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    George Carlin narrowed it down to Three Commandments Thou shalt always be honest and faithful, especially to the provider of thy nookie. Thou shalt try real hard not to kill anyone - unless, of course, they pray to a different, invisible man in the sky. Thou shalt keep thy religion to thyself. Carlin gets my vote
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    If true love is involved, it is not adultery. Example : If Tuk from the Sexy Girls Bar Soi 4 asks : We go hotel? and you ask : Only if you love me " and the answer is " Too mut, dahlin!" according to international standards no adultery involved because two people are overwhelmed by their feelings for each other.
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    https://web.archive.org/web/20091026194328/http://geocities.com/doxyblue/alltrink.html 9:10 p.m.: The 115 arrives at last, stopping where it's supposed to. Crowded yet not packed. I find a place to stand, pay my fare and pocket the ticket. With the new law against littering, I keep it on me and dispose of it at home. Getting off opposite Patpong Road, I hear a local shouting: "Hey, you threw away your ticket. Pay fine!" I turn to see a local, not in uniform, waving a bus ticket he ostensibly picked up from the ground. I check my pocket and my ticket is still there. Sniffing a scam, I hurry across Silom. Behind me, I hear: "Pay me fine. Only 1,000 baht!" He doesn't follow me. A little boy leaps out from behind a vendor's cart and zaps me with a water-gun.
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