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    Wow, no bars at all?! I think the first time I went to Soi 33 was in 1992, when I started living in LOS, and I became quite a regular. I think there were 5 or 6 bars back then (Renoir, Vincent Van Gogh, Degas, Monet and a couple of others) although we mainly frequented Renoir. Over the years a few more opened on the main soi and sub sois and then it sort of took off and a map of the soi dated March 2010 shows about 40 bars, including many Japanese ones, and about 15 massage joints. So to go from 40 to 0 in 10 years would be a massive collapse!
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    MLG has a Saudi in her english class, he is arrogant and puts himself out as a Prince, needless to say, none of the ladies fancy him. Despite his money. Someone on this board coined the phrase I like, "Saudis, savages with money."
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    We need it! 😩
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    UK General Election tomorrow 12 December 2019. That means no sleep for me as I tend to sit up all night watching the results come in.
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    40 percent of the American people make $18,000 a year or less. One bipartisan project that both parties agree on but due to deep divisions we don't do is spend on infrastructure. If we do it right it would greatly soften an anemic economy for the poor half of America. We need over a trillion dollars worth of all manner of infrastructure. Millions of unskilled to highly skilled (engineers, technicians, etc) jobs. I would recommend the following. Make it a bipartisan effort so that no party takes credit similar to the race to the moon. Mandate only US companies if at all possible do the work and priority those companies who are fully domestic and not global US companies who will export the revenue.
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    I long for the days of Jack Kemp and Bob Dole and the old McCain, not the one that was forced fringe right. I loved the Dole-Kemp Republican ticket in '96. They were never going to win but had they won, we'd have had a much better administration than Clinton.
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    Hey Flash, I'd love to know any campaign that upon close examination that has spent every dollar according to the law. This is NOT an excuse. I have a HS classmate who ran for a state legislature and as well as congregational seat outside Philly. I finished my HS years in the suburbs. Great guy, very honest. He will tell you that its pretty much impossible to run a completely transparent campaign. First of all, there are expenses that are cash and no receipts. Expenses can come in an emergency manner and you need to pay in cash. There is nothing about any of the 'squad' you mentioned that is beyond what are deemed routine campaign violations. Also, how is that an example of being currupt? I am using it in the context of being bought off by a person or group. I'd love to see any evidence any group has bought them off. AOC raised all her funds organically. The only group is the Wolf PAC which is a progressive group that gives money to candidates who do not want lobby money and only to raise money organically which may seem like a dichotomy but isn't. She (and the rest) or not in the pockets of any of the groups and people that own everyone else including every presidential candidate on both sides except possibly Sanders...maybe Warren. I'm not going to be cynical and suggest they will change. They gained their popularity in part by not being in the pockets of the people who own everyone else. As to your second point, first, Starr is a Republican. Hardly an impartial arbiter. Second, he was part of the the impeachment process for Clinton. Purely political with no basis for impeachment and a process that the Republicans totally rammed down the Democrats throat. If there is something the Dems are doing that is uniquely unethical with regards to the process, I'd love to hear it. I have the opposite opinion personally. The Democrats are prosecuting the impeachment process weakly. Peolosi narrowed the scope which is unheard of. Both Nixon and Clinton investigations were wide and far reaching even if it wasn't germane to the original investigation. Both prior cases went on fishing trips. Trump is getting off very, very lightly. So, I'd like specifics and I'd trust it from someone who is impartial. As an aside. The very fact a private citizen is conducting foreign policy in Ukraine, violating all manner of federal laws and the Democrats haven't done anything about it, I would conclude they are derelict in their duties. I understand why the Republicans haven't. They operate out of mortal fear of being on the end of one of Trump's tweets or tirades at a rally. Cowardly but I get it. I've long expected very little ethics out of the Republican party just as I expect very little competence out of the Democrats.
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    Gentlemen, thorough inspection of Soi 7 new bar area makes me think it will take another 2 weeks til completion. 4 or 5 places ready but no people inside yet. There are good news even from Soi11: Where they have demolished the previous Cheap Charlie building, ground is currently prepared for a number of small businesses. According to workers.
