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  2. China to Russia: end discriminatory measures against Chinese China's embassy in Russia has demanded authorities in Moscow end what it said are discriminatory anti-coronavirus measures against Chinese nationals. The complaint, detailed in an embassy letter to the city's authorities, deplored what it called "ubiquitous monitoring" of Chinese nationals, including on public transport. Authorities in Moscow have also been carrying out raids on potential carriers of the virus - individuals at their homes or hotels - and using facial recognition technology to enforce quarantine measures. The letter followed unconfirmed local media reports that Mosgortrans, which runs Moscow's vast bus, trolleybus and tram networks, had told drivers to try to identify Chinese passengers and inform police of their presence. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/02/china-coronavirus-outbreak-latest-updates-200226003835539.html Well, well, it appears the Chinese are rather affronted by people monitoring their nationals. They stab their finger in the chest in outrage and shock - it is we that monitor them not you!
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  4. My bad...but the check is in the mail 555555555555555555
  5. America was never liberal during the Obama years. Obama scared the hell out of a certain segment of America. Symbolically he scared the shit out of them. Its all about demographic and cultural changes he and his voters represented. Trump was a reaction to that. The day after Obama was elected supremacist, militia and nationalist sites had so many hits many of their servers shut down in some cases. I'm not saying there weren't legitimate opposition to Obama based purely on ideology. There were. And that has happened to all Presidents. But with Obama in particular, a lot of was based on what he looked like and it muddied the waters. Hard to tell who was just opposed to a Dem president based on ideology and those for that as well as what he represented. Trump spent 8 years trying to discredit the legitimacy of his presidency based on something that even the Republican party didn't believe. It must be said it was all started by a Hillary supporter, but he was in no way representative of her campaign. Some liberals in America aren't as "progressive as they claim. The Republican leader of the Senate (as well as the Republicans in the Congress) stated to Obama they would not work with him on anything. There were programs both parties supported that McConnell, the leader of the Republican senate, wouldn't work with him on. Totally unprecedented. They were totally obstructionist, even if it was good for America. Make up your own mind on what was really behind that. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-obama-hatecrimes-idUSTRE4AN81U20081124 https://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Politics/2008/1117/p03s01-uspo.html
  6. Democratic party internally is corrupt. I'd even go as far as to say more corrupt than the RNC internally. Both are corrupt though but the Democrats are far more corrupt internally. The Republican corruption is in the general election and how they govern.
  7. so for 8 years america was transformed to a liberal thinking progressive country capable of electing an african american ..... the system favours both trump and obama..... so it seems to me.
  8. Do the Democrats still have their "superdelegates"? That made a farce of the primaries last time around. Bernie would win primaries and end up with fewer delegates than Hillary. I haven't heard anything about it so far this time. p.s. I voted the way I see it going, not necessarily the way I want it to go.
  9. https://www.yahoo.com/news/senior-leader-white-house-personnel-003603553.html A new senior leader at the White House personnel office: A college senior
  10. It's normal. Each are trying to be the nominee so they differentiate themselves from each other in the form of attacks on each other's record and character. Republicans did the same in the run up to 2016. All of them denounce Trump when it comes up in the debate. Normal here.
  11. Obama (and no president ever) has ever charged the secret service 600 dollars a night.
  12. The fact that its very possible for Trump to win says all you need to know about what America is right now.
  13. Watching the Dem candidates struggling to win the race it is sadness that befalls me. Instead of attacking President Donald they waste their time.
