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    Anyway, seems like the sharks are circling Trump. I love the idea of a non politician coming to Washington DC. So, the one good thing about Trump's election is that a non traditional person got elected. I think that is good in theory in that it expands the number of people we deem eligible culturally to be President and was sorely needed. The problem specifically with Trump is that you want that person to be more honest than the people already in Washington DC, not worse morally and ethically. The "outsider" candidate only works if the "outsider" is better than what is already there. If its a business person, Warren Buffet would be a person pretty much everyone can agree on is amply qualified and honest from what we know. If Trump was honest and a true maverick, even being a Republican I think people would have accepted him if not respected him. I'm finding it hard to see how he can be supported to "drain the swamp" with the baggage he has and brings. Either there is a desperation for a segment of the country to see someone, anyone other than a career politician even if they have ethical issues or he is being supported because he appeals to some people's more 'base' instincts. The interesting long term thing is how does this change presidential elections in the future?
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