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    You know the worn out, full off holes 30 year pullover that you can’t bring yourself to throw away? This board is the same, just comfortable
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    Personally I would be gutted if the board closed, it's by far the most civilised of the Thai centric forums. I rarely post these days since illness has prevented me from traveling to the LOS for several years, and consequently there're few relevant posts I can make. However, I do still visit and read the posts others have made which keeps me current with what's happening, unfortunately the current immigration shenanigans and the strength of the baht don't exactly create a welcoming climate.
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    Yes, my Son is married to a Lao woman in California. Her parents also fled the country during the war. They instilled in her a fear of the Lao government still.
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    I'd be sad, I'm not yet willing to see Thai360 die. But the devil may care. I'll enliven the forum if you like. I've been writing like a demon!
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    This is how much Bangkok has changed: My taxi driver is trading Forex as we sit in traffic.
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    And long may it continue 👍 👍 👍
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    I run the website and Internet infrastructure for thai360.com (and the former nanaplaza.com). The costs are not too high, as long it remains useful. It's good to read the appreciation of our efforts. Thanks! Jigger
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    God has put up with the Clintons and their fiascos for decades. I suspect He can tolerate Trump at least as long.
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    Good on Texas, again!!! DFW's K9 Crew Comes to the Rescue "Man's Best Friend" Offers Stress Relief for Travelers. Travelers can experience a range of different emotions when flying. Stress, anxiety, being overwhelmed, and sadness are just some of the emotions that one can encounter. That’s when ‘man’s best friend’ can come to the rescue. At DFW, we’re happy to announce that new furry friends have joined the DFW family to make your travel experience a smooth and delightful one. DFW Airport’s K9 Crew of 12 experienced therapy dogs and their handlers provide fliers with stress relief and comfort by being a friendly presence in the Airport terminal. Dogs can be spotted in official “DFW K9 Crew” harnesses and accompanied by handlers wearing DFW K9 Crew uniforms. Travelers can meet the dogs at designated interaction areas in Terminal B, both before and after security. There also will be roaming therapy handlers throughout the terminal. If you spot our DFW K9 Crew wagging along in the terminals, snap a photo with them and share it on our social media channels with #dogsofdfw. https://www.dfwairport.com/dogsofdfw/index.php
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    Aw, poor Hughie is agitated when he doesn't get his way. It seems that vulgarity is only rude when the lower classes use it.
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    very wrong steve..... urban doncaster, middlesborough, darlington just for example were pro brexit .... london yes pro remain but lots of other urban centres.... i'm kinda old and i voted remain as did my parents. ...... but brexit must happen regardless or kiss good by democracy
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    Yes, what Radioman said. No need for two SIM cards as True offers data packages. Have a chat with True and they will help you get it sorted out. True is OK for the data packages.
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    Mr Coss, victory is near. The Deutsche Bank as commonly known has become a gang of crooks, already made responsible for laundering criminally assembled huge funds out of Russia. The story that their oligarch customers signed for Donald would be an elegant termination of the Trump-desaster. I shall lit a candle in the Cologne Cathedral to make the dream come true. Costs 2 € but worth the cash. Maybe I lit 2 candles.
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    I think you are confusing cellular data with wifi. https://www.wonderoftech.com/wi-fi-vs-cellular-data/
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    In case you have some of that junk currency you want to get rid off, let me know. I always wonder under what circumstances some people live at home if they find Siam expensive. Ticket prices went down over the years anyway and a decent meal is available even BKK downtown at maybe 300 Bht and half of that countryside. Prices for ladies´ services and booze are said to have increased but try that lifestyle at home .
