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  2. CS Try living and commenting for items in 2020. Obummer is not president any longer...time to move on and stop gaslighting.
  3. Coss, you know what the interesting thing is? All through Obama's tenure, there were almost daily posts about impeaching him. But all of a sudden, its the Dems trying to reverse a lawful election. Oh, the irony (and hypocrisy)
  4. 1 + 1 = 2...and the neo cons and globalists continue their attacks!
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  6. President Trump didn't have the popular vote because of all the illegals voting. Judicial Watch has won legal cases in California and other states, forcing the states to clean up their voter roles! You forgot? I already posted that several times but doesn't fit your biased narrative so of course discount it. Up to 1.5 M to be cleaned from CA voter roles! This is 1 + 1 = 2. You say Judicial Watch is not doing anything? BS, here's only on example!!!
  7. I'm glad we are seeing what a far right wing America will look like This is a great preview. You should have slavish obedience to the leader and ignore any morals, ethics or law. One day, there will be the same thing on the left and although I will rue that day, the Trump supporters will have no say about it. None. Almost every single critique of Obama has been said they ignore it for Trump. When the unemployment rate was dropping every quarter for Obama, they made the debt the priority. Now that the debt is rising, at a faster rate than Obama and hitting record highs, the unemployment is now the jewel but not for Obama. Not a peep on here on that hypocrisy. Crickets. Obama is weak on sending troops into Syria..until Trump pulls them. It's "strategery" to quote a Bush-ism. Any fuck up take your pick 1.its the deep state 2. Its the liberals 3. all of the above. Impeachment is wrong, you are trying to overturn an election. So, Clinton's impeachment was wrong? No, that was different. LOL. It's sad.Trump didn't even get the majority of people. He lost the popular vote. As an aside, any election process where the plurality loses, is by definition NOT a democratic institution or even a representative Republic. The electoral college was wrong from the start and is more than outdated and is only supported by Republicans because the vast American people do not support them and its the only way they have a chance of winning elections. No Republican has won the presidency initially with a majority of the people since 1988! Let that sink in. For over 30 years EVERY INITIAL ELECTION FOR A NEW REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT (non re-election) HAS ALWAYS HAD A DEMOCRATIC PARTY PLURALITY. EVERY SINGLE ONE. And no one can prove the electoral college is fair and needed. I'd love that debate.
  8. Jeffrey Epstein's lawyer. Lawyer's get to choose who they represent. When they represent pieces of shit they use the excuse, every deserves representation but it doesn't have to be you Alan Dershowitz. Defending a known pedophile because he can pay you. And its not like Dershowitz is broke.He's worth at least 20 or 25 million dollars. He will represent literal any slime bucket so its natural for him to represent Trump. He's been lobbying for a role on Fox News for many months.
  9. The non hard core Trump are polling well with regards to impeachment. What the Dems should focus on are the senators in close races like Collins in Colorado. I truly think this November no matter what happens in the presidential race the Senate may become Dem. I think if Bernie wins, Dems get the house and senate. The only problem with that is the corporate Dems may still be in charge.
  10. Well he's obviously, the best that Trump could get
  11. Dershowitz is full of shit. He has finally fucked up his legacy.
  12. Impeachment trial live - click click click not some Cav-hacks spouting opinions, just coverage of the actual trial.
  13. Apichai Ongwisi, was arrested after his girlfriends body was found weight down with dumbbells and tied to a metal gate in a pond on his property. Photo / Supplied Police in Thailand have arrested an alleged serial killer after hundreds of bones belonging to young women were found in his garden pond. It's claimed wealthy property heir Apichai Ongwisit, 40, made his girlfriend Warinthorn Chaiyachet, 22, sleep in a metal casket to stop her leaving him. He appears to have targeted a large number of women and killed them in a gruesome manner before attempting to dispose of their remains, with British news publication The Sun comparing the alleged killer with notorious US serial killer Ted Bundy. Ms Chaiyachet, nicknamed Kik, was suffocated and then hurled into the pond full of carnivorous alligator gar fish at Mr Ongwisit's home in Bangkok, Thailand, last July, it is believed. The body of the missing young woman went undiscovered until police, who had received a tip-off this month, were told she'd been murdered. Warinthorn Chaiyachet, 22, was reported missing by her parents. Photo / Supplied. Ms Chaiyachet's body – identified by a large fish tattoo on her back – was discovered tied to a metal gate and weight down with dumbbells in the pond on January 9. The suspect – who has been dubbed the "metal casket killer'' – has been remanded in custody while investigators consider further charges. Officers now believe there could be many more victims after police divers found at least 298 human bones in the water on Friday. The family of a missing 12-year-old who lived near the property in the Thai capital's Nab Bang Khae district believe she could also be in the pond. Police said they are hoping to drain the pond to discover the full extent of Mr Ongwisit's alleged killing spree. In a bizarre twist, Mr Ongwisit is the son of wealthy businessman Chalermchai Ongwisit, who was jailed for butchering a 15-year-old girl in 1983 but later shot dead. Ongwisit's mother was accused of masterminding the crime but subsequently fled abroad with his younger sister. The family owned the city's Onkvisit Market and are thought to be worth millions. Police Colonel Jirakrit Jarunpat, commander of the Women's and Children's Welfare Division, said the investigation suggests many more victims who were killed by Apichai. "The investigation has found several women who were involved with the culprit have disappeared. They include his friends, girlfriends and prostitutes," the police chief said. "We have found 298 bone pieces in the pond so far but could not clarify how many humans those bones were from. "We are also seeking his ex-girlfriend who we believe might have witnessed or have information about him killing the missing women." https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=12302393
