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    p.s. Putin isn't going to get into a nuclear war over the increasingly unpopular Madura, any more than Kruschev was going to destroy his country just to make Castro happy. But India and Pakistan are about ready to go at it again. That is a much greater threat of nuclear war.
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    When Trump was on the campaign stump he kept hammering to the crowd that the economic numbers were fluffed. That the true unemployment rate (under 6 percent officially at the time) was really about 15 or 20 percent if you count under employed. That the Fed was propping up the economy. That the jobs numbers were very wrong. It resonated because the government and news told you one thing but your life and everything around didn't reflect it. It was the government saying 'Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?'. Trump was absolutely right. We never recovered fully from the 2008 crash. The great jobs before the crash never came back. People were desperate. They were not seeing first hand this economy that was supposedly getting better under Obama. There were thousands and thousands of people who voted for Bernie in the primaries and Trump in the general election. Hillary was seen as part of the problem. There were many Democrats in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania who voted for Trump. They held their nose and did it. They didn't tell their family or friends.They were never going to wear MAGA hats. I live outside the country. I wonder if things have really changed for the good. Trump is touting the very same stats used in the prior administration that he called fake. The murmurs I've heard from the ones who voted for him out of desperation and it was really a no pro establishment Hillary rather than a pro Trump vote. I have a good friend who fancies himself a very good amateur political scientist. He thinks the Democratic voters who took a chance on Trump now regret it. They would vote for him over Hillary again but if the Dems can field someone who can address their economic situation they'll gladly give him or her the vote. Then he says there are the hardcore Trump voters who aren't doing much better if at all from the Obama years BUT they feel better about themselves and live vicariously through Trump. They will vote for him again because they have lied to themselves. They won't vote for Bernie they will vote strictly identity politics. There are many, many people like those in the article below in California who have not seen anything improve one iota and in some cases worse. Thoughts? https://www.cbsnews.com/news/los-angeles-hidden-homeless-priced-out-cbsn-originals/?fbclid=IwAR3tTo6tUBXG2ltRpBUSThom4x1AvJS2FmIMO8vEV7JhTwMTv9qhMndj1sE
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    No doubt so much of that sort of childish playground tormenting was done without any thought or consideration, like you said, really mean. It's interesting that people use language without any real thought for where it comes from, its origin and background. Pussy is a good one. Hands up all those who simply view calling someone a pussy as referencing them to female genitalia when in fact the word is Pusi and is a simple shortening of the word pusillanimous. It's really okay to call someone pusi if they fit the meaning.