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    How dare CNN print something like this! Donald Trump was elected to break the elite. Of course they want to impeach him By Scott Jennings When the global elite are aligned against him and laughing like the immature cool kids you hated in middle school, President Donald Trump is winning. When the liberal law professors are neglecting their Thanksgiving turkeys to read congressional transcripts and snarking about Trump's 13-year old son, Trump is winning. When the politicians are mad — so mad that they have shut down all policymaking to impeach the President of the United States on what constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley called "wafer thin" evidence —Trump is winning. You have to remember: Donald Trump wasn't elected to fit in with these people — the political, intellectual class -- to make them happy, or to become one of them. He was elected to break them. And that's apparently what he's done. After Wednesday's House Judiciary Committee hearing featuring three liberal law professors and Thursday's announcement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that her conference is moving forward with impeachment, the die is cast -- Donald Trump will be the third president in American history to be impeached by the House of Representatives. And honestly, that's just fine with Trump's supporters. What better evidence is there that you've shaken Washington to its core when the minders of a system you've come to despise are leveling the gravest punishment the system permits against the very President who is doing the shaking up? We can lawyer this to death, but for many Americans this comes down to a simple observation -- Trump said he was going to rattle their cages, and by golly they seem rattled. Trump's supporters have known since election night that this day would eventually come. After all, his sworn enemies have been openly promising it since before he was sworn into office! They've used words like "resistance," "coup," "insurance policy," and "impeachment" so often that, now that they are actually doing it, the American people — and Republicans especially — are offering a collective yawn. Rueful analysts stare into television cameras, lamenting and wondering why Republicans aren't fleeing from the President over the impeachment hearings (he stands at 90% approval among his party in the latest Gallup poll). But there won't be massive convulsions in public opinion because everyone has known for three years what was going to happen. Sure, some Democrats gamely argue that Pelosi didn't really want to go through with it, but she had to out of a sense of duty to the Constitution. But it's a half-hearted argument at best. It's true that Pelosi had no choice, although it's not because of the Constitution. Rather, her party's left flank and their inflamed grassroots activists overwhelmed her. This is a one-sided, partisan impeachment. It's the exact kind of thing Congressman Jerry Nadler, now chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, warned Republicans about in 1998, during Bill Clinton's impeachment. But political party leaders almost always do what the bulk of their party's supporters want them to. Republicans — no matter how moderate — got in line to cut taxes and confirm an avalanche of conservative judges because that's what their activists expected. And what have Democrats wanted more than anything since Trump's election? Since the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh? Since Trump made Twitter his private channel to the electorate? Since the Mueller probe? Since the Trump Hotel story? Since questions over Jared Kushner's security clearance? Since...you name it? The answer is obvious: to undo the 2016 election by any means necessary. It's a political itch that had to be scratched, and Pelosi could hold off her tormented partisans no longer. So here we are, headed for a rushed, hyper-partisan (and futile) exercise put on by the very elites Trump railed against to get himself elected in the first place. But for all the relief they might feel in finally striking this blow against Donald Trump, I wonder: have these Trump opponents even considered what this impeachment signals to the American people? That partisanship is more important than policymaking? That House Democrats have no confidence in their party's ability to beat Donald Trump in an election? And, perhaps most alarmingly, that impeachment — once reserved for the gravest of situations — is now just another tool to inflict damage on their politica https://edition.cnn.com/2019/12/05/opinions/trump-is-still-winning-jennings/index.html?ofs=fbia&fbclid=IwAR1CSaOebWGn17KeNxH7ApgEMJAupfxXF5FYhv2ZLx-xV49sSDkB9QtxHOw
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    A word or two about gangs. In America, gangs have always been a symptom of economic inequality. Good economic times for a community stifles gangs. LA is no different. The city has been known and is known as a liberal bastion going back decades but this is the same city that has had riots from the underclass going back to the Zoot Suit riots involving latinos in the 1940s. There was also the famous Watts Riots in 1965 as well as the Rodney King verdict riots in 1992. I'll provide further examples. Jews had been a pariah in Europe for centuries. The word ghetto came from the Jewish quarter of cities. Despite being literally run out of town in various cities over the centuries in Europe, Jews never resorted to criminal gangs and organized crime UNTIL they came to America. So, one has to ask why were there Jewish street gangs as well as organized crime that gave us famous names like Dutch Schultz, Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegal among many, ,many other lesser known gangsters. Why would a people who never