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    Sigh - I so miss the old days of the treacherous bamboo huts teetering over the Mekong on the Laos side. Was quite the experience, only a few decent hotels then, the local owned Day Inn, huge ceilings and a bar downstairs with bullet holes in the walls and the coldest Beer Laos. Every second bottle opened would do that freezing thing. And an American named hotel I forget the name, on the way out to the airport. It had one of the only disco's in town, apart from Meena on the way out of town, never went to that one. The water front was a steep slope down into water, with great little set up at night restaurants Beer was very cheap, Mali Lamphu wasn't as it is today. A bit of a dump. The fountain was good though, unspoiled like it is today.
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    I would like to see the government change where all congresspersons are paid by their own state or district. The fallacy they say is they represent the people of the United States and that is patently false. They are voted in and represent either their district (Congress) or state (Senator). Why are the tax dollars of someone in Texas who didn't vote for or agree with Pelosi, going towards her salary and benefits? They may be on committees that affect all Americans but they are still there for the people who voted them in. If one state wants to pay their representative a million a year so be it. Or pay them minimum wage. This should be the start. The other fallacy is 'we are a 2 party system'. It morphed into that but it was never, ever the intention of the founders to have political parties. They saw that it led to partisanship in the Parliament. There were already factions (north vs south at the founding) and they created the system in order to reduce it. That's why originally the person who got 2nd in votes became the VP. He acted as sort of a shadow minister. He was also representative of the minority that lost the vote.
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    Coss, it would appear this whole Trump era and all that entails is nearing an end. It seems he will likely lose in November and lose spectacularly to a man he abused the powers of his office to go after. A man who isn't even a great candidate. Furthermore the mood of the country has shifted. Colin Kaepernick who knelt at NFL games (an act he was advised that was not dishonoring the flag by a white military vet btw) has went from villain to hero. And the same NFL that had illegally black balled him is now going to be 'bending the knee'. The protests have energized millions of young people across America and many of them will be voting purely to oust Trump. People aren't even debating Trump supporters much any longer. They see it as time wasting. My guess the present supporters will be like Bush supporters. They will be quiet about the fact they ever supported him. You hear people who still proudly say they voted for Obama or Hillary but you never hear the same about Bush supporters. The last 4 years has exposed the dark side of the Republican party. Not that the Democrats are angels but the Republicans have been seen as a party that can't be trusted.
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    last I was there, many open air restaurants along the promenade on the bank of the Mekong.
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    *** If *** President Trump violated the constitution, investigate, charge and prosecute...hold your breath for this to happen! I read that President Trump sent feds to cities to protect federal buildings, so if this is the case, me thinks President Trump did not violate the constitution.
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    It was Mrs Kong who introduced me to “Sleaford Mods” Whilst in Vietnam she spent a couple of hours per day searching for “New” music.and I got back from work one evening and she told me “You will like this” and proceeded to put “Jobseekers” on you tube. Mrs Kong is well trained, her favorite album of all time is Joy Division “Unknown Pleasures” and thinks Mark E Smith of the Fall was a genius. ... Still working on her with Nine Inch Nails.
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    Chicago, a demonrat city for many decades and these are the results...but President Trump is bad? Hey world, wake the fark up!!! In Chicago, 25 people were shot Monday after 12 people were killed over the weekend A violent weekend in Chicago gave way to more carnage on Monday, with 25 people shot in just one day. Among them, four men were killed, each in separate incidents, according to police incident reports. At least three of those four victims were killed in drive-by shootings. The attacks follow a bloody weekend in the Windy City, when 63 people were shot. At least 12 people were killed. Chicago has seen a 48% increase in homicides and a 46% increase in shootings this year compared to the same time period last year, according to data released by the Chicago Police Department on Monday. Trump administration prepares to send federal agents to Chicago The Trump administration is preparing to send federal agents to Chicago this week, two law enforcement officials told CNN... https://edition.cnn.com/2020/07/21/us/chicago-shootings/index.html
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