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    If the Trumpists keep on claiming that her hero has won the election I insist that Germany has won WW II. Biggest fraud ever.
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    Hi, Excellent. The world does not need more oil pipes polluting pristine wilderness. Switch to renewable energy already! Sanuk!
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    Many know Bangkok Pat, nice bloke doing a bit of youtube material, this was enjoyable on washington sq
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    Hey Trump haters...the Bidumb fark ups continue...Bidumb already selling out the USA... Beijing Bidens Third Day: Selling the Grid to China and Killing Diabetes Patients
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    Of course Twitter banned her account, they still have countless amounts of porn including child porn on their site of course, but politicians they don't agree with break the rules!
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    Yes. Ever since Nixon as accused of tax evasion, every presidential aspirant since has released their taxes. Usually the most recent 5 years on average. Its not a legal requirement just a tradition to show transparency. Trump knew that and frankly didn't expect to be the nominee until he was. Then he said "i'm being audited'. Which would disqualify any other nominee. It also raises red flags, as well as a few questions. 1. Why run for office if you are being audited? 2. Why are people voting for a person who is being audited and has a history of bankruptcies and expect EVERY other candidate to show theirs. Hillary was pilloried for what was in her taxes. Had she opted out, she would be deemed not a viable candidate by the SAME people who let Trump run without showing his. 3. Trump could still have shown the taxes he submitted and say they may change after the audit. 4. The very fact he fought hard as hell from people suing him is a red flag.
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    The reason why your TV didn’t go off had less to do with the 42% Renewables and more to do with 36.5% Fossil Fuels and 12.6% Nuclear.. Without Gas your TV would have gone off at peak load times, because you can’t turn a fan up for more wind or put another euro I the meter for more sun. Why does it have to be Renewables v Fossil Fuel /Nuclear argument when we can just have both.
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    ...and it starts...but Bidumb has already used the "n word" many times in public... JOE COMES INTO POWER AND IMMEDIATELY FIRES THE BLACK GUY! LET'S TALK 3RD PARTY. +SOME NEWS
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    Which would probably be the first useful activity since he is alive.
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    Who rioted in 2016/2017...the demonrats! The election was stolen!! Read and learn: Dominion-Voter-Systems-Election available in pdf. It is technical so put on your thinking hat but all the proof is here!
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    Hi, Or maybe your predecessor is a lousy loser and incited his followers to storm the Capitol. Sanuk!
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    Outside the Wire (2021) In the near future, a drone pilot sent into a war zone finds himself paired with a top-secret android officer on a mission to stop a nuclear attack. Quite good, worth a watch. ___
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    Today thanks God Trump finally fucks off, there are at least 5 non-American people very sad: Bolsonaro of Brazil Orban of Hungary The guy from Poland Xi Putin The first 3 because they love Donald the Vulgar The other two because nobody left to damage the US as he has done
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    Al jazeera do some good work, outbreak at wuhan from on the ground Chinese reporters
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    Hi, "Thailand’s cabinet earmarked THB6 billion (USD$200 million) late last year to produce the AstraZeneca vaccine domestically. Its sole manufacturer will be a newly created firm called Siam Biosciences that is owned by the palace. " Sanuk!
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    Hundreds and hundreds of positive actions taken by President Trump for all the USA people!!! 47 minutes detailing some of the excellent accomplishments!!! THIS IS WHY TRUMP'S 2017-2021 PRESIDENTIAL TERM WAS SUCH A SUCCESS!
