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    Some nice news for a change ... Thai Restaurant in Minneapolis, Protected by Black Volunteers, Lends a Hand MINNEAPOLIS — Save for one shattered window, Khun Nai Thai Cuisine in Minneapolis was protected from looting by a group of volunteers, which include black Americans and Jamaican-Americans. “Luckily, our shop was not damaged at all since we have a volunteer group protecting the community right across from our shop,” Suniporn Yotharak, owner of Khun Nai Thai said by online messages Tuesday. “Without them, all the shops in the area would have been destroyed,” she added. The restaurant responds with kindness: cooking free Thai meals for a Jamaican restaurant across the street who organized the volunteers that saved Suniporn’s business. The Jamaican restaurant, called Pimento Kitchen, in turn donates the food along with other essential goods to the community. Suniporn is one of the Thais and Thai-born American citizens caught in the protests and unrest that erupted after a group of policemen were seen suffocating a black man named George Floyd to death. “White or black or whatever race, we should all have equal rights,” said Suniporn, who has lived in the U.S. for 13 years. “If we are nice and not discriminatory, and respect their human dignity, then people are nice back.” Amazing Thailand, another Thai restaurant owned by a Thai in Minneapolis, is also reportedly untouched by the violence. The restaurant also put up messages calling for justice for Floyd as well as providing free meals to those in need, according to photos posted by Amazing Thailand. “Amazing Thailand and our staff are all doing okay this morning,” a statement by the restaurant said. “We are heartbroken for the pain our city is experiencing and thankful that our business, built and tended to by immigrants and people of color, can continue serving our community today.” Thai businesses in other cities have not been as lucky – Sunday local time, a Thai restaurant and a jewelry store in Thai Town had been looted. https://www.khaosodenglish.com/news/2020/06/02/thai-restaurant-in-minneapolis-protected-by-black-volunteers-lends-a-hand/
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    Hi, It's been around since 1997 in one form or another. Sanuk!
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    No one knows Biden's plan because he doesn't have one. He's fulfilling a lifetime dream. To be President. That said, and as bad of a candidate he is, he is leading nationally over Trump by 8 - 9 percent. This has similarities to 2016. Trump was such a terrible candidate, anyone should have been able to beat him. Trump has never gotten over 50% of approval and didn't get 50% of the popular vote. I think the country is tired of Trump. He's constant drama. In bad times you want stability and leadership. We don't have that and the people are looking at Biden's staff, if not him personally. Reagan's staff was strong and people had faith in it even with him as a figurehead. Trump's staff are sycophants. They are there to serve his needs not the country, not even the party, but his own personal greed and insecurities. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/why-youre-not-hearing-about-bidens-economic-plan-144915816.html
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    This case illustrates why the police in America have moved dangerously close to a significant portion of the population feeling they are an illegitimate entity. The police get a 'no knock warrant', enter the wrong home, unnanounced, shoots a naked woman in her own bed, her partner fires back thinking its a home invasion, shoots a cop and the victim is being prosecuted?! Instead of a mea culpa afterwards said police department not only feel fully justified are outraged, the victim is not remanded without bail. It boggles the mind. This is not just unique to Louisville, Ky, this could have played out in NYC, LA, Orlando, and the same result. Defunding the police may be a batshit crazy idea but what led people there? The notion didn't come out of a void. The police are so emboldened, so confident that not only the law, but morals and ethics don't apply to them. So, I look what led us to a significant number of Americans saying 'Enough, get rid of them', and take their chances with the bad guys out there because at least they have a fighting chance.
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    I will credit Trump with being serious about taking on China. I don't think Hillary would have been as motivated and I don't think Biden will if he wins. That said, its Trump's execution that is not good. For a person who is supposedly the king of deals. So, I think Trump should be applauded for taking on China in earnest. He just isn't capable of pulling it off. https://www.rawstory.com/2020/06/trump-adviser-says-his-china-trade-deal-has-collapsed-and-spins-a-wildly-dangerous-conspiracy-theory/
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    With Thai spouses is unclear, does that mean on marriage visa or just showing marriage papers. I have friends overseas married to Thai but no Visa, and people in Thailand on Retirement Visa, due to less paperwork, than a marriage Visa
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    I like my millennials moist as well.
