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    One of my father's engineers at the Pacific Coast Missile Range had a nutty family for neighbors. One day the engineer was alone in his own home ... in his own bathroom ... taking a piss. The neighbor's 6-year-old daughter had let herself into his house and saw him. She told her mother, who called the police and accused him of exposing himself to a child. He was arrested, charged and released pending trial. The case was thrown out of court, but in the meantime the guy's name had been all over the news and his reputation was shattered. As it happened, that family's 14-year-old boy was arrested not long after that for raping a 12-year-old girl in someone else's house. It pays to be very careful in the US.
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    I had a debate with a few women over the article. Their collective response more or less is its an extreme reaction, silly and just stop harassing women and there is no problem. I replied that guys that are serial harassers, are NOT going to stop because its who they are. So, someone who stops because of overblown #metoo aren't those guys. I gave an example. I no longer say hello to little kids when I am line in stores or even be alone around any little child nor will I babysit anyone, only my family and the closest of friends. I have never been, never will be a pedo and these women knew if anything, I would lead the mob with pitchforks to get one. But I won't because even if its on video as false it still hurts your reputation. Just to be accused falsely, knowingly false, you are still looked at a little askance by pretty much anyone who is NOT your immediate family and closest friends. People that know you casually will find you guilty. Your coworkers will find you guilty. Mind you, you were proven innocent. These women, friends of mine, still think its an over-reaction and a silly one if men are doing this. My contention is that single women are finding it 'silly' because now they won't be approached. I clarified my position that I would adopt this in America and possibly other western countries that are similar enough to America like Canada and possibly the UK, NZ or Australia although I would see how the 'vibe' is. I've been lied to on women who said I said something in FB messenger and I said 'post the ENTIRE conversation' or retract it. I have the same convo. Either you will or I will and she did ttwo things. Unfriended (which was going to be what I was going to do anyway eventually) and she never posted it. I heard she edited it. I sent the entire convo to that person, a woman, who just did what women typically do, give lip service to her and won't castigate, only talk behind her back. This is not a problem in Asia, Africa, Central and South America and parts of Europe, maybe even most of Europe. It's a unique problem for America and possibly a few other places.