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    Something undefinable deep within my inner self pulls me about every second afternoon for late lunch into the seafood restaurant in 7/1 on the left. Neither the food is worth the money nor the group of elderly German/Swiss gentlemen sitting round a table every single day drinking beer. From there I watch the establishments on the opposite side asking myself why for heavenĀ“s sake many gentlemen seem to enjoy female pleasures offered by ladies short of final retirement and due for a visit at the nearest weightwatchers club. I therefore regret Eden Club closing doors because it reduces the potential of things I can worry about. On my first visit to Bangkok in 1996 / April I was strolling down Sukh when I noticed a signpost EDEN CLUB within an alley. I went inside and orderd a Gin Tonic. A French man politely explained me that this is a whorehouse and not interested in selling drinks only. He then explained the coordinates of Nana Plaza and I left. The man was friendly I must say. God bless him , his name was Marc.
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