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  2. TV Series, Upload An odd one, future based afterlife romcom series, er, I think. Kind of okay and not in the least bit heavy watching, almost bubblegum with a hint of intrigue. Easy on the eye watch in the shape of Andy Allo. ***1/2
  3. In The Earth [2021] The world searches for a cure to a disastrous virus, a scientist and park scout venture deep in the forest for a routine equipment run, but things aren't what they seem. From the same director of the horror comedy Sightseers [2012] and starring that bloke from the inventive Inside No9 TV series, this low budget British horror flick is completely engrossing from start to finish, has the makings of a cult classic.
  4. Shiva Baby [2020] Dragged along to a Jewish funeral service with her parents, a college student runs into both her ex-girlfriend and her sugar daddy who arrives with his wife and baby she didn't know about. A somewhat claustrophobic black comedy brings to mind Woody Allen, is a bit of an acquired taste (not mine), simplistic story line albeit well produced.
  5. Another island is opening up on July 1st, Iceland! If you are vaccinated, then no tests! You can stay at any hotel and go have a drink in the bars. Plenty of people want to go to Iceland and see the erupting volcano.
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  7. In a press release, the Tourism Authority of Thailand recently sought to lay out and clarify guidelines for how Thailand’s reopening will begin. The Phuket Sandbox plan rolls out first on July 1 (awaiting final approval), followed by a proposal for Surat Thani province reopening Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao on a sealed route July 15. Here are the current guidelines of what travellers need to do before travelling, how arriving will work, ... at the LINK _____ And if the huge list of requirements at the link, is acceptable to travellers wanting to holiday on the beaches o
  8. Have you really given “GreenEnergy” any thought or are you just buying into the gibberish being spewed by the tree huggers? All figures are based on UK a country I know about. 25,000,000 Households using 3750 kw/h per annum 93,750 Million kw/h 32,500,000 Cars which require 4,000 kw/h per annum (Based on 10,000 miles per annum) 130,000 Million kw/h Over 8.000.000 of these car owners do not have off road parking so where do they charge their vehicles? That is a 230% increase in power generation requirements. not to mention the requirement to overhaul the T&D Network (Trans
  9. The Paris Agreement was something similar to what I wanted to see the big nations do. My preference would have been to have the G8 unite to change all their economies to green in come industries. Cars for a start. All government cars over a certain time, be hybrids or whatever kind of vehicle that we can get a consensus on. Also, there are some government functions all governments do well. I read a study years ago about the big inefficient ones. Conservatives like to say that the government doesn't know how to run businesses and that's not true. What you will find is corruption, graft, e
  10. Here is the thing about that inefficient rail. Money changes hands it isn't lost. Those workers, reinvested their salary into the local economy. They bought or rented homes. They shopped at the local grocer, all manner of businesses. The economy actually distributed their salaries back into the country. Private businesses sometimes takes that revenue overseas. Not saying the private business who bought the rail did but if they are a multi-national company some of that money may have been redistributed overseas.
  11. Coss, you missed out an important part, the Government of the time used the money from privatisation to “Balance the Books” where as in fact it wasn’t theirs to sell in the first place, it belonged to the people. the taxpayer had paid for and owned a state entity. In the UK there were several nationalised industry’s, British Telecom, British Gas, British Rail, British Airways, GPO (General Post Office) and CEGB (Central Electricity Generating Board), to name a few privatised, all under conservative governments. The torte were clever, initial IPO the companies were undervalued and share
  12. Coss

