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    Note: This little story is about 23 years old. I posted that little story on this board at that time. So ir is a kind of "repost". Nevertheless, have fun. A phone call from Bangkok My phone is ringing. The secretary tells me there is a call from Bangkok. A woman wants to speak to Mr. Charly, and that could only mean me. Yes, indeed, it's my girl from Bangkok-Thonburi. I hear her voice, and her image immediately appears in my memory with her shoulder-length shining black hair, her almond-shaped, dark eyes that are always laughing, her dreamlike, finely cut face with the slender pointed nose that betrays her Malaysian origin, with her exuberant female forms that always, only when I think of her, take my breath away. "Charly, can you come back in February as you promised? "I am waiting for you. "I miss you." "Yes," I answer, "I bought the ticket already." "Oh, Charly, that's great!“ "Please come quickly, I want you back," and she continues: "Do you remember the Sunday afternoon we spent together on the banks of Chayo Praya and on the grass of Sanam Luang?" You bet I remember! I see us both lying on the lawn of Sanam Luang. Not far from us two teams are playing football in the already low sun. We got a hot Som Tam with Kauniau from a flying trader and enjoy our togetherness. Before us the impressive scenery of Wat Phra Kaeo, the king's palace with the golden Chedi, the red-green stepped roofs of the temple buildings, the multicoloured decorated Prangs whose sight becomes an unforgettable experience by the shine of the gradually sinking sun. A truly royal place for lovers. "Charly, are you still there?" Yes, I listen to her chatter and my soul, thirsting for her, sucks like a dry sponge every word she says into itself. Is there anything more tormenting than this terrible distance that separates us? Is there anything more tormenting than this tribulation that rises up within me and mixes cruelly with lust? That bittersweet feeling that makes me melancholic many a night and robs me of sleep. Even modern media such as telephone and email are of little help, and I am forced to practice humility and wait for the next holiday. Khun Sanuk, this picture is about 23 years old, so I think it is allowed to present it. A visit to the Bayoke Tower. It's a digitized slide! Khun Maeo, my beautiful Lady. We're in analog time. Here is a digitized slide, on which I - the photographer - am pictured 555555 A little later I leave my office and approach the secretary's desk. She looks at me with a sneering, spiteful grin. "Charly, you told me you were on the Tunisian island of Djerba, but now I think you were faking, you were in Thailand instead!" and with sparkling curiosity on her face. she asks: "So, tell me, who is she, what's her name and what is she like?" A touch of blush covers my face, and I look a little embarrassed because I feel like I've been caught cheating. But after only a few seconds, I grasp myself and begin to compare the two women. In the distance my dreamlike female being in Bangkok-Thonburi with her charm, her smile, her pleasure and joy of life and in front of me this ugly, masculinized woman in a grey pantsuit, who in a grandiose misjudgement considers herself attractive, with greasy brunette strands of hair, wrapped in a repulsive smell of perfume and cigarette smoke. She seems to me like a Katoey, a ladyboy, during whose operation the surgeon's scalpel slipped a few times. Without answering her, and without appreciating her even one more look, I walk past her with a quiet and superior smile and head held high with pride. ========== Khun Maeo was a great Lady Nasiadai - Bakwahn Happy, healthy and successful new year 2020!
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