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    What has 4 letters, sometimes has 9, and NEVER has 5. Moist Millennials would never notice that this is NOT a question. They have no appreciation for punctuation.
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    There are a great many people who are suspicious of W.H.O. Trump isn't the only one. Any international organization, has some issues. The Olympic committee members regularly take bribes. IMF, World Bank, WHO, none were ever seen as pristine organizations. So, I'm not sure the point? As for Germany, I'm assuming that the point is similar to the biblical verse regarding take the splinter out of your own eye. Again, all nations are not pristine. I'd love to hear one that is. I'm sure if you go to Norway or any nation ranked as the happiest, the people will complain to you about something. America has marketed itself as a nation of diversity and harmony. Its always marketed itself as a land of immigrants. Not many countries have.
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    I like the Sleaford Mods especially Jobseekers.
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    Trump has access to everything Obama did. Including classified information. The fact that Trump hasn't been able to expose any bombshell items either overtly or leaked, tells you how clean Obama's administration was. If Biden is elected, I hope he exposes the outright illegalities. He probably won't but I'm hoping so. I would be shocked if Trump didn't try to destroy evidence prior to leaving.
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    Yes, but there is BuBi the Warrior who counts for the missing 0,66 %. ( Belt-bag holding new Iphone 10 and 40 condoms)
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    ^^ The hire was probably as a "locally engaged employee" i.e. not a career foreign service employment.
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    Krungsri not charging either.
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    It'll be interesting to see if any of these genetically engineered vaccines prove effective. It will be a first.
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    Okay, just did some quick "'googling", its something a few council members propose but my firm view is its purely rhetoric. Its not going to happen. They also have proposed an alternative, which, if enacted, may or may not work. https://bringmethenews.com/minnesota-news/city-council-announces-intention-to-disband-minneapolis-police-department Minneapolis is a major city, on a small scale, in very small communities, you can't tell if they have police because its so peaceful. The suburban town I went to HS in was like that. You didn't see the police. It was an upper middle class community and I saw the local police the most at football games and basketball high school games for crowd control, etc and for the annual town parade. In a large major city, my view is we have stop using the police as a de facto tax department. The police is not there only to 'serve an protect' and in truth they are protecting businesses, which has never changed. The police has also been charged with generating revenue by writing tickets and as well as to fulfill the state's contractual obligation to fill private prisons. I've posted 2 links that address both. The police will prey on the most vulnerable area of the city to fulfill this because its easier to do so. The police in Tallahassee, Florida will go to the Perkins and Falls Chase areas (those are the poorest areas of the city) to look for drug arrest, which will be pot instead of the target rich frat row at Florida State University where they openly smoke pot and tons of underage drinking. I know this personally from going to parties there while I was in college and our track team visited the city. We may not agree on disbanding the police but its Minneapolis' own fault for what seems a crazy idea to even be contemplated. The city has never convicted a police officer for any shooting until Somali American officer Noor and his case was far less convincing than other shootings. The shooting of Castile, who had his girlfriend and her daughter in the car and he advised the cop he had a registered firearm and was shot multiple times for going for his permit. Not sure how that is less convincing than Noor, who shot an Aussie woman in the dark in an alley, after she banged on the car while he and his partner was answering a possible robbery. So, for me, we must be angry at city government and police for the buildup to this even being considered.
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    For years Immigration has been telling us to do our 90-day "probation officer" report on line. The only problem is that 9 times out of 10, the damned link won't work. Now they are saying our visas and 90-day report period has been extended to 31 July. Can't you just picture the crowds descending on Immigration on that day? Also, the government is talking about allowing the bars, MPs etc to reopen. Problem is no flights are allowed into Thailand, so it will be up to the locals and expats to go to them.
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    The following is surely a feel-good post and story, to me it shows that the America we knew and loved, is not dead yet - https://edition.cnn.com/2020/06/06/us/teen-cleans-buffalo-protest-rewarded-with-car-scholarship-trnd/index.html
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    Ahh so it's Donald that's upside down!