  14. Before you get sucked in to all the Dem lies to cover up the Biden crimes that Biden openly admitted to!
  15. I heard a radio interview, with the author of the book, 'The Irrational Ape', a Mr David Robert Grimes. I urge all here, who think, to seek out and read this book, see Publisher Page. Or at least, take 20 minutes from your day and read the 47 of 421 pages available, as a google book preview read here. In the current world climate, the greater the number of people, who think like this and understand the book's message, the better.
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  17. I think a case can be made that China is the most powerful nation today.
  18. Coss

    China Thread

    German topics in the China Thread? Confused again?
  19. You are fishing for Trumpanzee points where there are none, here is an article on the matter by the NBR, a well respected source of news. This matter is some years old and the little controversy there was, is over. https://www.nbr.co.nz/article/taxpayers-will-continue-funding-clinton-foundation’s-flagship-jw-p-194939 And when you've taken a moment to read it, you can understand long form prose can you? you'll remember that Hilary Clinton is not president of the USA. This topic does not belong in the USA thread, the NZ thread is where it started and you've co-mingled it here. Keep the NZ stuff in it's thread and the USA stuff in the USA thread, you confused old {insert your own age appropriate insult here}.
  20. let me rephrase that : He is literally seen as a buffoon and thereby dangerous by all the World.
  21. It amazes me how Trump and Republicans get away with the 'economy is great' narrative. Shocking. All of us have been though boom times. All of us have seen a few boom years in the '80s and certainly the '90s. These times have no such feeling on a par with those years. 40% of the nation doesn't have $400. How is that the nation's best economy? Well over 1 trillion dollars in car loan, credit card and student loan debt each. How the hell is that a good economy? Record pace and amount of national debt. How is that a booming economy? Record amount of corporate loans, nearly 20 trillion, some companies have debt that dwarfs major countries. At&T alone has over 180 billion dollars of debt. That is more than the GNP of most countries. How the eff is that a booming economy? The unemployment rate gets trotted out using the same stats and methodology Trump demonized (rightfully so) during his campaign and to call him out of it, the media will have to say Obama's numbers were wrong. And they can't do that. The cost of living, especially rent has gone through the roof. Its almost doubled, even in bad areas. However, wage increase has been stagnant at best. People are working second jobs (Uber, eCommerice-etsy, eBay, etc., ) just to survive.You may be one of them. If not, you know people who are. I have friends and family back in the states making above 60k..even 80k and they are struggling. They are also scared. They will lose everything if there is a downturn in the economy. A lot of Trump's supporters are struggling and its this weird reasoning that they dive further into zealotry. The guy in his van that killed people in Florida, inspired by Trump was pretty much living out of that van. The Trump supporters who are struggling are using cognitive dissonance to blame everyone else, the deep state, the media, the liberals for why they are struggling, despite the Trump having de facto control of 3 out of 4 areas (White House, Senate and Supreme Court) of the government. In their minds, unless Trump has full dictatorial powers, including the media, ,he can't 'get the job done'. https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/tucker-carlson-trump-bernie-economy-081700298.html
  22. Not me mind you, but some people are asking if they have a 'gofundme' page as well. 🙄 https://www.yahoo.com/news/iranian-mp-announces-3-million-100418211.html?bcmt=1 Iran MP offers reward for killing Trump, U.S. calls it 'ridiculous'
  23. The impeachment trial is a joke. The media tries to paint it as drama. "What will happen?" We know what will ultimately happen. Trump will be found innocent. If I were to offer Dems some advice is actually say it. Use it for November. The case shouldn't be about trying to get a conviction. That won't happen unless you have a secret vote and that won't happen. Present a case that you can use for in adverts from now till November to punish these very senators up for election as well as to motivate the base to vote. The trial has long been decided. The Lincoln Project, the conservatives against Trump are doing a much better job than the Dems. This trail is about convincing the American people DESPITE the verdict. The trial, if the Dems had any ounce of political savvy should be about the hearts and minds of the masses they are in a corrupt administration and their vote is the only answer since the Republicans will not honor the constitution.
  24. Shocker, a Trump endorsed Congresswoman during her campaign thinks the impeachment process is rigged. I'm astounded. (sorry, sarcasm alert....lol). There were still Republican Senators willing to vote no against Nixon. She has as much credibility to argue her 'so called facts' as Don Jr. She is one of those who would find him innocent if he actually shot someone on Fifth Avenue in NY. Doug Jones, Alabama democrat senator is probably the only Dem who will vote no and an Alabama democrat is much farther to the right than a NY Republican to put that state in its proper context. He is no liberal. Far, far from it and his no vote will be in part that his state is wholly behind Trump. That said, I'd take his view with more credibility than a member of the president's own party that he endorsed because she ran as being one of his biggest supporter.
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