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    Really appreciate your writings. The blondie when you was young is cute. Though lately I also have a thing for MILFS I remember Dusseldorf well, lovely town, thought the Repperbahn in Hamburg was far more adventurous. I remember hanging out with a USA Soldier in various bars as he wanted company, ended up in a brothel, when he suddenly burst into my room and jumped out the window onto a fire escape telling me to follow Turns out the military wanted him back and he had snuck out for fun. AWOL I think it's called Very exciting evening for an 18 year old hitch hiker
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    Yes, there is a special competition, a rivalry between Düsseldorf and Cologne. Now you have to know that Cologne is the ancient, venerable city, over 2000 years old. It may be that Caesar built a military camp here for his legions, and then built the first bridge over the Rhine to explore the east side with his legions. Düsseldorf is about 1200 years younger. For centuries it was a miserable, poor fishing village, later a small town. In 1288, the village at the mouth of the small river Düssel into the Rhine received its town charter. Düsseldorf only experienced its great upswing with the beginning of industrialisation in the 19th century. These small hints should suffice. one more small hint. When Monsieur Napoleon was planning his campaign against Prussia, he made the 17th century old town pub and restaurant "En de Canon" his headquarters 55555 Here is a picture of this Altstadt-Kneipe and Restaurant and Biergarten. Admin, khun Sanuk, I cannot load up a picture ... that is ridiculous .... ] I assume that you only have a certain megabyte of images available per thread.
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