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    No one knows Biden's plan because he doesn't have one. He's fulfilling a lifetime dream. To be President. That said, and as bad of a candidate he is, he is leading nationally over Trump by 8 - 9 percent. This has similarities to 2016. Trump was such a terrible candidate, anyone should have been able to beat him. Trump has never gotten over 50% of approval and didn't get 50% of the popular vote. I think the country is tired of Trump. He's constant drama. In bad times you want stability and leadership. We don't have that and the people are looking at Biden's staff, if not him personally. Reagan's staff was strong and people had faith in it even with him as a figurehead. Trump's staff are sycophants. They are there to serve his needs not the country, not even the party, but his own personal greed and insecurities. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/why-youre-not-hearing-about-bidens-economic-plan-144915816.html
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    This case illustrates why the police in America have moved dangerously close to a significant portion of the population feeling they are an illegitimate entity. The police get a 'no knock warrant', enter the wrong home, unnanounced, shoots a naked woman in her own bed, her partner fires back thinking its a home invasion, shoots a cop and the victim is being prosecuted?! Instead of a mea culpa afterwards said police department not only feel fully justified are outraged, the victim is not remanded without bail. It boggles the mind. This is not just unique to Louisville, Ky, this could have played out in NYC, LA, Orlando, and the same result. Defunding the police may be a batshit crazy idea but what led people there? The notion didn't come out of a void. The police are so emboldened, so confident that not only the law, but morals and ethics don't apply to them. So, I look what led us to a significant number of Americans saying 'Enough, get rid of them', and take their chances with the bad guys out there because at least they have a fighting chance.
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