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    There's been precious little drinking going on this board bar, so let me, help a bit. G'day, Since the Stroke (July 2017) I've been at pains to be 98~99% of normal from before. If I am realistic, it's 75~80%. Still, mostly the good bits. Last August I bought a 700ml bottle of Glenfiddich for my 60th birthday, with the intention of not drinking too much of it. I had three drinks from it, until now, and when I looked at it yesterday, there was about 1/4 of the bottle left. I decided to get another, 1litre this time. So I post a photo of this drink, the last 175ml from the August bottle, to hope that you'll share with me the appreciation of a good scotch . Yes I know, big glass.... So cheers, my good fellows and ladies, I hope you are well and that we'll get to sup a wee dram at some point in the next years. cheers Coss.
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    As for China, the country with zero transparency. I've never ever believed their numbers. Never. Always thought with as much certainty I can without the real numbers it was in the tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of hospitalized. You don't put up as many hospitals as you can every 10 days for 3,000 dead. They have had floods, and natural disasters that have killed far more. If anything this should expose China as a government you can't trust if it wasn't obvious before. Okay, their numbers are faked, and faked badly. We still need them to provide their findings. Doesn't matter right now, right now the free exchange of any and all information regarding to Covid19 overrules any other issue. Right now global cooperation is the only way to combat it.
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    Flash - those are fascinating, thanks, compare a few, really interesting. If one thinks like me; (more movement) = (more virus transmission) ; then these could well, foretell, future death tolls.
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