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    Steve, I'll smoke what you are smoking, but I am subject to random drug tests... 555
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    Here is a scenario, which I think is very, very plausible. A nightmare scenario to most, A 'thank the Gods' moment for our friend Cav probably. The virus will get worse before it gets better. Public gatherings of more than 50 people are now being banned in some places. The economy will get worse into a full blown recession if not depression. Trump's popularity plummets. Trump eventually wants to postpone the election. He cites the virus obviously. Can't have these long lines of people passing the virus to each other. We don't have the infrastructure for any other means of voting. Democrats obviously fight back. But Trump has the Supreme Court who back him. He is a dictator..."legally". Indefinitely. The virus gets worse, not better in all likelihood.
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    Hi, Interesting to see that protesting is also illegal, although considering the origin of this government maybe not that surprising Sanuk!
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    So all the 7/11 shops are open. No need to panic.
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    Strange ... I was in my local Tops grocery yesterday, shelves full and no shortage of anything. The small food stalls have all had to close (no more fried dishes, somtam, ice cream etc), but that is the only thing unusual. A few days before that I was at The Mall in Ngamwongwan (Nonthaburi). No signs of any panic buying any many restaurants still open (take out only).
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    55555 Damn, now I have to stay at home officially, whereas I was doing it in defiance before
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    Carrot-Carat same-same.
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    There is sunlight on soi Nana??
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    https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/19/coronavirus-treatment-trump-directs-fda-to-examine-whether-malaria-drug-can-be-used.html President Trump said he directed the FDA to investigate whether an existing drug for malaria can be used to treat the coronavirus. Some scientists have said the anti-malaria drug chloroquine could be a treatment for the coronavirus.
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    Latest titbit is that Donnie wants to put everyone with Covid19 on a cruise ship and push them offshore to protect the mainland. What next, sink 'em?
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    No, the Dutch are stockpiling weed before the coffee shop close https://extra.ie/2020/03/16/news/world-news/cannabis-coronavirus-stock-up Gotta admire the Dutch
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    My wife travels with me. Being the superstitious Thai woman she is, it's been a few fun weeks It hasn't fully dawned on her to where we are going. We spent the last few days in south Texas moving oil field equipment around.. The people are stocking up on about everything you can think of Now off to Alabama to ld our military piece Monday. Yea Ha....
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    Get yourself a load of bum guns, don't need the TP
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    I'm so sorry that you seem not have the mental capacity to focus on the message and learn from history. Try to stretch your mind and review the history of the last 3.5 years and how the "news" media continues to undermine the duly elected of the USA....
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    Cav, I did really start to watch Dr Corsi and as expected the initial draw was to blame Obama for something with the swine flu. Obama and Hillary I understood meanwhile is the iron trauma of the Trump camp and no public statement can proceed without it. His next sentence caused me a good laughter and further made me stop watching this crap. He did really say that Trump reacted quickly to the Corona crisis. Hopeless.
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    Mr Cavanami, with all due respect I note these your very words as published on this Friday, March 13th at 11:55 AM German time. we shall come back on this in say 10 days from now which then would be Monday the 23rd. Noted.
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    Good news,Cav. The President fell back to second position on the International Corona Bullshit League due to the speaker of the Chinese foreign secretary claiming that the original virus entered China through a US group of army sportsmen in October. The President sitting in his bed right now shall without doubt try to regain No1 in no time. We keep fingers crossed.
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    I never truly believed the Chinese numbers. They have never given accurate stats about anything. What ever they said initially and even now about the number of cases, its much, much worse. Their shutting down a whole city and province says it all. Its bad. It's very, very bad.
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    Whenever I see Pence standing obediently behind his master I am thinking of my dachshunds showing a lot more dignity even in moments of sins. What a bunch of ambassadors of misery has invaded the White House.
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    She's a poor judge of character. Most people are in my experience. So she was gulled? No doubt. You don't give a reference to someone you don't know. A rather ill advised comment IMO. But you are right, Obama is long gone, so what difference does it make? None. It doesn't diminish the fact that he is a convicted rapist, currently residing in Rikers.
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    Most tourists know nothing about Songkran, just that it is an opporchancity to soak and be soaked 🙄
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    ...and then you have this...