  14. Who will win the 2020 USA presidential election?
  15. Sales drop as locals, tourists avoid shops published : 26 Feb 2020 at 06:31 The atmosphere at NaRaYa, a popular bag retailer at Ratchaprasong intersection, has completely changed during the past several months. Long queues of customers and busy cashiers are sights not seen at the flagship store since the coronavirus outbreak. A similar fate has befallen Big C Supercenter's Ratchadamri branch, whose Thai souvenir zone on the ground floor used to be a hotspot for Chinese shoppers but has now gone quiet. It's the same story at Tao Kae Noi Land's Terminal 21 shop, another draw for Chinese tourists. "Tour buses and almost all Chinese shoppers have gone away," said a salesperson at Big C Ratchadamri who asked not to be named. "I am no longer adding products to the Thai souvenir shelves three or four times a day." A director of the Thai Retailers Association said the 3.8-trillion-baht retail industry is in dire straits as the viral outbreak drives shoppers away. "The overall industry is completely in the dark, and I don't know when the situation will improve," the director said. Palm, 35, a trader at Platinum Fashion Mall in the Pratunam area, said sales of fashion products at her shop fell by 50% in January, with as much as an 80% drop anticipated in February. "Some shops on the third, fourth and fifth storeys of Platinum were closed because they don't have products to sell, as traders from China cannot send their products to Thai partners," Mrs Palm said. "I have inventory only for the end of this month." The situation is the worst she's confronted since events like the 2010 political protests, the 2011 floods and the 2018 Phuket boat accident. Sending out an SOS Tenants at MBK shopping centre near Siam Square also share the same harsh experience. A sharp fall in sales prompted tenants two days ago to gather in protest against MBK and ask management to come up with aid measures such as reducing the rent. Somphol Tripopnart, managing director of shopping centre business at MBK Plc, said the company is working on short- and long-term measures to help tenants. Last week, traders at Platinum Fashion Mall sent an open letter to the management seeking support, while a Platinum spokesman said management is also mulling a reduction in rent during these tough times. "The reduction rate will be considered with different conditions for each tenant," the spokesman said. Paibul Kanokwattanwan, group chief executive of The Mall Group, acknowledged the unprecedented headwinds for retailers. "In the several decades I've been in the retail business, 2020 is the most difficult year," Mr Paibul said. "Chinese shoppers have shunned our country, while locals aren't going shopping. Revitalising the retail market is difficult because I don't know when the virus outbreak will be brought under control." He expects the overall retail industry to lose several billions of baht in the first quarter. A source at the Mall Group said the company has yet to consider any aid measures for its tenants. Supoj Chaiwatsirikul, managing director of Iconsiam Co Ltd, said the company has set aside more than 50 million baht to launch the "Iconsiam, Thais Help Thais" campaign, offering sales and marketing promotions and concerts from February to May. Moreover, the "SOS Sale of Iconsiam" from Feb 28 to March 1 will provide discounts of up to 90% and special prices on products. "We hope this campaign will help operators get over this crisis and restore declining consumer spending soon," Mr Supoj said. https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/1865689/uneasy-silence-at-malls
  16. Don't want to talk about Trump now? can't find any redeeming features for the orange pile of shit? Cav, I do believe, that's a white flag in your hands.
  17. The Dems want to gain the white house, thus the discussion is on what better candidates can the Dems come up with. Nothing about this is Trump. Understand?
  18. The reason why he mentions trump my imbecilic friend, is that he happens to be the incumbent in the forthcoming Presidential election. Now let's do a 180, I know 360 is pretty popular here but we can always just do another 180. Surely the GOP can field someone more fit for office then Trump?
  19. Why do you mention Trump? are you so fixated on Trump that you don't understand that in the USA there must be some governor, senator or congressperson that is much better then the worn out losers that the Dems have put up to be their candidate. Understand?
  20. Bernie is infinitely better. All of the Dem candidates are better choices, even though I personally don't like 90 percent of the Dem field. I dislike over ideological reasons mostly, some I have a character issue with perhaps, but really Cav, Trump? As an alternative? Its pretty much like every one of the other 3 or 4 party candidates (including the communist one) being better choices than the Nazis in the 1933 German election.
  21. Not to mention an imbecile. I want to play him at something he could conceive of winning at. I think he's been feverishly plucking away at his banjo, in order to get ready for the duel. But sadly I think he can't really play the banjo - although all signs point to that being his pedigree. Damn it! Sometimes I shake my head and wonder how perverse and cruel the world can be, providing someone like Cav with this amazing opportunity of life, but cruelly robbing him of it at the same time.
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