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  2. Titane [2021] Following a series of unexplained crimes, a father is reunited with the 'son' who has been missing for 10 years. Award winning French horror fantasy film from the same director as Raw, highly original, visually extreme and gut wrenchingly graphic at times. Memorable, something you cannot unsee, but worth seeing.
  3. Petite Maman [2021] French movie of a young girl who has just lost her grandmother and is helping her parents clean out her mother's childhood home. One day she meets a girl her same age building a tree-house. A subtle, original and joyful film dabbles in time travel and apparitions, all told in a succinctly edited movie.
  4. Absolutely no issue with the whole process. Thailand Pass application took less than 24 hours. I had prepared all the paperwork ahead of doing the online submission, including the cropped QR codes from my vaccination certificate as jpg files. At check-in in Doha the Qatar Airways staff wanted to see 4 documents: Passport Thailand Pass QR code Hotel reservation Insurance cert. All were checked that they had my name associated with them. The flight was full but non-eventful. The flight touched down at 06:30 and on arrival there were a lot of blue chairs arranged at the point where the concourse splits into the different arms. The wait here was a couple of minutes while the checked I had the TP paper. Then proceed to the desk where the TP QR code is scanned and confirmed against passport. Then on to immigration which was very smooth, no queue. A short wait for the bag then out to the arrival hall. Here the very efficient and smooth air-side process takes a dive. Very chaotic with half a dozen desks supporting a hundred hotels and several hundred people milling about in a small space, everyone looking for there hotel. I had booked at the Hyatt Regency on Soi 13. Not the cheapest but I felt re-assured that I might be getting a halfway decent service. They use Bumrungrad hospital which is barely a block away. At the airport the rep swiftly directed me to a black Toyota Camry outside and within a minute or two I was on my way into town. Friday morning traffic was much as I remember and it took a little while to reach the tollway exit adjacent to Sukhumvit Soi 1. From there it was straight to the pcr test at Bumrungrad, a drive through service that was complete in less that 2-3 minutes. and from there straight to the hotel on Soi 13. Check-in was nothing more than to check my name on the list and from there I was escorted to the room. Vey nice and the reason I chose the Hyatt. Being locked in a room for possibly 24 hours I wanted it to be at least pleasant. Other than being devoid of the usual room amenities it was very much as expected. I was in the room by 08:20. I settled in to do some work, watch a bit of tv and wait for the next day but the phone rang at around 5pm to say my test was negative and the result sent to my registered e-mail address. I phoned a friend and by 6:30pm we were downing cold ones at Viva on soi 8. So 12 hours from touchdown to beers on Sukhumvit, not too bad considering the state of play. It was a pretty wild night, lots of booze and lots of entertainment that lasted well into the next day, Seems Bangkok is developing a lot of hidden backroom speakeasy style joints to get around the 11pm lock down.. I had arranged for my daughter and son to drive into town the next day and fetch me and after lunch in Terminal 21 we made our way out of town and back home. It's been a year and 5 months that I've been away, I'm fortunate to have a well paid contract at the moment and in a way have taken advantage of the difficult travel situation to get my head down and crack on with work. That and knowing that I could not manage another 14 days in quarantine which has kept me away from home for so long. So home for a month I plan a lot of catching up at home as well as fun evenings out in town.
  5. Fark, I had totally forgot about Santos’ Dwarf Doorman, what was his name “Dui” or something similar. For me personally, and many others I assume, the heyday was 1997 during the Asian Financial Crisis, twice as much THB for you Buck, Cheaper prices, Girls without attitude, Internet in its infancy and pre social media, ohhh happy days indeed. I am still stuck in Bangkok, wouldn’t have it any other way, mind you the bar hopping days are In the dim and distant past. As much as it pains us to admit it, we get older and parts of out bodies start rebelling, breaking or just falling off. We all eventually have to slow down before we burn out, some by choice and some by final warning from the Doctor. My last visit to the beach
  6. Local hospital. I'm now at the airport and what a nightmare! Sloooow, much paperwork to show and get checked. I asked at immigration about the Thailand Pass and they knew nothing. Now over one week and no TP or communication...great system....not!!!! Plan B, fly to Penang, Malaysia and take the train to Bangkok.
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  8. Decades ago there used to be gatherings of a large group of mongers, Meet up at a place near cowboy, usually one with great burgers or a midget at the door run by Santos, Then off to all the bars as a large group, numbers fluctuating depending where someone dropped of or rejoined the mob. And the great joy was a post on Monday or Sunday about the bar crawl. Who got drunk, was the most handsome man, an online debate would follow on line defending oneself from disappearing so soon, and your opinion of that great bar sucks. For those living overseas it was a great way to remember what you might be missing In Oz we'd have our own get together, sitting at a mates place, now passed on, getting Thai food and beer, if lucky even Thai beer, and talking about past bar crawls. Ahhh the mamories!