    The Covid-19 thread

    Bolsonaro's rule is 'worse threat than coronavirus,' say Brazilians as nation passes 500,000 deaths https://edition.cnn.com/2021/06/19/americas/brazil-covid-deaths-intl-cmd/index.html excerpt: Bolsonaro has repeatedly downplayed the gravity of the pandemic, calling Covid-19 a "little flu." In addition, since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the global pandemic, he has participated in at least 84 mass gatherings, according to a survey by the Brazilian newspaper O Globo... ...A study published in Lancet Journal by Hallal and his team at the beginning of the y
  13. This reminds me of something I was told once... In NZ we had a National Rail service, it was big, inefficient, over staffed and loss making. So they sold it to private business. Mass layoffs ensued. Over recent times the government has had to buy back parts of it, when "business' walked away. Great money making model for the business men. But here's the important bit. Before: there was a large work force, who had jobs, were more or less, doing something, maybe not efficiently, but something, they had families, mortgages and spent money and most importantly they had self esteem.
  14. Steve, yes to most of what you say, but from my point of view, business as usual. The rest of the world is breathing a sigh of relief, that your lot, is back to normal, I agree about Junteenth, 1/6 &c. What consumes my days at the moment, is awaiting news, of the travails and misfortunes that are queueing up, to befall the descendants of Friedrich Drumpf, orig. of Germany. And another more philosophical question, on the tangent of "Truth will out" - If there is a piss tape, why has it remained undistributed? I ponder the following: It is not actually a piss tape, but so
  15. One thing we should be doing is not having a congresspersons salary and benefits determined by them. For example. Cav obviously hates Nancy Pelosi. Part of his taxes pays her salary. Nancy Pelosi is elected by the people in the San Francisco area. Not even the whole city, only a part. Why should Cav's taxes pay the salary for someone he had no say in electing? Congress tries to gaslight the American people saying 'Well, she is doing things for America' Bullshit. Her primary responsibility is to serve the people in her district. She has no obligation to help a coal miner in West Virginia or a r
  16. Discussions a few days back about first woman in UK Punk, forget Poly Styrene and Siouxee Siox, I give you Gaye Black the Bass Guitarist with The Adverts
  17. Republicans not wanting to investigate the January 6th Capitol Building invasion in large part because most Republican voters were in favor of the riot and wants more probably is the biggest, overt indicator, America is done as a Republic. You simply can't have a functional representative government where roughly 45% of the people have no issue in violating its canons. And they are all okay with that. The Republican masses know that America in its present form and trend, won't survive and they want to rebuild something, anything where they get to run things.
  18. Although I've stated on numerous occasions America is on a non stop decline. I would suggest some things to stay the decline and hopefully end it but the ending would mean a complete cultural change in America. 1.Cut the military budget in half. Close or greatly reduce most of the various military installations around the world. This would not include everything. I would increase the VA funding. Military that fought and died for America's mostly failed modern wars should have the best care of a grateful and guilty nation. Any vet who has seen combat and been in a combat zone should have
  19. I also believe reparations are owed. In large part for continued endemic and systemic targeted post slavery. 100 years of apartheid including policies that stunted or denied growth. 60 years of either targeting (mass incarceration, institutional targeting, etc) or simply neglect. I'd limit beneficiaries to those that 1. Can trace their ancestry to slavery on both sides of the family. 2. Are identified legally as Black (birth certificate, driver's licenses, government documents). 3. You would have to apply and legally be held responsible for fraud. Controversial to some, not to me.
  20. Mekong


    Thins Potato Chips (Crisps) are available at my local Tops Supermarket. … They are Bloody Lovely
  21. This is going to sound harsh. This new Juneteenth fed holiday is bullshit. The Congressional Black Caucus' real job is to placate America's 45 million blacks when they have been done wrong but their number one job is to guarantee the black vote. Especially in swing states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. And now Georgia and North Carolina. In return these politicians get individual benefits such as to chair an important committee, get ambassadorships later on or be on board of directors of big companies and collect a check, be VP, or whatever. The DNC will not help any true
  22. Where’s Wayne Kerr when you need him? Mike Hunt can't turn Black Hawk Down Hugh Jarse found this funny
  23. paul101

    The Covid-19 thread

    lets make it all better yuk
  24. Wrong, Sir. It stops the infection at a very high percentage which then depends on the vaccine which is used. It does prevent people from becoming very sick at almost 100 %. For an evaluation of the Jakarta-spread one would have to know the total number of Sinovac-customers in Indonesia or Jakarta. 350 infected doctors would be insignificant between for example 10.000.000 vaccinated. Some vaccinated still get the Covid anyway. It ain´t all that easy.
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