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    Remember Denny's Bar on the corner of 22 and Washington Square? Boss lady that had that also ran a bar across the street in the hotel and a couple of places in the bar area on 22. She moved to the place round the corner in the ground floor of the Holiday Inn building but I see that's gone now. I don't know but I wouldn't be surprised if she is not involved in this soi 7 thing, I think she was always quite savvy on the lease thing. Nice old bird, always a laugh.
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    Last night I had occasion to walk past soi 7 so had a quick look see. Work is ongoing but the one lady I spoke to "you come my bar me, open ready", told me there will be 31 bars, 2 or 3 are open now and a few have temporarily parked themselves on the street awaiting work completion. Couple of the bars look nice and big with serious money being spent, others just little hole in the wall type joints though a lot would seem to have at least some glass partitioning, aircon etc.
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    The big quandary for independent voters like myself is this. It's a choice between the Dems who are incompetent and weak willed and have no balls, and in the pocket of many monied groups including Wall Street and the Republicans who have shown they have zero morality, hipocritical about the constitution, honoring vets, etc and have allowed the party to be co-opted by the fringe right alt right and white nationalists. Its not a good time to be a voter in America.
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