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    I do forex on the side and I do very well, waiting for the stock market to go up and then putting in sell trades because at some point, he says something or does something that sends the market down a lot. What some call a 'flash crash' where the market will drop sharply for a day or so that happened on Friday when the Chinese retaliated. I made 1500 bux on the S&P dropping and gold going up over 30 dollars an ounce. My friends accuse me of betting against the country but I counter, I am just reacting to what the reality is. Back in 2017 I was making decent money riding the market up through January of 2018. The big, long term issue for me is the dignity of the office of the Presidency. There is a certain way you carry yourself out of respect for the office and that standard is gone. Its not about politics or ideology. Had Obama or whomever done similar things that disrespected the office, I'd have been as upset. Even if he was successful. You can't expect the people, especially young people and the rest of the world to respect us if we don't respect our highest office. Again, I agree with Trump on China. Its HOW he is doing it is, haphazzard, no sign it was a well thought out plan. Other things I totally disagree on. Just like with Obama. I am not a Democrat. I try and call it as I see it. I was vehemently against Obama performing ex judicial killings of Americans via drone strikes. A precedent that opens all citizens up to the normalization of detain without cause up to and including murder, that may eventually be done within the border. Among other things that I had I known he was like, I would have reconsidered support. This is not going to go down well, but the best thing for us to do and there is no political will to be honest about this and do it, is to deflate these bubbles in a managed way. We are nursing huge bubbles that when it pops will be far, far more damaging to the country (and globally) economically and mentally if not dealt with. I'm amazed the economy has lasted this long frankly. Unlike 2008, we have multiple bubbles of 1.5 trillion or higher each in student loans, car loans, credit card loans, corporate loans, housing bubble, the stock market is artificially high. The wise and humane thing to do is deflate it in an organized, well thought out way that will reduce the pain as best we can than have a 2008 type crash that is a shock to the system and leaving people homeless, jobless with no prospects. Doing it in an organized way is still going to be painful. A self induced recession which sounds crazy but if we look at the systemic and endemic issues in the economy a crash of massive proportions is going to happen. Its a matter of when not if. Its like if you individually have all sorts of bills that you are living paycheck to paycheck, weeks or months behind in all your bills, car, mortgage, credit card, etc and at some point by putting your head in the sand, you get laid off and lose it all and end up homeless instead of identifying it and taking steps such as cutting back on spending, going to each creditor and letting them know your situation and work out a plan, maybe you rent out a room in your home, maybe you give up your car and take public transport or uber, whatever, but you plan. That's what America has to do. That's what a lot of countries should be doing. The best course of action is for leadership of both parties meeting and saying, lets put politics aside, and come up with plans we can both agree on, that we agree not to attack each other on and not to take credit for. I mentioned before there were big projects that America worked on that was above politics. Most recently the building of the interstate highway system in the '50s and putting a man on the moon in the '60s and making the long term health of the economy a non partisan plan. We really don't realize how big this next crash will be. The experts I listen to, independent, respected, people are worried. People I've followed, sober minded, not tin foil hat types. People like Peter Schiff for example or Jeffrey Gundlach as an example. Schiff actually supported Trump on purely economic terms during the campaign and is now on of his biggest critics. Trump was right during the election that the official unemployment rate that was dropping during the Obama years were part of stats (formulated before Obama was in office) that juiced the stats. People were massively under employed. College grads were working at Whole Foods, FedEx, car rental agencies front desk, etc and the like instead of the traditional college entry company job. The aforementioned are jobs that traditionally went to non college graduates, head of household. Trump said the actual unemployment rate was more like 15 or 20 percent. He was spot on actually if you look at unemployment in the manner of jobs that you can live on. That was what resonated with the ones that voted for him despite their not liking his xenophobia and bigotry. The voters who voted twice for Obama and switched because Hilary was more of the same. They were desperate. The core voters voted on xenophobia but the ones that carried Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan for trump, that were former independent or Obama voters were desperate. Now they are more desperate, which is why we see each major Dem candidate polling very well against Trump. We need a "Cincinnatus' type leader (of Roman history fame) who is above partisan politics, saves the Republic, has no personal or partisan agenda. No respect of party affiliation, just work to fix the endemic issues. Europe is in big trouble long term. The biggest economy of the