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    Fiery Jack by a country mile. Only other writer that came close was his mate Muff Richardson that also posted once or twice. Oh, and of course that brilliant nutcase Mao Mark (?) from about thirty years ago. That character SileakHunt was very wonderful too. I liked him. What happened to Fiery Jack? He hasn’t posted on here for ages. I hope he’s okay. Jack 🤯
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    1959 , holy Lord. Die Stadtverwaltungen von Siegburg, Troisdorf, Beuel, Bonn und Godesberg hatten die Strecke mit Girlanden und Spruchbändern tapeziert, das "Kuratorium Unteilbares Deutschland" hatte die Bevölkerung zu einer "machtvollen Demonstration" aufgerufen und - wie die Firma Pepsi-Cola und die Flüchtlingsverbände - Papierfähnchen verteilt, die sein Anliegen zum Ausdruck brachten. I found this piece confirming the flags had been supplied by Pepsi Cola. Leader khunsanuk should be in tears reading this.
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    Mostly. But Bubi lives. Roughly 60 years ago President Eisenhower visited a place called Siegburg in Germany where I went to highschool at that time. He was greeting the crowd and I was waving an American flag. I swear this is the truth. Now look at Trump, I start vomiting.
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    I got news for you. The U.S. is fucked either way. Overall, Trump has been a mitigated disaster. Do we have one ally left? Really, we literally have no allies. That is just one of a laundry list of things. Every Republican in the last 50 years ended their term with a crash or recession and more debt than they started with. Not that the Democrats are gods gift to politics, but the Republicans have no record to stand on. The party of fiscal sound governing is complete and utter bullshit. Obama lowered the unemployment rate and the stock market hit new high and debt went up most of his term. The Republicans kept talking about the debt. Trump gets in and all of a sudden the debt isn't an issue and its the stock market and unemployment is touted. Trump shows complete hypocrisy from what he criticized Obama about. He was right about some things about Obama's term but then did the same and worse. He'll lose big in November likely. One term and out and history will not be kind. I guarantee you by 2024, anyone who supported him won't be admitting it. Just like you can't find anyone who'll admit to being big for Bush. The only Republican any of them will admit to is Reagan. That's it. The Eisenhower supporters are mostly dead.
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    President Bush: Floyd Protests Call to Examine Nation's Failures Former President George W. Bush voiced his support Tuesday for demonstrators against the police death of George Floyd, while calling for Americans to examine the "tragic failures" of the United States and to push for equal justice. "The only way to see ourselves in a true light is to listen to the voices of so many who are hurting and grieving," Bush said in his first statement about Floyd's death, reports The Hill. "Those who set out to silence those voices do not understand the meaning of America — or how it becomes a better place." He added that he and wife Laura had initially resisted speaking out because it was "time for us to listen" rather than "lecture," but said he's "anguished" by Floyd's "brutal suffocation" that occurred when a white police officer kneeled on his neck for more than 8 minutes. Demonstrators, meanwhile, are showing strength when they, "protected by responsible law enforcement, march for a better future," said Bush, stressing that justice will only come through "peaceful means." "Looting is not liberation, and destruction is not progress, but we also know that lasting peace in our communities requires truly equal justice," he said. "The rule of law ultimately depends on the fairness and legitimacy of the legal system, and achieving justice for all is the duty of all." The former president also called it a "shocking failure" in the United States that many African Americans are still harassed and threatened, and called on Americans to start a "courageous and creative effort" on inequality. https://www.newsmax.com/us/bush-floyd-minnesota-police/2020/06/02/id/970233/?fbclid=IwAR2UCfXkK9agQEQClPOuXrDOJ49Jl3QDR4pV-hHNilGU1Nq-2WDIKFjnZUA
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    Trump has managed to bring back the 1918 Pandemic, 1929 Depression & 1968 Race Riots at the same time.
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    Well, it worked if Trump ends up gone. I don't want a guy in office who controls the white house, senate and supreme court and too weak to keep his job. Leave, you cant protect yourself, with all those resources and all that power. How can I expect you to protect the rest of us. Bye. Get someone else in there. If what is alleged is true.
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    "They" is they and BuBi . Of course you have proof of Soros financing the protests. Share it with us.
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    There are always random acts of humanity on both sides in situations like this. Gives the cynics (myself included) some hope for our species.
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    I want to point out one thing. The media, the so called left wing media, will use different language when the looter is of a different hue. I've seen two news reports where there was obvious looting. One older white woman taking clothes out of a store that was looted and saying "we don't know if she may be working there and is taking the items home" Some shit is endemic. Everyone is looting. Its across all demographics. This is Seattle, not Brooklyn or Atlanta.
