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  1. I have my type O visa and will go via the Immigration office route. I want to avoid going to the British Embassy as they will shaft for 2-3 K which I resent!
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  2. I'd love to know the back-story to this: does she have a clue? Maybe she chose it cause the curly letters look cute? Or did the tattoo artist do it for a laugh? Or to pay her back for being annoying? Her name is Barbara, so she insisted on a transliteration!
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  3. The current political situation at the level of the European Union and the European state governments. Immigration pressure from the poor countries of the Islamic belt and the black African countries will increase in the coming decades. The causes are the enormous population explosion in these countries. In recent years Madame Merkel has tried to install a European solution to the refugee problem. She has not succeeded in doing so to date and will continue to do so in the future. The Eastern European states led by Hungary and Poland strictly and steadfastly refuse to accept refugees. They refuse even if the EU imposes severe sanctions on them. They obviously want to remain the ethnically, culturally and religiously homogeneous countries they are today. Punkt, aus, Ende der Diskussion. Dot, off, end of discussion. Austria supports the Eastern European countries massively. Austria under Chancellor Kurz and the parties ÖVP and FPÖ (both conservative-liberal parties) cooperates with Hungary and the Balkan states to close the borders for illegal migrants. Denmark has been fending off migrants at the German borders for years. Holland stonewalls too. In Sweden, elections will be held on Sunday 9 Sept. 2018. Sweden, too, will probably close its borders. In Italy, the five-star movement and the conservative-liberal Lega have formed a new government after the elections. The main objective is to prevent illegal migration. Spain: the new social democratic government takes in refugees coming by boat from North Africa. If the refugees have to stay in Spain because France rigorously keeps its borders closed, then the political pressure on the Spanish government will become so strong that it will also have to repel migration. The arriving people - almost all of them black young men - do not want to stay there, but want to move on to the prosperous zones of Europe, in other words mainly to Germany. France is playing a double game. Macron closes the French borders to Spain and Italy; refugees are rejected and sent back. At the same time Macron supports Chancellor Merkel in accepting further hundreds of thousands of immigrants. "Macron demonstratively backs Merkel in her refugee policy" I read today 8 September 2018 in German newspapers. It is always the same: France is doing everything it can to weaken Germany. Conclusion: One can say that Germany is completely isolated with its policy of open borders and immigration for everyone ("no man is illegal"). The German sovereign, the German voter, just hasn't noticed that yet.
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