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    Excursion (2019) a.k.a. Dangerous Excursion A mystery thriller about a 1980's devoted Czechoslovakian communist party member visiting his future self in London (UK), to make sure Socialism still prospers. I don't know if I'd call it a thriller, but there's quite a lot of good in this flick with some good performances in limited settings. Worth a watch ___ Honkytonk Man (1982) Clint Eastwood, depression times, he's a singer, all kinds of music, Country and Western. Who knew Clint could sing? And he's got this really bad cough and a penchant for the bottle. Better than you'd think, well worth a watch. ___ Six Minutes to Midnight (2020) UK, Aug. 15, 1939: 17 days before WWII, an English teacher and his camera disappear on a coastal boarding school. Nazi Girl's school, Bexhill-on-Sea, Eddie Izzard, Judi Dench, Carla Juri, James D'Arcy, Jim Broadbent, lots to love. Well worth a watch. ___
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    I'm getting confustigated Can I go to the doctor or not
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    Why would Cav change his mind, Social Media is an echo chamber, we only like what is the same as we like, no one changes their minds, Steve you won't change yours. Politics and even morals are subjective and are defined by people. Why would Cav think that for example censoring Trump is bad? Most of us agree Trump is an arsehole and should be in prison, but we won't convince anyone else of that, Look at the percentage of people/states that change their votes, it's not big. It's not a landslide. Political parties I know, speaking from experience, usually have a strategy to change 10-20 seats, swing seats, seats that might change, who's winner is there by a thread, that's it. the whole of elections are about those few people
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    https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/isn-t-final-chapter-analyst-warns-again-about-rise-right-n1253950?fbclid=IwAR0mn3h49_lLu26NFH9TlWom_xusz191OWg4Cckpg7tpU_oKHEVzu46y0P0 https://sports.yahoo.com/olympic-gold-medalist-klete-keller-reportedly-part-of-mob-that-stormed-capitol-205958124.html https://edition.cnn.com/2021/01/12/investing/deutsche-bank-trump/index.html?fbclid=IwAR3Rmi4wNKP_gLIqrWVXzzMdTctTtNyt4S56jyQ1z6W2MjFg_ngW9hIeuPA https://www.nj.com/sports/2021/01/pga-will-strip-trump-bedminster-of-2022-pga-championship-insider-says.html?fbclid=IwAR3xON7-rekY0IzaPz65bEBO6Q_b0k0aLgKemBACagoTcEZBCLtc2Tjp7N8
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    biased big tech
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    Truth, data and facts. Mr. Ramsland exposes the corrupt election. Invest 1hr 35 min and learn the truth!!! Mr. Ramsland analyzed an election machine so he is speaking from facts!!! Thank You, Mr. Ramsland and your team. Hope this truth comes out regardless.
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    I hate Trump, I hate the Republicans who enabled him to gain power, interesting they desert him only because they fear loosing power, no morals there at all That turd that let the people into congress is a cunt The rioters are cunts That all said, taking a step back, if Trump was a person far left of Bernie Sander,s which ironically in reality not that hard, and the same things happened to his accounts, and as a far leftist I am not against a call to arms, and if his media access cut off, then I am sure the outcry would be very different I don't defend Cav's political stances, but I do defend his right to say them, regardless of any corporate laws etc, I am sure China has similar corporate laws which people there use to stop "undesirables" from accessing media And obviously I am not going to change anyone's mind, nor anyone will change mine The sad fact of social media is it's a echo chamber, we write what we think is right, and debate what we think is wrong, and no one changes anyone's mind. Regardless what side people are on.
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    I'm Sure Coss, Cav, Penis, BB and everyone will support me in bringing back public hangings once we round up the traitors. There are now rumors that a few Congressmen helped.
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    Debbie explains what free speech in the USA has become. One hour of education!
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    Promising Young Woman [2020] Memorable and entertaining dark thriller comedy with a darkness that lingers, of a feminist vigilant. A mesmerizing lead performance, good soundtrack and surprise ending make this one to see.
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    ...but wasn't this officially the last flag the confederacy officially used? 😏
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    This isn’t because we the people believe that Trump should be president. This is because we the people believe that the government has been stepping on us for years. This is because we the people are tired of our tax payer dollars going to foreign countries for “gender studies” instead of going to our homeless veterans. Or our VA hospitals. This is because we the people are tired of being shit on by a congressman or woman who has been in congress for 40+ years and haven’t done a damn thing for the American people. This is because we the people are tired of the news media outlets and social media giants suppressing our free speech and telling us what to think and how to feel. We the people are tired of being treated like a number. We the people are tired of making the government more money than they are worth. We the people, are pissed. *These are not my words, but I feel them deeply.*
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    "The police didn't show up because they were too busy storming the Capital. "
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    What the media isn't saying is that the tens of millions of Trump supporters out there are loving how they broke into and trashed the Capital building. But of course the multi city protests were wrong and needed the national guard.
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    Although : " Jake Angeli's Facebook page is filled with posts evoking the conspiracy theories of QAnon, whose adherents believe in a ludicrous theory that there is a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles who have infiltrated the highest reaches of American government and are being opposed by President Trump. Some of Angeli's Facebook posts have a violent edge, such as a meme declaring "we shall have no real hope to survive the enemies arranged against us until we hang the traitors lurking among us." One photo on Angeli's Facebook page depicts him adorned in the fur and horns, taking aim towards the camera with a rifle. In recent months, Angeli has been a regular presence at pro-Trump protests in Arizona, including demonstrations outside the Maricopa County vote-counting center. Other rioters photographed at the Capitol wore clothing with QAnon icons and held signs with slogans associated with the bizarre movement." Quote CNN
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    This should be enough already for a 25 procedure based on mental disturbance. He really does believe that. Such as Cav I guess.
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    Frankly a number of USA friends are suggesting that Pence invokes the 25th
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    Please do define how this is insurrection, do you have the exact legal extracts?
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    I'm sad to say that if these protestors had been BLM, they wouldn't have been let onto the Senate Floor, there would be live fire, across the city and hundreds of dead protestors. As it is, protestors are being allowed to take selfies ...
