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    Without going into the sentiments and drives of the man that is the President of the USA, there is a clear clash between his conscious and unconscious life. As a rule you don't set out to demonstrate the rather discerning details of a person's ego. But Trump has displayed a clear *orienting thema* . In Trump's case it is not expedient to make a distinction between the major configurations of overt drives and sentiments and the orienting thema - he is explicit in word and deed and thus is consistent and is of a relatively consistent and obvious type. By far the most common form of defense mechanism is that of projection. This works in the service of self esteem, in blinding him to his inferiority. It is simply unprecedented, how often it is used and the intensity of it. It operates so promptly and consistently, indeed by paying close attention to the objects that Trump scorns and condemns one gets a fairly accurate and comprehensive view of his own id. Perhaps most perplexing is that he has consciously adopted and furthered what was no doubt a purely unconscious mechanism. He has many pathologies: * Insult as stimulus * Compulsive criminality * Contempt for himself - something he is largely unconscious of and more conspicuously are his superiority feelings. It is a characteristic of the proud counteractive personality that his energies are not engaged unless he has been insulted or injured - or imagined to have been belittled in some way. Berating and snubbing a 15 year old girl is a fairly extreme example of this. I will further this analysis in further posts - Yes I'm a highly qualified doctor; I'm also a highly competent judge of character.
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