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    The one thing that has come out of the last 4 years is that the christians have pretty much lost all respect and legitimacy on moral issues.
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    One seems to be certain now to 4.11.2020 against 22 o'clock CET: Biden has clearly won the election after all! Biden has won Wisconsin, in Nevada and Arizona he is ahead. Trump has no more chance. I congratulate Mr. Biden on winning the election. Why was Trump not re-elected, why did he lose? Let's have a brief brainstorming session: He is uneducated, has poor judgment, has no psychological empathy, chaotic decision-making style, his decisions are a confused pattern, an inextricable puzzle, resulting in a certain unpredictability. He has hardly any political-philosophical basis, has no well thought-out strategy; he does not really think politico-strategically. Beyond that: His unteachability and overestimation of himself, his mendacity and baseness. He has many other negative qualities that normally characterize a deficient person. One had to be constantly ashamed of this man in the White House. Trump has no chance of turning his defeat into a victory with the help of the courts. Trump has catapulted himself out of the Oval Office. He is a victim of his own deficient personality, his deficient, deficient character. If he had a perfectly normal average personality with a reliable character; if he had been recognizable as an "average American" in his appearance and actions, he would have won hands down. Guys, it's as simple as that. Hamburg, 10 pm - 4.11.2020
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