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    Hi, >Show Ponies and Drama Queens Likely the result of paying them way too fucking much and putting them on pedestals. Sanuk!
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    Go post that in French news Coss
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    1984 (1956) It seems that 1984 (1984) is an almost scene for scene, copy of the earlier black and white 1984 (1956) Amongst the players, Michael Redgrave, Jan Sterling, (not to my taste, beauty has changed) and a young Donald Pleasence. This is a better movie than the later '84 release and easier to digest.
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    Something undefinable deep within my inner self pulls me about every second afternoon for late lunch into the seafood restaurant in 7/1 on the left. Neither the food is worth the money nor the group of elderly German/Swiss gentlemen sitting round a table every single day drinking beer. From there I watch the establishments on the opposite side asking myself why for heaven´s sake many gentlemen seem to enjoy female pleasures offered by ladies short of final retirement and due for a visit at the nearest weightwatchers club. I therefore regret Eden Club closing doors because it reduces the potential of things I can worry about. On my first visit to Bangkok in 1996 / April I was strolling down Sukh when I noticed a signpost EDEN CLUB within an alley. I went inside and orderd a Gin Tonic. A French man politely explained me that this is a whorehouse and not interested in selling drinks only. He then explained the coordinates of Nana Plaza and I left. The man was friendly I must say. God bless him , his name was Marc.
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    Industry [2020 TV series] Everyone gets their tits and cocks out in the new 8 part soap in modern day London's finance hub. Entertaining and not too taxing to watch, with more style than details to worry about.
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    Just updated to iOS 14.3 and it works great. It’s a good idea to update, especially if you are having issues. One of the things updates do is fix bugs.
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    <<Went in Royal Oak and recalled last time I was there was on 9/11 with my old 'mate' long gun on a quiz team. >> I was there that night, I remember the host saying that something had happened but he didn't know for sure and will tell us later. My wife had been getting a massage and manicure next door while the quiz was on, then showed up and tried to explain about planes and buildings, getting frustrated saying it was like a computer game, we couldn't make sense Then once we all realized there was a kind of shocked unbelieving attitude, something this horrific couldn't surely be happening After that everyone I knew was taking it all very seriously.
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    50 Shades of Grey in the men's shed 50 shades of Grey in the Men's Shed We had a novel experience at a recent meeting of our book club at the Men's Shed. One of our senior members, Ted Roberts who is himself an author lauded for his timeless work "Woodworking for Profit and Pleasure", came up with an interesting suggestion. He said his wife thought that we should read a book called "Fifty Shades of Grey" as we might learn something from it. Someone thought it would come in handy when re-painting the house. The chaps were all asked to attend our next meeting with some notes relating to their experience of reading the book and its relevance to our activities. At the follow-up meeting we had an enthusiastic full house where the blokes recounted the literary impact of the novel. Here are their experiences: Bill Carruthers, 74 We tried various positions round the back, on the side, up against a wall. But in the end we came to the conclusion the bottom of the garden was the only place for a good shed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nick Enwright, 86 She stood before me, trembling in my shed. I'm yours for the night, she gasped, You can do whatever you want with me. So I took her to Bunnings. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ted Roberts, 79 She knelt before me on the shed floor and tugged gently at first, then harder until finally it came. I moaned with pleasure. Now for the other boot. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tom Entwhistle, 73 Ever since she read THAT book, I've had to buy all kinds of ropes, chains and shackles. She still manages to get into the shed, though. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jack Farthing, 78 Put on this rubber suit and mask, I instructed, calmly. Mmmm, kinky! she purred. Yes, I said, You cant be too careful with all that asbestos in the shed roof. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- John Hardcastle, 72 I'm a very naughty girl, she said, biting her lip. I need to be punished. So I invited my mum to stay for the weekend. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Colin Horrocks, 65 Harder! she cried, gripping the workbench tightly. Harder! Okay, I said. Whats the gross national product of Nicaragua? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Malcolm Riddock, 75 I lay back exhausted, gazing happily out of the shed window. Despite my concerns about my inexperience, my rhubarb had come up a treat. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Allen Cardly, 74 Are you sure you can take the pain? she demanded, brandishing stilettos. I think so, I gulped. Here we go, then, she said, and showed me the receipt. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Humphrey Landsdowne, 56 Hurt me! she begged, raising her skirt as she bent over my workbench. Very well, I replied. You've got a fat arse and no dress sense. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nicholas Benchley, 53 Are you sure you want this? I asked. When I'm done, you wont be able to sit down for weeks. She nodded. Okay, I said, putting the three-piece lounge furniture on eBay. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Toby Williams, 60 Punish me! she cried. Make me suffer like only a real man can! Very well, I replied, leaving the toilet seat up.
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    I follow the keto diet and after a few months, am now completely off the diabetes medication!
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