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    Many know Bangkok Pat, nice bloke doing a bit of youtube material, this was enjoyable on washington sq
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    biased big tech
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    Truth, data and facts. Mr. Ramsland exposes the corrupt election. Invest 1hr 35 min and learn the truth!!! Mr. Ramsland analyzed an election machine so he is speaking from facts!!! Thank You, Mr. Ramsland and your team. Hope this truth comes out regardless.
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    I hate Trump, I hate the Republicans who enabled him to gain power, interesting they desert him only because they fear loosing power, no morals there at all That turd that let the people into congress is a cunt The rioters are cunts That all said, taking a step back, if Trump was a person far left of Bernie Sander,s which ironically in reality not that hard, and the same things happened to his accounts, and as a far leftist I am not against a call to arms, and if his media access cut off, then I am sure the outcry would be very different I don't defend Cav's political stances, but I do defend his right to say them, regardless of any corporate laws etc, I am sure China has similar corporate laws which people there use to stop "undesirables" from accessing media And obviously I am not going to change anyone's mind, nor anyone will change mine The sad fact of social media is it's a echo chamber, we write what we think is right, and debate what we think is wrong, and no one changes anyone's mind. Regardless what side people are on.
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    As it stands now. Trump is kingmaker. No one gets elected if he says he doesn't like them. If he can't or won't run in 2024, who gets the nod? He will want his son. Others will try and out-trump Trump and it won't work.
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