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    My Iranian friends, say that the mood of most citizens in Iran, is one of joy and relief that military commander Qasem Soleimani is dead. A deeply bad man, whom the protests of recent times have been directed toward. When people went to get the bodies of their sons and daughters back, after they were killed in the protests, the authorities demanded money. FFS, has Trump done something inadvertently right? He thought he was diverting attention from his impeachment trial troubles, but he actually made the world a better place. Fuckwit.
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    Israel wants America to wage war against Iran. That is plainly obvious. Iran is the last major opposition to Iran. Everyone else has been made benign (Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia). The tricky thing for Iran is how do they strike back and have everyone know its them without having Trump declare war on them? That's the catch. They could strike back in surreptitious ways (cyber attacks) and leak it was them or it would be known anyway. My advice to Iran. Strike back personally at Trump. Find out incriminating personal information. Pay top dollar to any hacker who finds it and/or do it themselves. There has to be a ton of stuff he would be immensely embarrassed about that hasn't been unearthed yet.
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    "Does it spark joy?" It does, and so let's keep it.
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    I think the fact that so many "names" from the past have not contributed to this thread is tantamount to the sad departure of many, often to their next life. But I'm glad it is still here, if only as a link back to better times and the memories. For instance, at the beginning of the rugby world cup in 2003, I was one of many making arrangements to meet up in Bangkok with friends new and old. There was no Facebook, no instant messaging and one way I arranged to meet a now good long time friends was in the Biergarten with a name tag with my board name written on it. It says a lot that I actually went to the appointed place at the appointed time and yet he didn't for some reason 555.
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    This photo is from 3 in the arvo, in Auckland NZ, smoke from Oz, no smell, just colour.
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