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    I do find one thing about that article curious. Why does it have to be no other cause but race related but the various opposite matters that make the media its up for debate. If that guy had a white girlfriend for example, can we say it was race related? There could be other extenuating circumstances. He's simply a mugger and a car thief. Why can't that be the simple explanation?
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    I took it in good humor...no worries. Where is Bruce Springsteen on this? Its his hometown. I've been there actually, white working class , blue collar area on the water. At least 30 years ago it was.
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    There are never any pristine uprisings in America. None. The current protesters learned from others. America was founded on violent revolt. The various uprisings and revolts in American history, that today are celebrated by all if not most, Whiskey Rebellion, just after the country was founded, various union protests, both right and left wing. 1968 Chicago convention for the Democrats, the Selma marchers being attacked, Bundy farm having armed people ready to shoot law enforcement. So, forgive me if I find the current protests, revolt, uprising, riots, whatever we choose to be consistent with ALL such actions in America from all sides.
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    I will accept the outrage only of those who showed the same outrage of events leading up to the protests, riots, etc. I don't accept selective outrage. I humbly find myself qualified to show outrage. Any others?
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    in other news, white supremacist Congressman Steve King loses his primary race. He was the guy who was making comments for years about the end of 'western civilization' to outside people and then he just came out and said why is white nationalism and white supremacy a bad word? what a dumbass. It wasn't like the GOP didn't know he was a blatant racist, they just didn't do anything about it. Then King gave them no choice but to strip him of any committee duties, no power except his right to vote on legislation. His district in Iowa though, still gave him a fair amount of support which tells you how parts of 'middle America' is. They kept saying he misspoke and he's a fine Christian man. He is one of Trump's 'very fine people'. I've never found an American who can trace his arrival to America prior to 1619. Are there some out there? Sure, but they are such a small number, you have look hard for them. Blacks were brought in from 1619 and are still not 'western' to Steve King and others who think like him. Native Americans aren't western and they were hear for 1000s of years. So you see how asinine the reasoning is that doesn't pass a logic test.
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    Bordmember radioman, there are no words to express the full volume of gratitude towards yourself after having studied your valuable advice not only repeatedly but simultaneously thouroghly. Many people lough about my telephone but they are not Aware of what multiple strategies are coming with it´s presentation. I promise to elaborate further on tomorrow morning because I am now under the increasing influence of a bottle of French rosé named Pure and a cigar from Honduras. My apologies. For the moment I may point out that life is good as such.
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    Start by grasping the phone in your hand as you normally would, between the thumb and the partially closed fingers of your hand , with the screen up but with the bottom of the phone pointing away from you. Once you have achieved a suitable grip move your hand near to your pants pocket. Ensuring that there is indeed an opening in the pants pocket carefully guide the bottom of the phone to engage with the opening. Carefully continue with the insertion process until the phone is well inserted into the pants pocket. Note that this might require your hand to be fairly deeply embedded in your pants pocket, do not worry and resist the temptation to consider redeployment of your hand. Once the phone is securely embedded in the pants pocket release your grip and withdraw your hand taking care not to allow the phone to become withdrawn at the same time. With your phone now safely located in your pants pocket you can complete the registration task. Retrieve the pencil offered by the outstretched unwashed hand of the grinning security guard dressed in the latest uber scarecrow and who has his face mask wrapped around his chin and one finger deeply ensconced in a nostril. Sign your name, address, date of birth, social security number, sexual orientation, sexual preference, sexual pricing preference and favourite sexual accessories. Write a 200 word statement praising the remarkable achievements of the glorious Snr Sgt Oberstleutnant General Kleiner Schwanz Prayut. Et, voila, shop-on!
