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  1. An Aussie and a Maori walk into a bakery. The Aussie steals three pastries and slips them into his pocket. He turns to the Maori and says "pretty slick aye bro, the owner didn't even see me". Unimpressed the Maori replies "typical dishonest Aussie, bro I’m gonna show you the honest way and still get the same result". The Maori calls out to the owner of the shop and says "bro I want to show you a magic trick" intrigued the owner obliges. The Maori asked him for a pastry and he eats it. He asks for another and eats that to. And the another which he eats also. By now the owner says "c'mon mate where's the magic trick?" The Maori points to the Aussie & replies “now check his pockets".
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