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    If the Trumpists keep on claiming that her hero has won the election I insist that Germany has won WW II. Biggest fraud ever.
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    It won't get overhauled because the Republicans won't allow it. Its the ONLY way they can win a national election. The fact is the majority of the country are Democrats. That's a fact. No Republican has gotten more than the Democrat in his first election since Bush in 1988.
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    Gentlemen. I have been following the US election process for much more than a year now, lighting a couple of thousand candles for the victory of whomeever except Trump. So far satisfied. Although I have to say the US election follows such a perverted system that it would really need a complete overhaul. Which shall never happen because the men and women in charge would not allow it in order to keep their seats warm for ever. Will Mdme Pelosi still be there when she is 120? The influence of money is a disgrace and finally the result depends on a few thousand voters in the swingstates. No good.
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