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    Term limits are a great start but it doesn't completely solve the problem. States that have term limits, what we found is that its musical chairs. A person is a state senator, termed out, he runs for state representative or mayor. Wins because he has name recognition and a machine behind him he built up as state senator. Person is a mayor, termed out, runs for state rep or senator. And it's musical chairs, rarely any new blood. Backroom deals say you run for this while I run for that, you are termed out, so.... Obama got the ire of the Chicago alderman game because he ran for office when it wasn't "his turn". People don't know this but he was initially not supported by any of the black pols in Chicago nor by the Congressional Black Caucus, the latter supported Hillary initially until they couldn't afford to politically. Anyway, term limits help, but we also need other laws, such as working for the industry you regulated. FDA (Food and Drug Admin) head will often get a job for Merck or big Pharma...heck, the head of it often comes from big Pharma. Politicians need you to vote them into office but they only listen to the ones that paid for the campaign to get your vote.