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    Thailand is sort of like the Democrats in the US Congress.
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    Coss Pffttttff Hamsters They are the worst offenders of the lot, they fool many humans into thinking they just run around on a wheel. The wheel is a dynamo generator and th battery storage is hidden in. ThI corner of the cage under a pile of sawdust disguised as a toilet area coz they sprinkle pee on top Always planning their next “Great Escape”
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    It's bad enough that my f'n phone tracks me with multiple apps phoning home every time I move and farkle something. So now you're telling me that the tech is not only there, but being actively pursued, to tell un-named possessors, of big computer servers, when my hamster has a cigarette, drinks too much water, won't empty his trash can, gets inside his vending machine and farts whilst doing so? Fuck that I'm just gone build him a cage out of an old fruit box with no power sources. I value my Hamster's privacy.
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    Hi John B OK let’s surmise, Sensors, DCS, PLC, Logic Solvers, Final Elements etc I am well up to speed with ... on Wired System be it a HART Multiplexer or a Foundation Fieldbus H1 it is the Internet Gateways and stuff, which I can’t see ,where my knowledge is lacking haha nearly a Dinosaur but not quite just yet. Cav Think about Q1 T/C would be too complicated because CJC (Cold Junction Compensation) would be required, PT100 Platinum RTD would drive the cost up so my guess is a Thermistor since as you ask in Q4 the measurement range -/+10 would cover Fridges and Freezers As for Q5 IP53 would suffice if the TX located in the cooled compartment, if outside IP32 IP53 solid bodies >1mm / Water Droplets IP32 solid bodies > 12 mm (Fingers) / Condensation
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    Very sad , I need the Nation as packing material for the mangos from Tops market to take home. I hope to get similar good results from the Post.
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    A New Concept of which I am unaware, now you really re having a laugh aren't you IoT is the commercial adaptation of the industrial IIoT which in itself is an adaptation of Fieldbus and HART Protocols, the difference being the the I (Internet) and T (Things) allowed us to bypass the Distributed Control System and has Field Devices (Things) with onboard microprocessors to carry out Control Algorithms, Communications Self Diagnostics etc A Timeline HART Protocol 1986 Fieldbus 1994 IIoT 2006 IoT 2009 Some 23 years or so after HART was introduced we get to IoT and you are trying to tell me I should learn something. It is nothing new, been around for over 30 years in some form or another but for some reason you guys think that you are onto a new thing, what next try to teach you Gran to suck eggs Here is a brief write up by Jonas Berge, one of the most respected men in industry. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/which-came-first-iot-iiot-jonas-berge/ PS I think you mean Process Trends and not "Pretty Little Charts"
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    No one really knows what the hell is going on with this, especially the folks at Immigration. TIT
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    Latest consensus is that the insurance thing applies to people applying for an O visa outside of Thailand for the first time. But a friend spoke to someone at Immigration, who told him they don't even know yet.