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    After thinking deeply, analysing all relevant circumstances I came to a conclusion : Looking at CavanamiĀ“s willingness to get attracted by the most beautiful nonsense you can find on the internet I offer as follows: My close friend Prince Ukulele of Nigeria is still mourning the sudden death of his Late father King Praisegod the 7th of Nigeria. In particular as he fails to find immediate access to his beloved fatherĀ“s hard earned lifesavings which are frozen in a Swiss account. Prince Ukulele would be prepared to share the currently visible 346.000.000 USD with a person who is willing to withdraw the amount in a most smoothly way. Price Ukulele him good heart. The willing assistant is only requested to transfer 25.000 USD for travel expenses and legal fees, preferably in Bitcoin or Western Union. Cav, I say: go for it.
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