resorted to crime before, form criminal gangs. The lower east side of Manhattan was a Jewish stronghold and one of the most dangerous parts of NYC as well as America at one time. Why did they go into crime? Simple answer is the antisemitism they faced was so bad they chose criminality. It was a symptom of the Jewish immigrant masses being excluded from the economy. Yes, there were many Jewish merchants and even some very rich Jews but the masses, especially eastern European Jews, were excluded, even from within Jewish society. Western European jews wouldn't allow them into their synagogues and if you trace the lineage of the most ardent Jewish gangsters they were almost always from eastern European stock. Why don't you have them today? That's easy. Same with Italian, Irish and other ethnic group youth street gangs and organized crime of the adults. I've read that the Italian mafia has a hard time recruiting. They have even started letting in half Italians as long as the father is Italian. Why is it so tough to recruit? Because Italians are now regarded as the same as WASPs when they weren't at one time. Same with Jews and the Irish. The aforementioned three groups were not deemed 'white' at one time in America. Sort of a purgatory...lol...not WASP but not Black but somewhere in between and were the targets of so called 'nativists' the precursor to the term WASP. The Immigration Act of 1924 was enacted specifically to ban these groups as well as others from eastern Europe (Slavs, etc) Anyway, those same dynamics have not changed. The plethora of black and latino street gangs are a result of economic marginalization. This was also the case with certain Asian street gangs. Chinese triads, Vietnamese gangs in Orange country, California. Samoan gangs as well. Middle California, Stockton, Bakersfield and other desolate white areas are a breeding ground for white gangs as well as white biker gangs. Those areas are economically deprived and mostly poor white. It's tough in LA to make enough of a living wage if you are low or unskilled. Hence the drug dealing and the gangs. Simple really.
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    My observance is that areas do well when both parties share power. One checks the other. One party dominating is never good, be it Democrat or Republican because one party eventually leads to a ton of corruption. Cities like NYC did well when they had both parties as mayors. My hometown, Philadelphia devolved when Democrats dominated all facets of government. Republicans made some headway into the city and it helped stopped the rot. Same for Republican dominated areas. If Republican rule was the solution, then why is Mississippi still a 3rd world state in a first world country?
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    Thanks. Guess I'll tell her give it a go and see how long it works, and if it all goes south, I'll house-sit the place for a few months til she gets sorted. That's what friends are for!
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    With all due respect Cav, as I stated earlier. When the debate is 'if we don't put babies and children in cages, what is the alternative" its a non starter discussion. I'm not going to engage in any discussion about solutions starting with kids and babies in cages as a default to solutions. It's inhumane and embarrassed for anyone using it as a starting point.
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    I consider Asian women to show a maximum level of beauty between 55 and 65 which explains my statement.
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    Did history approve of what FDR did? In fact, we paid reparations to some of them.
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    I have two passports, both UK, both active, same reason as your friend. Never been an issue here over about 4 or 5 years I was working in the Middle East and traveling back here in and out on 30 day stamps, no problem. Most visits then were 10 days or so and once every few weeks. I would alternate the passports with no real concern. It did get commented on one time in Doha when I was in and out on visit visas before I had a residency permit but I just mentioned that I had two for business purposes and that was fine. Plenty of countries issue two if asked for though I know that now in UK they want to see some supporting evidence as to why you need it, letter from company MD/CEO etc.
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    The wife has US and Thai passports. She leaves, and enters, Thailand on the Thai one and same with the US one in the states only. The first time she did this it made her nervous and she mixed them up. The Thai immigration officer explained it to her. Now, 15 years later, never a problem.
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    Remember Denny's Bar on the corner of 22 and Washington Square? Boss lady that had that also ran a bar across the street in the hotel and a couple of places in the bar area on 22. She moved to the place round the corner in the ground floor of the Holiday Inn building but I see that's gone now. I don't know but I wouldn't be surprised if she is not involved in this soi 7 thing, I think she was always quite savvy on the lease thing. Nice old bird, always a laugh.
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    Last night I had occasion to walk past soi 7 so had a quick look see. Work is ongoing but the one lady I spoke to "you come my bar me, open ready", told me there will be 31 bars, 2 or 3 are open now and a few have temporarily parked themselves on the street awaiting work completion. Couple of the bars look nice and big with serious money being spent, others just little hole in the wall type joints though a lot would seem to have at least some glass partitioning, aircon etc.