EU, Germany, is teetering on recession. Germany is one of the best run economies globally. Germany goes, so will Europe. The interesting thing from a historical point of view is that Germany fought 2 world wars trying to dominate Europe and ended up dong it without firing a shot...lol. When the next crash happens Greece, Italy and Spain will could be insolvent. The Balkans, which is the western world's '3rd world' will suffer massively and the discontent could get violent. Japan is exposed like no other. More than any other country, their demographic bomb will explode. The Japanese have always considered themselves a unique and special (code speech for superior) people and need immigration. Desperately. But they are willing to go down with the ship, staying homogeneous. Going by 2014 stats, 1/3 of their population is over 60 and is worse now. They need an influx of people or do more of a 'birth stimulus' (which they are already doing) as Russia and South Korea are doing and giving economic incentives to have kids. Even that won't solve the problem completely but will stave it off a little. Australia is massively exposed economically as well. As are many places. I think Singapore and a couple of the Asian countries like Vietnam may be better off marginally than most as well as Switzerland. Africa actually has a bright future. It has the youngest average age of any continent. Natural resources that have a global demand and that is why we see China so imbedded there. Rwanda has taken off economically. Yes, THAT Rwanda. Kenya is doing well. Not all the countries but a lot of them are growing. Nigeria has over 25, 000 millionaires and a few billionaires, and could go either way if their top class can counter endemic corruption and waste. One of the biggest things America can do for it itself reduce its foreign military presence and with that its political presence. We have 800 military installations around the globe. Yes, 8 effing hundred. Not all are bases, some are outposts, etc, but its still totals 800. in more than 70 countries. These total a few hundred billion in total. North Korea for all its bluster is never going to do a full invasion of South Korea. When I lived in SK the people were non chalant about an invasion. We don't need 25,000 or more troops there as an example. Cut the military drastically. EXCEPT vet services. I'd increase that dramatically. The VA should be first rate. I don't think a uniform minimum wage is wise. America is a huge diverse country. $15 an hour in York, Pennsylvania is totally different than $15 an hour in New York. The cost of living are very different. Same as $15 an hour in Philadelphia, Mississippi and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If we are to have a national minimum wage it ought be reflective of the cost of living in that area. Not uniform. I mentioned before, if we are headed to 'free college' it should be spent on the majors that are needed in the economy. What the economy needs in the short,, intermediate and long term is well researched and almost an exact science. We should be giving free tuition to the majors desperately needed, whatever they may be, STEM, medical related majors, nursing, education, etc. No free college for art history, music appreciation, women studies, african american studies, political science, gender studies, Chicano studies, psychology (although with the mass shootings we may want to rethink that...hehe), those are examples of majors where there is no market for and if you want to pursue it, do so on your dime or at a very reduced amount of payment from the tax payer. I like what Germany does with their apprenticeship programs. People can apprentice with companies, get on the job training as well as classroom instruction for all manner of things. Companies in partnership with the government, train and educate people in a wide range of industrial jobs. Anyway, we are in serious trouble not just as a nation but globally.
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    And :: Hong Kong protesters to withdraw all their money from ATMs and banks. https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/world/115051808/hong-kong-protesters-to-withdraw-all-their-money-from-atms That'll do it...
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    I barfined a girl from Shark about 2 months ago, no issues. Gave her the cash for the BF one night and arranged a meet up another night about a week later. This was just for some research, no sex, though I wouldn't mind, just wasn't part of what I was doing then. But no issues with the BF. If the whole Cowboy M.O. has changed it probably wont last, one or the other. But today all you need to do is spend a night or two hitting lots of bars, find the ones you like, collect the phone numbers and connect through some sort of platform. If that's what you're looking for you could probably spend 2 nights in bars and the rest of a two week holiday fucking a different girl every night without ever going near another bar. P.S. Thermae is a current favourite. Still plenty of Japanese guys but lots of cuties and and most willing to go with Mr white guy for some much needed respite.
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    Blonde woman tries to fill up a Tesla Model S with gas
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    If anyone thinks America has any privacy rights left and this can't convince then just wait till some future time you try to get a job or visa or whatever and are denied over social media. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/green-card-or-us-citizenship-applicants-may-have-to-provide-social-media-identity/articleshow/71001746.cms