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    Same with Bill and Hillary...couples stay together for money, power and influence!
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    Anyway, I am hopeful that some president will come along to normalize relations with Iran in return for them not supporting militants and pursuing nukes. As trade increases they will be less likely to jeopardize that money financing groups that will hurt that. Money talks. It will also empower its people as they get more access to not just capital but exchange culturally with other people.
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    The new NAFTA deal is only slightly better. Noting of consequence. It is not revolutionary in any sense of the word and deed. It alienated two biggest trading partners. Is it better? Sure. Should Trump get credit for a better deal? Sure. But again, its not as big as advertised. For what we got out of it, the vitriol and bad taste left to our biggest trading partners wasn't worth it. The same deal, slightly better deal, could have been gotten with less overt aggressive politics. So, its better and it should be applauded. But its being overstated for what it is. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/what-are-the-differences-between-nafta-and-the-usmca
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    The Bernie article about socialism is a 'meh', article. It has no bearing on his reputation. Bernie has raised the 2nd most money of either party candidate with NO CORPORATE donations. The media does not tell that story. That is HUGE obviously. Trump, and most of the Dems except Warren have accepted a huge amounts of PAC money and big money donors, etc. The well over 100 million dollars Bernie has raised with small donations is unprecedented and is being under reported because Faux..er..ah..I mean Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, are all part of big corporations that buy off both parties. That is why they are scared as hell about Bernie because he is proving (along with AOC and the squad) that not only can you win without taking bribes you can raise just as much money doing it. Republicans don't have that ability. The first Republican candidate who can manage that will be able to use that as a platform to rise. So, trying to paint Bernie as fake or whatever, even if its true, is a non starter. It's falling on deaf ears. He came out of the Warren, sexist thing recently getting even more support. Warren lost that PR battle. Trump got impeached going after the wrong candidate, like the dunce he is. Bernie, not Biden was the real threat. He will lose against Bernie, and lose fairly big. This will depend in part on Bernie's running mate. If I had to suggest a person for Bernie, I'd say Julian Castro, or a moderate woman but not Warren.
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    Where is the wall? And why isn't Mexico paying for it? Ever feel robbed or taken advantage of? I still love that bit where he was addressing the UN and the whole world laughed at him. An especial schadenfreude because he'd claimed before that the world was laughing at America. Then there was the excruciating part where he came out of a meeting with Putin who is fully two feet smaller than Trump, but somehow he managed to look smaller, walking exactly like a dog with a tail between it's legs. Not quite how I'd expect a leader of the free world to behave.
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    I agree, Obama did his best. Although he expanded the drone program - ok let's just call it what it is - the extrajudicial killing program (and basically paved the way for Trump to assassinate Soleimani). But he cleverly enacted the ACA or Obamacare which was instrumental in finally driving a wedge into the greedy corporates that litter the health industry in the US. Such initiatives are incredibly popular with the public - the Republicans tried to put the genie back in the bottle but it was too late. Trump has made Obama like a rock star because people miss having a highly intelligent, well spoken, well meaning President. Well the one's who aren't racist that is.
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    Trump on Starr during the Clinton investigation.He was a 'lunatic' back then to Trump (who was a Democrat back then) but now its different. All prior impeachments were wrong EXCEPT this one. it's not even worth debating. Debating the veracity of this is a waste of time. It's akin to arguing 1+1=2 to someone who is adamant the answer is 3. This administration is a complete shit show. Many said it was going to be bad, but it exceeded most people's fears. https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2020/01/17/trump-comment-ken-starr-lunatic-newsroom-vpx.cnn
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    Sol while Trump will likely be exonerated, I think he will lose the election. The fact remains that there are far more people who are Democrats or willing to vote Democrat than there are Republicans. That's why the Republicans are hanging on dearly to the electoral college. Which I think eventually will be done with. Anyway, Bernie will get the nomination and will beat Trump fairly easily. The big question is if the polls in the summer show Trump has an insurmountable mountain to climb to get to re-election ,what will he do? Cornered rats are the most dangerous. Will he find some ready excuse like bad health? Will he start a war? Will he use the government to indict his enemies? The only saving grace is that there is more of "us" than there are of "them". Trump will end up costing Republicans future national and state elections. What will define the near future for any Republican candidate is if they supported Trump. I think that may happen. Just like how voting for the Iraq war has come back to haunt both Dems and Republicans. The same will be for Trump. If you notice no Republican talks about his or hers support of Bush. And the Dems, politically weak, do not play that card.
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    ... Clearly posted by hapless folks who'd booked the joint blissfully unaware that it's a glorified (and not all that glorified) knocking shop. There are some corkers. Trip Advisor's the best. These are from there: Poor old Sebastian got a shock... But, wait a minute, Karen from Gillingham, UK, has got the right idea! (Oh, she's being ironic? ) A "girl from Finland" didn't get the holiday she bargained for... Mr Peter Winn from Seamer gives the Nana a one star rating: But Colin E. from Aberdeen gives a glowing recommendation. When can I go? Taxi! Guarisharma from New Dheli had a brief but memorable stay: H. Shah, from Chichester UK, even made friends with the gentleman in the room next to hers. I just booked a room there. Can't wait. jack
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    Hey Jack - You must have overlooked this one: LvCornwallis wrote: “Redlight Hotel†Reviewed July 12, 2014 First of all, every square inch of this hotel is most likely covered in sperm dating back to the 1970's. The hotel is filthy, but I guess it does not matter because I was up to filthy activities anyway. Great location for picking up third world hookers, I even saw a ladyboy knife fight in front of the hotel.
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    Two things. Evangelicals are NOT Christians. They use religion as a facade for the same old bigotry. Second, this is also why I feel no guilt about the truth about Melania https://www.rightwingwatch.org/post/intercessor-prays-that-michelle-obama-will-be-exposed-as-a-man/
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