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    The big quandary for independent voters like myself is this. It's a choice between the Dems who are incompetent and weak willed and have no balls, and in the pocket of many monied groups including Wall Street and the Republicans who have shown they have zero morality, hipocritical about the constitution, honoring vets, etc and have allowed the party to be co-opted by the fringe right alt right and white nationalists. Its not a good time to be a voter in America.
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    Not so happy for everybody.
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    Some mails appearing on a list I subscribe to have started taking a look at some of the nutty stuff you can buy on the web these days. For you Hi Fi audio-fools out there how about this nice mains cable to plug you amp in with. https://www.highendcable.co.uk/Nordost_ODIN 2_ Power_Cord.htm The 5m long one is a snip at £31,000.00 plus the obligatory plugs at £480 each. Then there are the special pure copper plug covers to stop mains borne RF leaking into your listening pleasure https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Isoclean-13A-UK-RF-Isolator-Pack-of-4/293087880120 A total bargain at £50 for a pack of 4 For the safety conscious don;t forget the appropriate fuses. Just one of these little beauties, essentially a 500mA mains fuse https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hi-Fi-Tuning-Supreme-3-Fuse-20x5mm-Fuse-T-500mA-/293326360459 A worthy £39.99 EACH! FOR A F(&^&%^£ing FUSE!!! Another one from these righteous snake oil peddlers https://www.analogueseduction.net/cable-treatment/isoclean-cs-128-cable-stabilizer.html Keeps your cables off the floor to give you a more analogue sound! WTF!!! Bargain at £148.99. In other news, don't forget the cat. Sees the Aussies have just the thing https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Archie-McPhee-Cat-Tin-Foil-Hat/223722050632 Keeping tiddles safe for less than £15. How about something for the treasure hunter https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rosvola-Metal-Detector-Adults-Rechargeable/dp/B07ZT3RLC8/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?keywords=Rosvola+MSO5202D&qid=1573669970&sr=8-1-fkmr0 Another bargain at £116 It says satisfaction guaranteed so buy now, with confidence! But the best is yet to come A mere 82 quid https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5G-Smart-Meter-WiFi-Shield-Package-54-Pieces-Tensor-Rings-Orgone-Towerbusters-/183569546185?hash=item2abd98fbc9 Outstanding bits of twisted wire soldered together and some lumps of potted dung. Get em now to be safe! So . Have you found any 'must have' mega products? Do share. Now let me see where did I put all that wire and my soldering iron, I can just smell my next fortune.
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    The Epstein matter is the only thing the Democratic and Republican leaders can agree on because they have people, very highly placed who are involved and that includes Trump. There are a plethora of people who have worked at the facility and have been incarcerated there who have been interviewed or made videos attesting that its virtually impossible to kill yourself under the circumstances Epstein did. Those guards knew they would be fall guys and have some sort of deal in place for money or pardons is my guess.
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    "Hey, Jeff ... looks like school just let out."
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    Goya Bar was still open in August, but struggling.
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    Black '47 [2018] Gritty revenge thriller set in 1847 during the Irish famine when an Irish ranger deserts the British army to find his home ravaged by famine and exploited by British landlords. Worth seeing.
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    Trump has based his defence of impeachment on four points: He did not ask Ukraine to investigate Biden. He did ask Ukraine to investigate Biden, but he did so for honest reasons, to fight corruption. He did ask Ukraine to investigate Biden, but he didn’t withhold money to obtain the favor. He did ask Ukraine to investigate Biden and he did withhold the money to get the favor, but this doesn’t rise to the level of an impeachable offence. An inconsistent defense is a clear sign of guilt. Trump is receiving grossly unfair treatment from the Republicans, in the House and in the Senate, to say nothing about the Republican-aligned media. They should be calling for an immediate impeachment trial with the intent to convict, remove him from power and put him on trial for treason. To do otherwise sets a dangerous precedent. Put him out of his misery.