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    Thai Enquirer has a nice piece today 😀 Actually quite fact laden despite the intention being elsewhere. http://www.thaienquirer.com/13861/foreign-affairs-unrest-continues-for-a-seventh-day-in-former-british-colony/ Foreign Affairs: Unrest continues for a seventh day in former British colony Unrest and protests continued for a seventh straight day in the former British colony of the United States as the government vowed to use its military to end the demonstrations, US media reported on Tuesday. The protests began in the small province of Minnesota, located in the agrarian ‘Middle West,’ over the killing of an ethnic minority by state security forces. Protests led by the minority ‘black’ community have erupted throughout the country with the minority group calling for equal rights and better treatment from the government. Protesters have set fire to government installations and looted buildings throughout the country as clashes with security forces continue. The security forces have tried to disperse the protesters with tear gas, rubber bullets and batons but to no avail. US President Donald Trump, who was ‘elected’ in 2016 despite the majority of votes going to his rival candidate, vowed in a speech to bring in the military to end the protests. “I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them,” Trump said in a national address. Trump used the opportunity to walk to a religious temple in the national capital Washington DC to proclaim his religious affiliation. Holding a Christian bible in his hand, Trump declared the US “a great nation.” Religious Fundamentalism and persecution of minorities Religious fundamentalism and minority suppression has long been a problem in the former British colony. The United States has had a long history of suppressing and persecuting its various ethnic minorities since the country gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1776. The treatment of its indigenous ‘Native Americans,’ its imported Asian and Black communities, and its Hispanic community has long been a source of friction. American black minority groups were under a program similar to South Africa’s Apartheid policy until as recently as 1964. Today, the ethnic black community is still detained and killed with impunity by the state security forces and black Americans make up the majority of those incarcerated under the country’s archaic judicial system. Religion also plays a major role in governance with religious beliefs separating key state organs including the country’s highest court where many social laws are passed based on the justices personally held religious convictions. [Disclaimer: Native Americans is in quotations because it is a blanket term used by the ruling class of the US to call the country’s original inhabitants before the Anglo-European invasion. The ‘Native Americans’ are comprised of thousands of tribes, all with their own culture, language and traditions.]
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    I swear it ain´t no joke but this is my real telephone. I don´t need anything else. The esteemed community should come up with useful suggestions how to operate the mysterious app on this my my beloved unit.
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    I have been overseas continually for over 10 years. I've met hundreds of fellow black Americans. For the purposes of this post, I'll refer only to non military black Americans. I've only known 3 black American males who have moved back permanently to America. 1 got married to a HS sweetheart, the other didn't plan on staying but...get this...got a job as a stunt man. He is in LA, younger guy, 32 I think, payed his way around the world as a street performer, doing street dance. The guy has crazy moves. He stumbled into the career when a friend of a friend said a movie set was looking for a black guy double who can do 'falls'. Anyway, I digress, they are the only two. No one has stayed for longer than 2 years without leaving permanently. Women are another matter. Many if not most come back, my guess is to look for a marriage partner. Tough for any western woman, especially of a certain age to find suitable marriage partners overseas. America is a fantastic country. Its hard to think of a better country specifically if you are black to fulfill your potential in any field you want to pursue. However, at any time, randomly, you can experience things that are life altering. It can be great for days, weeks, months years and then that one time. I've had a gun pointed at me about a half dozen times in my life. With one exception they were all police officers. And I'm not the argumentative 'why are you stopping me type". I comply. First, you can't win. I know before hand he or she has control. All i can do is argue my case after. Second is my parents. I'm the son of an old school baptist Deacon who was addressed and answered with yes sir, no sir, if he spoke to you sternly. Dad or pop if it was safe...haha. My parents did not accept any disrespect of authority figures by their kids. If you felt the adult was wrong, you told them. They said it was their job to fight on your behalf, not yours. So, I never argued with teachers, cops, security guards, etc. That said, I can think 2 incidents where I could have been shot and those were days there were no body cams. Once in LA, hot summer day, I was told by one of two cops to put my hands on the hood. The hood was scorching hot and my instinct reaction was to pull my hands off it. He pointed and said deliberately "Put....your...hands...on....the....car and I heard the click". My life flashed before me and I said officer, I can't, its too hot". He wasn't buying it in the moment. I didn't know what to do. Luckily his partner who was running my license and plate came out when he saw his partner point and realized the situation luckily. without seemingly to embarrass his partner in front of me he told him, I'll take him. Search the car. He saved my life. I knew it, he knew it and