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    My wife travels with me. Being the superstitious Thai woman she is, it's been a few fun weeks It hasn't fully dawned on her to where we are going. We spent the last few days in south Texas moving oil field equipment around.. The people are stocking up on about everything you can think of Now off to Alabama to ld our military piece Monday. Yea Ha....
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    Get yourself a load of bum guns, don't need the TP
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    I'm so sorry that you seem not have the mental capacity to focus on the message and learn from history. Try to stretch your mind and review the history of the last 3.5 years and how the "news" media continues to undermine the duly elected of the USA....
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    Cav, I did really start to watch Dr Corsi and as expected the initial draw was to blame Obama for something with the swine flu. Obama and Hillary I understood meanwhile is the iron trauma of the Trump camp and no public statement can proceed without it. His next sentence caused me a good laughter and further made me stop watching this crap. He did really say that Trump reacted quickly to the Corona crisis. Hopeless.
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    Mr Cavanami, with all due respect I note these your very words as published on this Friday, March 13th at 11:55 AM German time. we shall come back on this in say 10 days from now which then would be Monday the 23rd. Noted.
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    Good news,Cav. The President fell back to second position on the International Corona Bullshit League due to the speaker of the Chinese foreign secretary claiming that the original virus entered China through a US group of army sportsmen in October. The President sitting in his bed right now shall without doubt try to regain No1 in no time. We keep fingers crossed.
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    ...more for you to learn, Bubi....need to hang these traitors!!! "News" media, out to lunch as usual...
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    Learn from history...SARS...what did the president of the USA do t that time...NOTHING!!! The "news" media and Dems are stoking panic! Don't be dumbed down and sucked in!
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    Bubi, you can listen yourself and LEARN!
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