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  1. The reason why Astra Zeneca failed to supply 10 Million doses per month as expected is because the Thai Government has still not placed the contract for 10 Million doses per month. Anyone who has dealt with Government agencies in Thailand will be aware of incessant paperwork, getting bounced from one department to another, the need for brown envelopes to grease the wheels and so on, well the very same thing is taking place in the procurement process of vaccines including inter departmental finger pointing, people delaying signatures to look important (I.e. waiting for the envelope) and so on, and General Pinocchio is allowing this to happen. On Saturday Bumrungrad opened registration for Moderna Vaccine, lines opened at 09:00 by 09:01 fully booked, people are sick of this Sinovac crap they are being fobbed off with. They are talking about a Third dose of Pfizer for Health Workers who have had 2 doses of Sinovac, those against it say it will send out the wrong signals that Sinovac is ineffective where as the whole nation knows it is ineffective. I mentioned a couple of weeks back about the anti government sentiment being on the rise over here, now mainstream media are reporting such, I also said when the UK comes out of lockdown if people die the PM gets sacked, in Thailand if people die the PM just locks up protesters.
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