his partner was none the wiser and I hoped he told his partner later after I was released. Would this have happened to Cav or Flash? Maybe...maybe not. I was in south LA at the time, a rough area so the cops are on edge. I co own a condo with my brothers in LA. On hot days I used the pool. Residents have asked me if I am a resident or have a guest pass. I said Im an owner and this lady said, I've been living here for years and have never seen you. I said , I can assure you I am. She proceeded to call the cops .I get it. But an easier solution is the HOA supervisor. Tell them. The homeowners have an elected member you can call. I know this because I wonder why we are paying this person an ungodly amount extra in our fees to sit on their ass. haha. It was what she said in the 911 call that I didn't appreciate. She embellished the story. I was bothering guests, I was aggressive, I was sneaking into the pool. I was wondering who this person was she was describing. The cops came, she made excuses that she had to be careful, "there have been robberies and rapes". Bullshit. This area of the San Fernando valley, was predominantly white, jewish and persian (nice mix...lol) and a stolen bike is about as bad as it gets. I put down a nice chunk of a stock option buyout to get us that place. Its vetted. Its not the hood. LOL. Anyway, things can happen randomly to anyone. There are mass shootings for god sakes. But there are just too many incidents and the minute you leave your house you are well aware that your speech, clothes, body language, etc, has to convey "I am NOT a threat!". No such feeling in Barcelona, Korea, Dubai (where I'm presently on lockdown..worse places to be ), Thailand, etc. I may be seen as one of those boorish Americans but I'm not a physical threat. I'll take being assumed I'm a Trump supporting war monger than the alternative. My cousin said something profound on his social media, when someone said 'When is this shit gonna stop?" and he said "It will stop when Blacks folks react the same way white guys would under the same continual circumstances" and that was a sobering, hmmm..moment. There is a straw and camel's back moment that may happen at some point. It happened in the summers of '67 and '68. Dozens of cities in the north erupted in riots due to a confluence of many factors: The promise of equal rights hadn't stopped police brutality and access to union jobs, etc. The civil rights era turned militant with the Black Panthers and Nation of Islam becoming more prominent than the Civil Rights groups. You also had a lot of black Vietnam vets coming back and had no problem killing someone because it was their job for 2 years and they were facing discrimination after fighting for the country and finally you had the deaths of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr, two voices that were now gone and with it many thought any hope of change. Today, you have a similar match stick scenario. Thousands of gang members in these cities who have no problem shooting a gun, 1000s of former Iraq and Afghanistan vets. These cities have been hit hard economically by Covid 19 with African Americans being the most affected both by the virus and loss of jobs. Also, non black millennials are now sympathetic and may take the streets as well. All this could be a powder keg. The last thing the cities want is a reason for people not to come out and spend their money. People can take a side but one thing is clear, there aren't going to be any winners if it all kicks off. And although the police and possibly the national guard if its brought in can quell it eventually, the optics of that playing globally in this electronic age as well as the lasting economic ramifications, well, you can see its not good.
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    T,was funny, being a hard up Northerner with dubious ways of making a living meeself reminded me of life 30 Years ago. A major error in the Shows title, Brassic is Cockney Rhyming Slang, “Borassic Lint” Skint, which I presume it refers to. Rhyming Slang is not used Oop Norf and in Lancashire Brassic is slang for very cold, taken from “cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey”
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    Florian Schneider, co-founder of Germany's iconic Kraftwerk, dead at 73
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    Millie Small: My Boy Lollipop singer dies aged 72 Aw, I liked her. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-52557332
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    Apart from myself I regard Mr FieryJack as a true genius in writing. Followed by Wildalaska sitting in a Chessna plane with a dead wildbore on his lap. According to his own very words but who cares. Probably sitting on a tuktuk with a drunk freelancer in reality but this is what writers are for. It is now more than 20 years I spent numerous hours here and got to learn that mum leg broken is more than a tragic accident and who remembers the White Towel? These were good times and as soon as this farking virus is under control it just goes on. Hopefully. Pam truely loves me, remember that.
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    made numerous friends here, lots of interesting and often bonkers chaps here!!!
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    I've often felt Mr. Fiery Jack was due for some international recognition, perhaps a Pulitzer (sure there is a relevant category), an Interpol notice, maybe even a textbox in the latest edition of the Lonely Planet, as living history of the Nana Hotel or some such. I'm not sure that his employ of a broad range of emojis will age as well as Mr William Shakespeare's reliance on iambic pentameter, but the two men are certainly in the same neighborhood when it comes to capturing the vicissitudes of this human life we share. More recognition of a poster than any particular post, yet nonetheless - my hat-tip and thanks to Mr. Jack! YimSiam 🙂
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