by a Washington Post photographer as Lindell waited to enter the White House. "I didn't know what was in it," he said. "I didn't know who some of the people even were." He explained that the unnamed lawyer asked him, "If you get a meeting, can you drop this off?" Lindell said he presented his information to the president for about five minutes before Trump referred him to White House Counsel's Office. He also argued that China and Russia hacked the election, bringing a false article from The American Report, a conspiracy-theory right-wing website, as his evidence. Lindell said he has been working with a large team to try to prove widespread voter fraud and falsely argued that Trump had won by 11 million votes. "I have spent a lot of money and gone down every rabbit hole in this country," he said. But Lindell said Trump was noncommittal on what he'd do with the information and told him to talk to the lawyers, who were dismissive and argued with him. "They were skeptical," Lindell said. "They were disinterested, very disinterested. They are giving the president the wrong advice." He said the lawyers did not allow him to see Trump again...
  15. I'm not arguing, just posting a bit of news... https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/money/123969048/monday-thoughts-take-extreme-care-if-investing-in-bitcoin Last week the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a UK regulator, fired a shot banning many financial products linked to cryptocurrencies (but not banning cryptocurrencies themselves). The FCA’s warning is stark – that Bitcoin and similar currencies are ill-suited to the average investor and in fact pose harm. The regulator warns cryptocurrencies cannot be easily valued, are open to cyber theft, have wild price swings and aren’t well understood. To top it off the FCA said there is a “lack of legitimate investment need for retail consumers to invest in these products”. So the FCA, a UK government watchdog, is effectively saying cryptocurrencies are a mix of pointless and dangerous for investors. They go so far as to say “investors should be prepared to lose all their money.” Much of what they say is true. ...
  16. Cav, unfortunately it was your beloved President Donald who went out of the treaty which you might have overlooked. Quote yahoo: " When Trump announced the U.S. withdrawal, which was completed late last year, he predicted Putin was “going to come back and want to make a deal.” He did not. And Russia’s move signaled that the country did not intend to make it easy for the administration of Joe Biden to reverse Trump’s rejection of a series of arms control and military monitoring treaties." Bubi, are you trying to give Cav a brain aneurysm? Or maybe he's already got one...
  17. Excursion (2019) a.k.a. Dangerous Excursion A mystery thriller about a 1980's devoted Czechoslovakian communist party member visiting his future self in London (UK), to make sure Socialism still prospers. I don't know if I'd call it a thriller, but there's quite a lot of good in this flick with some good performances in limited settings. Worth a watch ___ Honkytonk Man (1982) Clint Eastwood, depression times, he's a singer, all kinds of music, Country and Western. Who knew Clint could sing? And he's got this really bad cough and a penchant for the bottle. Better than you'd think, well worth a watch. ___ Six Minutes to Midnight (2020) UK, Aug. 15, 1939: 17 days before WWII, an English teacher and his camera disappear on a coastal boarding school. Nazi Girl's school, Bexhill-on-Sea, Eddie Izzard, Judi Dench, Carla Juri, James D'Arcy, Jim Broadbent, lots to love. Well worth a watch. ___
  18. Cav, Dr Corsi and leatherjacket-Jesus were an intellectual blessing in comparison to your newly aquired standards. How deep do you wish to fall?
  19. Cav, unfortunately it was your beloved President Donald who went out of the treaty which you might have overlooked. Quote yahoo: " When Trump announced the U.S. withdrawal, which was completed late last year, he predicted Putin was “going to come back and want to make a deal.” He did not. And Russia’s move signaled that the country did not intend to make it easy for the administration of Joe Biden to reverse Trump’s rejection of a series of arms control and military monitoring treaties."
  20. Now I know why we are called the lucky country
  21. cavanami

    The Covid-19 thread

    Chinese City Reports Coronavirus Found on Ice Cream A city government in eastern China says the coronavirus was found on ice cream produced there, prompting a recall of cartons from the same batch. BEIJING (AP) — The coronavirus was found on ice cream produced in eastern China, prompting a recall of cartons from the same batch, according to the government. The Daqiaodao Food Co., Ltd. in Tianjin, adjacent to Beijing, was sealed and its employees were being tested for the coronavirus, a city government statement said. There was no indication anyone had contracted the virus from the ice cream... https://www.usnews.com/news/health-news/articles/2021-01-16/chinese-city-reports-coronavirus-found-on-ice-cream
  22. Touching the Void The true story of two climbers and their perilous journey up the west face of Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes in 1985. Hell of a story! Well written. Keeps you enthralled wanting to finish the book in one session. **** 1/2
  23. zzzz

    The Covid-19 thread

    I got a response to the above from a statistics forum that is interesting: “There is a threshold for being admitted. A person with an oxygen saturation level under 90% isn't going to have a choice to be admitted or not. You have to think about things as conditional probabilties. Probability of dying given you are sick enough to be admitted is the setting. Hospital treatments aren't that complex, maybe antiviral, anti-inflammatories, monoclonals, plasma, and supportive oxygen. The risks would come from individual risk factors (comorbidities, and immune responses [cytokine storms]) and nosocomial infections, but there are covid units so risk to other pathogens is low. The risk of medical error shouldn't be on the mind since these people would have no other option”
  24. Trump Lost, he contested an election and he lost.
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