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    What most people, including Americans forget is that the original 13 states were separate colonies. Completely independent. The British for example had Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and a few other Caribbean colonies and they all operated independent of each other. Same with their African colonies. Ghana, Nigeria, etc. they all operated independent of each other. So did the American colonies. They were all founded by various people for completely different reasons. Mostly religious in the north and business reasons in the south around farming and slavery at its core. The Quakers of Pennsylvania were completely different than the Puritans of Massachusetts. The fact they all got together in the first place with completely divergent cultural and religious views is somewhat of a miracle. The constitution as written was really a great compromise of peoples who were extremely different and even had complete distaste for one another's society (such as the anti slavery Quakers of Penna. vs the pro slavery South Carolina). My guess from reading about that time, was they were hoping as time goes by the country would become more cohesive culturally and through amendments "create a more perfect" union.
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    Hey Coss, remember when Trump insisted on speaking with Putin alone, no one else? I can't recall if his wife was with him or not but my guess is if his wife was there he wanted Putin to refute the piss tape story. Trump stands to lose a lot of his wife divorces him now. I'm sure she signed a pre nup but she has his son and the courts will award a huge amount for child support and his finances could be come out in court. He's not that rich. He's leveraged to the hilt and the banks you mentioned have him in his pocket. Don't think for one minute the Republican party hasn't thought about all this. They have and for now they are in power and have decided to choose (perceived power) over the country. This all seems so surreal. But as I said, this administration and the whole circus has exposed a lot of things. In the end, the far left will win. Why? The economy will crash under its whole weight and the GOP will be blamed as it was in 2008 and it will be so bad, they won't recover similar to the Great Depression. The Republicans owed the 1920s and the elite made all the money. The country had very poor regions still despite the supposed 'Roaring 20s'. The economy crashed and the Democrats had a 20 year run in the white house and pushed through the most progressive legislation ever up to that point and I am predicting something similar. If you look at America economically there really has only been one successful Republican stint in the White House the last 100 years and by successful I mean it didn't end in recession or a crash and that was Eistenhower. Hoover, a Republican ended in a crash. Nixon took over in '68 and Republicans were in the big house till 1976 and although the Vietnam war costs can be blamed for the economy in part as well as the oil embargo in '73, the President takes the credit or blame and by the end of Ford's stort stint, America had a stagnant economy. Reagan is lauded but his presidency ended with the biggest market drop in history percentage wise, the 1987 crash, 25% in one day and we ended up being a net debtor nation by the end of his term and a recession from those days under Bush. The younger Bush as we all know ended up in the Great Recession. We have not had success with Republicans in the White House despite their self aggrandizing about knowing economics better. I'm not saying the Dems are great either but if we are to judge both on results, the Dems fare much better. I say that as a person who worked in finance and studied financial history. As Ben Shapiro, the far right commentator likes to say 'The facts don't care about your feelings'. Eventually, conservatives may be judged by whether or not they supported Trump. Just like a notable Germans in the 30s and 40s are judged by their support of Hitler.
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    Coss, frankly, Americans should be utterly embarrassed and it makes America look like a Banana Republic politically. Any casual observer abroad will see that he's guilty as sin. And they seeing the defense of obvious violation of the law will not help America's reputation any. You add on the fiasco of how we left allies stranded in Syria, as well as leaving both the Iran and climate change agreements and we are at a low point in stature. I'm not saying the Republicans have to vocally attack Trump, but the GOP Senate leader should really be having secret caucuses with the members about how to come out of this thing with the some dignity and do what Goldwater and senior Senators did to Nixon and go to him and say he will be voted out and work on an exit strategy that will be for not only the good of the party but the nation. They will be respected. Furthermore, they can regroup and market themselves as being able to clean out their own house and can be trusted again with the stewardship of running the country in future elections. But they have had an ethical and moral bypass it seems. They should be looking at the Nixon impeachment hearings and see that there is a road back. They lost the next election (1976) but came back strong only 4 years later and stayed in power for 12 years (1980 - 1992).
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    "that has never been proven" Trump is literally chasing conspiracy theories his own FBi and CIA and Defense Intel, and the world's greatest (maybe second to China ) have debunked but because Alex Jones and others said it, it must be true. We literally have someone running the country who disregards our own intel agencies for some people who put up posts from their basement. The Senate themselves could have easily started a full blown investigation. They didn't because it was bullshit.
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    Looks like Marty Feldman. p.s. Here you go, Cav. Something to make your day.
