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    With Thai spouses is unclear, does that mean on marriage visa or just showing marriage papers. I have friends overseas married to Thai but no Visa, and people in Thailand on Retirement Visa, due to less paperwork, than a marriage Visa
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    There are a great many people who are suspicious of W.H.O. Trump isn't the only one. Any international organization, has some issues. The Olympic committee members regularly take bribes. IMF, World Bank, WHO, none were ever seen as pristine organizations. So, I'm not sure the point? As for Germany, I'm assuming that the point is similar to the biblical verse regarding take the splinter out of your own eye. Again, all nations are not pristine. I'd love to hear one that is. I'm sure if you go to Norway or any nation ranked as the happiest, the people will complain to you about something. America has marketed itself as a nation of diversity and harmony. Its always marketed itself as a land of immigrants. Not many countries have.
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