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  2. I vote for that too, Some of the articles are worth a mild look at but I think we also need the news to be clearly time dates Question is, what time zone do we suggest be used? As Bust said one man's Saturday is another man's Sunday
  3. Well define “Recent” Research from Google Trends, in partnership with Schema and Axios, has found that the average ‘big’ news story lasts for around seven days before the public moves on to the next crisis. The study, based in America, used Google Trends to look at a range of news stories throughout 2018 and found that searches for events — the Hawaii false missile alert or Thailand cave rescue, for example — seemed to deteriorate after just seven days. Axios said: ‘The news cycles for some of the biggest moments of 2018 only lasted for a median of seven days — from the very beginning of higher-than-normal interest until the Google searches fizzled out.’ Source So BIG NEWS stories tend to die out after Seven days, so Ipso facto smaller news stories quicker. The OP was 8 days after the event and therefore, in my humble opinion not newly received (How could it be New if 8 days old) not particularly noteworthy and not about recent events ( as per research cited). I. Such case the OP does not meet your. Tied definition of News Perhaps we should have a new sub-category in the news section News Non Thailand News Out of date articles that Coss sees fit to grace us with
  4. Common for the Stazi I believe I'm glad you found this article news worthy
  5. So the story in kids being employed as censors is news? Or not?
  6. Ahhhh Was so big at one time
  7. news /njuːz/ noun noun: news newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent events
  8. News does not mean Newly Received well at least not in the Kings English anyway, stop fabricating facts to support a hypothetical argument The old saying, Yesterdays Mews is todays Fish and Chip Paper, that News was so old it had been Fish and Chip paper and the paper had already been recycled
  9. But the forum in "News" which in it's simplest definition is "newly received" So I agree what may not be news to some can still be news to others weeks even months later Maybe where the saying "that's news to me" becomes relevant 😃
  10. BANGKOK POST The information and Communications technology Ministry has hired 59 students to screen inappropriate web sites over the summer. The cyber inspector team has already filtered 1387 web sites during the past four months, however there were too many inappropriate web sites and the team needed assistance from volunteers. The 59 students are aged between 13 and 25, 11 living upcountry. The students will be required to find the addresses of sites deemed pronographic, gambling-related, those that defame the Royal family, spam mail sites or websites that might impact national security. Each student will get 4000 bahts for their work, Dhanchanok Deschart said he joined the project to help build a clean web site environment for youths: "there is too much inappropriate content on the internet today, many students know about these sites so I want to work on the project in order to helo shape up our society". Other who want to help add web sites to the goverment black list can do so by sending the address to the ICT Ministry at www......., the Royal Thai Police department at www.....and CAT telecom at www.....
  11. Good bless love and his nipple rings!
  12. Reminds me of English Playwright Clive Bakers saying “One man's pornography is another man's theology.”
  13. It is you who is Temporal Challenged since this article is posted in “Technology” and is therefore not purporting to be “News”
  14. Not news Coss - get with the times Pleaseeeee! Yes news should be at most a few days old
  15. Carl Sagan met his wife while choosing the artifcats, More than one artifact added by the way was added
  16. One mans porn is another mans erotica
  17. Yesterday
  18. Coss, I am calling this an absolute breakthrough. To start with, anything that is free did always fascinate me, talking about free beer for example . And now read this : " Sarawut said the camping sites, managed by the Department of Highways, come with complimentary drinking water and toilet facilities. Dedicated officials will also be on standby round the clock to help campers. What’s even better is that no fees will be collected. " The possibility to take a dump for free is something that will attract tourism from all countries worldwide and if it is only because dedicated officials will help campers in need to clean their ass and no fees. Round the clock, Holy Lord. Do you think that they will offer an upgrade from complimentary drinking water in favour of complimentary beah Singh for elderly people over 75 years like they grant them access through the VIP immigration at Suvannapum? I hope so. I am now calling 1586. Thinking about, what does "camping" mean, towing a caravan over from Europe or what? Please clarify. Stickman keeps on complaining about high air fares from NZ, this might change his view.
  19. Want to do something different during this New Year’s break? You can now ring in 2024 at a camping site under the stars thanks to the Department of Highways’ newest initiative. Sarawut Songwilai, the department’s director general, said the department is making 31 plots of land available for camping as part of the Transport Ministry’s plan to boost tourism. These 31 locations will be open to holidaymakers from December 29 to January 4. (so only then?) Sarawut said the camping sites, managed by the Department of Highways, come with complimentary drinking water and toilet facilities. Dedicated officials will also be on standby round the clock to help campers. What’s even better is that no fees will be collected. Those eager to secure their spot can call the department’s 1586 hotline at any time of the day or night. The sites are located across the country, with 21 in the North, five in the Northeast, three in the West and two in the Central region. https://www.nationthailand.com/thailand/tourism/40033498 _____ Finally - an article published in the same day as the posting thereof! What a relief!
  20. https://thethaiger.com/news/business/ai-set-to-drive-integration-of-emerging-tech-by-2024-predicts-dell ...John Roese, Dell Technologies’ Global Chief Technology Officer, shared this vision during an online roundtable discussion titled Visions: 2024 and Beyond. “In 2024, we will see an AI era in which generative AI dialogue will move from theory to practice.” He further explained that the transition will involve shifting from building training infrastructure towards inference infrastructure. Inference is the utilisation of trained AI models to derive predictions, make decisions or generate outputs based on input data. By 2024, AI will have evolved from a theoretical concept to a practical tool, Roese predicts. One of the major concerns will be security, especially with the potential risk of data-trained model theft. “Developing the security architecture around inference infrastructure will be a critical task next year.”... __________ The temporal challenges that this article presents, being Published at 13:26, 04 December 2023, and Updated: 13:28, 04 December 2023, but posted here on the 5th of December 2023 at about 07:03 (middle earth time) are ignored, as being too frivolous for serious discussion.
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