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    How could I NOT fall in love in that environment?! I was doomed from the moment I climbed those steps...
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    The NY Times best seller list can be artificially influenced
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    The Guardian is down on Trump, but even they call it right: "In the Nixon case, impeachment never even got to a vote of the full House let alone a trial in the senate; a delegation of senior Republicans told Nixon the game was up, and he preferred to resign than be removed. It’s conceivable the Trump story will end the same way, and yet few expect it. The settled view in Washington – which has been wrong before – is that this will break on partisan lines: the Democratic-led House will vote to impeach Trump, but two-thirds of the Republican-dominated Senate will not be ready to convict him, as the rules demand, and he’ll be acquitted." The Democrats voted unanimously not to convict Clinton, and the Republicans will be close to that in not convicting Trump. Obviously, guilt or innocence doesn't really matter to our politicians. Only staying in power does. So what does that mean for the 2020 election? Your guess is as good as mine.
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    Remember when "facts" used to mean real facts? Now there is shocking new "evidence" against Trump from a former acting ambassador who says he overheared someone telling someone else about something the guy he overheard claimed to have heard Trump say. Or something like that. That's it, Trump's finished. Now to get busy trying to impreach the vice president.
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    Happy Veterans Day to Flash and others who served.
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    Got to love those Thai back to school sales!
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    I've not seen this Banksy before ::
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    I am a dwarf but they call me tripod
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    Coss Not a dig at you ... Don't Shoot the Messenger What the article is referring to is Non-Immigrant (O-A) Visa aka the Retirement Visa but not the Non-Immigrant (O) aka the Marriage Visa. I was expecting this to come up at some point since the Non-Immigrant (O-X) Visa aka the 10 Year Visa already has this requirement but O-A is a little bit more laxed since overseas policies are allowed whereas O-X has to be with Thai insurance Company
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    I can't offer a riposte to that, on account of I agree with you.
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    This is so sad.... https://www.yahoo.com/gma/missing-navy-veteran-found-inside-own-home-had-132323640--abc-news-topstories.html
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    Useless arseholes, may Khun Buffalo rest in peace. He should have shot them.
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    There is a plethora of people and information still be heard and seen. The fact is the administration is pressuring anyone with first hand knowledge not to speak to Congress. Nixon did the same. Nixon was around in a day where the stigma of impeachment meant more. Before Nixon it only happened once in the 1800s. The public was against him as well. The public was never against Clinton. He had a very high favorable rating and it was deemed by the public and the Democrats as the Republicans simply desperate to reverse two elections. I certainly didn't see a valid reason based on precedence which I described on here a few times. And by that time I was done with the Clintons politically so much I didn't back Gore. It's clear Trump is guilty. This is no longer debatable. It's why the Republicans were first arguing procedural issues and now arguing hearsay rules not applicable to impeachment and arguing well before everyone is heard. Why not wait till ALL the witnesses are called and why do so when the people with first hand knowledge are being kept from testifying. The reason is that the masses are asses as an old Wall Street adage goes. The GOP are masters of the Nazi strategy of repeating something to the point where it becomes part of your consciousness. The interesting thing is had any other prior President we know of, including the beloved Reagan, their asses would be out by now. Trump gets a wide berth. He knows he enjoys that. And that may be his biggest advantage along with the incompetency of the Democrats. We aren't done. We haven't heard the original recording. But the Republican senators are already saying they are voting no. You do the right thing no matter if Trump will not get convicted. If he really could be excused by his base on video handing launch codes to Putin, and the GOP wouldn't convict him you bring up articles of impeachment anyway. Let history judge the ones who put party over the country. Not doing so is cowardice. And a violation of your oath. America is done. It's apparent we have no honor. When you see all this, coupled with the abandoning the Kurds and other things, I believe it will hurt us down the road. Especially against China or any other power. Countries will believe they can no longer rely on America. And they will be right. And some day, I really believe the left version of Trump will come and the same thing will happen on the left and it will be even worse and he or she will have Trump and his support as precedence to excuse themselves. And the GOP will cry bloody murder and lose.
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    Wow. https://www.yahoo.com/news/china-reportedly-sending-men-sleep-120625885.html China is reportedly sending men to sleep in the same beds as Uighur Muslim women while their husbands are in prison camps
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