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    I know this is a funny story, and glad to see the woman also laughed at it. You have to ask yourself, if she'd never found out would it have even mattered? I mean it provided her with immense satisfaction, and gave her the momentum to actually become successful at growing them. There is the question of why she never noticed any growth over a two year period - quite odd. To be fair they do grow slowly, especially in more colder climes. In a way it's a metaphor for modern life - fake tits, fake hair colours, fake coloured contact lenses. Fake love bought with 2 thousand baht slipped into a purse. The point is we don't really want to discover the reality of it - because that will spoil the illusion. Well I imagine most people think like that. Or I could be mistaken.
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    A California woman cared for her 'perfect' succulent plant for two years. Then she found out it was fake. Caelie Wilkes was proud she had successfully cared for her succulent for about two years — after all, she had accidentally killed a similar plant in the past. This time, after getting the plant as a gift, she looked up how to properly care for it. She regularly watered the succulent; when others tried to help, she became protective, fearing they would overwater it. It seemed to pay off; the plant always looked amazing. Rejuvenated by the success of her first plant, Wilkes — a mother of two from Willits, California, northwest of Sacramento — started accumulating more. In late February, she decided it was time to repot it, and that's when she made the discovery that has led to international attention: The plant, her original plant, was plastic. There were no roots below the surface — only Styrofoam. ... https://www.yahoo.com/news/california-woman-cared-her-perfect-021732550.html
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    Polls are so accurate....NOT...ask Hillary!
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    Hi, "Do the students realise how much they are playing with fire?" What is the alternative? Let the corruption in the government continue? It was quite obvious that the election was a total farce, and the disbanding of the party (and the timing of it), was awfully convenient for the ruling party / PM. Sanuk!
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    MSNBC, CNN, etc. are establishment media. They are run by people who are very, very rich and know if Bernie is elected they will be pressured to give up more money. So I totally understand the anti Bernie rhetoric. They want to keep the status quo.
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    I'm all in favour of politicians dueling ... in every country. Thin them out a bit and save the taxpayers money..
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    Hi, Yeah, one thread about US politics is enough. (Too much? ) Sanuki!
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    Finding Vivien Maier [2014] Fascinating documentary of the eccentric US spinster nanny with a dark side who, after her death in 2009, was discovered to have taken some of the best street photography of the late twentieth century in the US and briefly around the world including Thailand and now displayed in art galleries globally. Worth seeing.
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    ...and then you have this, an organization that is supposed to know about world health but they ignore warnings??? WHO ignored Taiwan's warnings about coronavirus in December World Health Organization ignored Taiwan's warnings about human-to-human transmission of coronavirus on Dec. 31 TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) on Tuesday (March 24) confirmed that it had warned the World Health Organization (WHO) about the human-to-human transmission of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) in December of last year. Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokeswoman Hua Chunying (華春瑩) posted a tweet on Saturday (March 21) claiming that the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission had issued a notice about the COVID-19 outbreak on Dec. 31. However, in reality, the notice stated it "had not found any obvious human-to-human transmission."... https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3904054?fbclid=IwAR1RhIthchyaiJG395h4cUTlJ95nH_QuBwL9v4vHMHobmdCudVLMM68xzLg
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    https://www.bangkokpost.com/vdo/thailand/1884755/quiet-night-in-bangkok Bangkok’s usually bustling nightlife is replaced by closed doors and deserted streets after all entertainment facilities were ordered closed as part of the measures to control the coronavirus spread. (Video by Jetjaras Na Ranong)
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    Kenny Rogers (1938 - 2020) Kenny Rogers has died aged 81 his family announced overnight on Friday - the husky voiced singer was known for hits such as The Gambler and Coward Of The County.
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    Leftists Mock Prayer; Rich Higgins; Leftists Lie & Politicize Crisis 3.19.20 Rich Higgins: Former TOP NSC official: Political Warfare expert, Coronavirus & More
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    https://thepattayanews.com/2020/03/17/pattaya-to-close-all-entertainment-venues-such-as-bars-nightclubs-and-massage-shops-until-the-end-of-the-month/ but everything is open as of this afternoon
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    ...more for you to learn, Bubi....need to hang these traitors!!! "News" media, out to lunch as usual...
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    Learn from history...SARS...what did the president of the USA do t that time...NOTHING!!! The "news" media and Dems are stoking panic! Don't be dumbed down and sucked in!
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    Bubi, you can listen yourself and LEARN!
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    Those hand print scanners at Swampy are good way to spread the virus! Does anyone believe Laos has 0 cases of CV?
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    Go put those pennies on Trump's eyes.
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