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    Mr Cav I do not want to become President of the US although I am sure even after a full gallon of Singha I would do a better job, so nobody wants to see my taxbill. But : " 1. Are presidents required to release their tax returns? Presidents aren’t required by law to release their tax returns. Nevertheless, between 1974 and 2012, every president but Gerald Ford has made a voluntary release of the tax returns they filed while in office. Ford released no complete returns, but released 10 years of summary data including gross income, taxable income, major deductions, and taxes paid. " ( Stolen from somewhere) I think Donald is tecnically overindebtet, depends to a large degree on Deutsche Bank and is additionally in mental disorder. I do further believe that in case he looses against sleepy Joe he will finally loose self control ,run naked through Soi 8 with a black wig and throw yellow face-cream at the boys in brown. This is the famous BuBi-prophecy. Don´t say later that I did not tell you.
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    I can order beer Singh in fluent Thai and I believe people think I am Thai because you hear no falang accent.
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