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    Citizens United case is by far the worse thing to happen to American politics for decades. It legalized bribery. With the exception of the social justice Democrats (politics aside), everyone else is beholden to some one or persons or companies, etc, including Trump (Billionaire Robert Mercer was/is a de facto puppet master in the administration). Some countries have publicly financed elections. We should seriously consider that. As for the Clintons, they are no different than any other political dynasties: Kennedy, Bush. I am no fan of either of the Clintons but they are finished as a dynastic family. Neither have anywhere close to the power they once held in the party. "hanging from the gallows" is a bit over the top though. If we are going to say they deserve death (for what I don't know), then so do the Bushes. The Bushes have been responsible for far, far more deaths globally. As for Trump, I won't even start. After 3 years, he's a fully known entity. For or against, everyone is married to their opinion by now. Debating his viability as President with someone who thinks opposite of whatever side you are on is useless. Impeachable acts is the only thing that is debatable regarding Trump. You can support him and still be for impeachment because its a matter of law not party. I supported Obama twice but still felt he did an impeachable act because NO PRESIDENT is above the law. My posts on Trump are almost purely about his acts with relation to impeachable acts and has zero bearing on what I think about him ideologically.
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