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    Happy Veterans Day to Flash and others who served.
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    Got to love those Thai back to school sales!
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    They are really nasty now. You used to get the ads before the video. Now the ads pop up right in the middle of the video!
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    Jail won't happen short of murder. Democrats won't go there for a myriad of reasons, one of which is retribution. Before it gets to any discussion of jail, if its warranted, a deal will be done to save the office of the presidency from such an ignoble event. Plus the Dems know that the Republicans won't forget and take their pound of flesh from some future un-known Democrat.
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    There is no precedence for that and why should it matter. Impeachment is a political act by its very definition. Just more Republican obfuscating.
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    Coss Not a dig at you ... Don't Shoot the Messenger What the article is referring to is Non-Immigrant (O-A) Visa aka the Retirement Visa but not the Non-Immigrant (O) aka the Marriage Visa. I was expecting this to come up at some point since the Non-Immigrant (O-X) Visa aka the 10 Year Visa already has this requirement but O-A is a little bit more laxed since overseas policies are allowed whereas O-X has to be with Thai insurance Company
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