  9. How life changes our time and desires. Had a long chat to a buddie ( of many years ) this morning. We are both from NZ however met in Bangkok in 2000. Both now in our 60s and see LOS in a different perspective. Ten or so visits and 20 years later - could never repeat the pace of years back. Mind you,business has an impact as well. Nonetheless we both look forward to a few pints / the sand beaches of Phuket/ the never ending smiles in the bars late into the night/ and the freedom of time on or hands. Give me that pint !
  10. Holy Lord, more than double what you pay here. Where did you go?
  11. Agree totally, however how do we do a blind test? Have someone in Germany visit the Reperbahn and another co.eto Thailand? Obviously we know who to send here!
  12. Just went for my covid test...3600 Baht...WTF!!!!
  13. Lucky you! I am waiting 7 days now and will depart tomorrow hell or high water! If necessary, I will change to a flight to Penang, Malaysia and enter Thailand by boat as you don't need the Thai Pass!!!
  14. Such activity provides medical research as to how effective a medication might be. This activity is absolutely necessary for the betterment of medical research and humanity.
  15. I have to ask, is sex with well endowed Thai lasses good for your blood pressure? If so a medical airlift to Thailand should be organised
  16. Yesterday evening the wife was reading news online and said to me “Problem in Indonesia, fire in mountain” She had forgot the English word Volcano, damn I didn’t even know the Thai word for Volcano. At the time I hadn’t read or heard the news, but as soon as she said “Mountain Fire ”, I knew exactly what she meant, “Oh! you mean a Volcano” It’s weird how, over the years, the brain tunes in, and what, to some may sound abstract or cryptic, to me makes perfect sense. Like, what else could “Mountain Fire” mean logically. For the record, I have since learned the Thai for Volcano is “Phukhow Fai (ภูเขาไฟ)which literally translated means “Mountain Fire” so she was giving a literal translation, you learn something everyday. She did not say whether the Mountain Fire Erupted or “Opened”
  17. Last week
  18. it is relatively cool in BKK at present 27C Daytime and 18C at Night
  19. If I don't get another hypertensive attack in the course of December, if my heart, circulation and blood pressure no longer get out of control but work normally, then I will fly to Siam in mid-January 2022. Many friends are waiting for me and are happy when I come back. I have contact to and with Thailand every day. My Thai friends and acquaintances tell me about the current situation, and I use video blogs, e.g. on YouTube. Personal contact is mainly via email and the so-called social media. I also read a few Thailand info boards every day. At any given time, I am quite well informed about the key issues such as visa, entry requirements, residency requirements, Corona-related local contact restrictions, etc. I also read a couple of social media boards every day. A buddy - a retired general and former Phantom F5 pilot - has bought an old German-made motorboat and spent months making it "seaworthy" again. We want to sail together through the Gulf of Siam; for two to three weeks. I want to go to Jomtiem again; to Soi Welcome. Beach life, bathing for hours, enjoying the sun, sea, water and warmth. Out of the Teutonic winter, into the Siamese warmth. Party in the evening and be merry; enjoy life to the fullest once again. At Happy Bou, Joy's Paradise, Richmond Bar or one of the other pubs in Soi Welcome. Take two or three strolls through trendy gogo bars, laugh in beer bars with a few nice girlies, chat, fool around. Do it all again and experience what Pattaya has to offer. My plans and preparations for a holiday of several months - wintering in the warmth and sun of SEA - are underway (January 2022 – April 2022). The trolley is packed. Dear God, help me to keep my circulation and blood pressure under control.
  20. I look at what I take as I want it to enhance things in my life...sex, OK!
  21. I remember that as if it was yesterday. Sitting with a cold one, chewing the shit without a care in the world with the amazing show going on. Ahh happy days.
  22. I'm.at the age now where I am thinking of taking up addictive drugs as I will die before they kill me.
  23. I loved how old man Ferrari sat and watched the whole race, ford flew in flew out
  24. And in reading that I found out the Kennedy jnr jnr is an anti vaxer www.vanityfair.com/news/2021/05/how-robert-f-kennedy-jr-became-anti-vaxxer-icon-nightmare/amp
  25. I remember a lovely afternoon with you as we watched the market set up in amazing time an skill
  26. After 52 years Madrid Bar in Patpong has served its last Pizza and Closed its doors for the last time. Many happy memories of the bar
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