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    Coconuts needs to keep up with the news. Almost all of the stranded travellers left days ago. Thai began flying to Europe the next day, simply flying around Pakistan. As of yesterday, there were only 200 still stuck at Swampypoom. I wonder if they had video games to play or something to pass the time.
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    That fucking crap about the "royalist elite" again. I remember some of those "royalist elite" from the protests a few years ago. They included the charwomen from my university, everyone of whom was an Issan farm girl but marched against Takky all the same, plus many taxi drivers and other ordinary people who were disgusted by Thaksin's perceived disrespect to the late King. But group think is the rule these days. Somebody once upon a time came up with "royalist elite", and it was such a cool sounding term that Farang "journalists" latched onto it and use it whenever they can. The fact is the Shinwatras see themselves as "elite" and have rallied such shining lights as Chalerm Yubamrung and his sons to their banner. Understanding Thai politics is so much easier, once you simplify everything to the Shinwatra "proles" (many of whom are very wealthy) versus the "royalist elite" (most of whom are quite poor).
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    Cav, I have to agree with you on that last comment
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    If Obummer can get the Nobel prize, anyone can get one!