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    Didn't Donald offer to sell him some hydro chloro gin and tonic pills? and if not why not?
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    I would say stupid. Cancer survivors are at an increased risk from numerous diseases, not just COVID and are the most at risk group. If I was a Cancer survivor I would assume I was at higher risk until advised otherwise by my Doctor or Government Data and not assume no increased risk as Cain did.
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    https://www.thedailybeast.com/stella-immanuel-trumps-new-covid-doctor-believes-in-alien-dna-demon-sperm-and-hydroxychloroquine Before Trump and his supporters embrace Immanuel’s medical expertise, though, they should consider other medical claims Immanuel has made—including those about alien DNA and the physical effects of having sex with witches and demons in your dreams.
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    I just got back to BKK from the US July 27th and it was a bunch of hurdles. The process has changed since I applied, and was approved, but needed items are the same. I went to the Los Angeles Thai embassy website once foreigners with Thai wives were approved to reenter. There was a link and numerous questions were asked, and documents requested to upload. From memory My passport, her passports (she is duel US/Thai), marriage license (we were married in US not Thailand), her ID, my visa, bank statement (I believe no longer needed), and a flight confirmation. The flight confirmation was a typical Thai requirement. Only repatriation flights are allowed in, but you can't book a repat flight without permission, but to get permission you need a confirmed flight. Luckily I had booked a flight using miles and AA was happy to cancel and return all miles. After a week I received an email showing what repat flights were available but when I contacted them they said I could not book without permission from Thai consulate. Another week later I received an email saying I had permission to book the flight, but that this permission was not the needed certificate of entry. I booked anyway and could not use points. Economy $1,000, Premium economy $1,800, business $2,500 all, of course, one way. The flights also had to be booked through Bangkok so I had to call them (which is always a joy). Also they wanted me to book a quarantine hotel. All foreigners returning, except diplomats, must book into a approved ASQ hotel for 14 days (It's really 15 days by Thai counting). Prices range from 30,000 baht to 165,000 baht. I had problems booking, the first 6 hotels I called were booked, eventually I got Grand Center Pointe Sukhumvit. Another week, or so, passed and I got an email asking me to upload the flight, and ASQ hotel, bookings and proof of payment, which I did. Oh somewhere along the line I had to show proof of insurance specifically covering Covid for $100,000 About 1-2 weeks later I received the official Certificate of Entry. Now, to actually go I had to 1) Get a covid RT-PCR test (this is not the antigen, antibody rapid test) with the results timed within 72 hours of takeoff 2) Get a fit to fly certificate signed by a doctor also within the 72 hours. I called many, many covid testing places and they all said results 3-5 days from test, maybe! Crap that doesn't work! I finally found a doctor in Beverly hills that guaranteed a 24-48 hour turn around. It was a few bucks more, but worth it. Armed with the test I got a local urgent care to give me a fit to fly. So, again from memory and things may change, you need 1) Your passport 2) Your visa (if not valid(mine was) you can apply through this process) 3) Marriage certificate 4) Wife's ID, passport (Thai) 5) Insurance covering covid for $100,000 (USD) 6) ASQ hotel reservation and proof of payment 7) Confirmed e-ticket for flight and proof of payment 😎 Declaration form (you fill out as part of application. It's listed as a required doc but I was never asked for it) 9) Certificate of entry from Thai government 10) form T8 OK the flight I arrived at LAX 3 hours before and there were only two active flights in the international terminal. Three Thais with a desk and chairs were set up by the Japan Air gate with a Thai flag. I went there, they checked my passport off to a list they had, checked my certificate of entry (CoE), insurance form, eticket, covid test and fit to fly. I then got in line for checkin as they were opening and was the first. The JAL lady obviously was not sure (I believe this is the first repat flight from LAX) and had to check the paperwork with a supervisor. This done I proceeded through the almost empty airport to my gate. I would guess maybe 10 falang and 50 Thai on the plane. We changed planes in Narita and were led by someone directly from our plane to the new one. When we landed in Bangkok there were a lot of hazmat covered people, immigration officers, and cops all spaced along the way, no chance to escape!! 1st sit in a chair and have paperwork checked 2nd be led to a counter have paperwork checked along with temperature 3rd led to a chair and waited 10 minutes until about 20 got through the first steps. Given a tag to wear showing my ASQ hotel 4th led to a line to the standard immigration booths, one for Thai, one for falang and paperwork checked again 5) Immigration checkin with additional paperwork. Imm officer unsure so older officer had to help. Once through Imm my bags were up, I grabbed them and was waved to the front. Customs was closed. They checked my hotel tag and waved me to gate 9 where a jeep cherokee from my hotel loaded me up NOTE: At all times upon arriving to being loaded in the hotel car you are escorted by a ton of people. At the hotel there was a paperwork check and temp check and standard checkin Quarantine: All hotels different but same same. Grande Centerpoint is a nice hotel. Due to my penchant for cigars I got a smoking room but can't open windows and no balcony. Rules: 1) Must stay in room at all times. Cleaning starts day 4 and continues every other day, during this time I can go to a restricted area outside. No pool/gym 2) There is a set menu. In fairness there is a decent variety and so far food is good, but not big helpings 3) I can order from room service for a additional charge (20% discount) 4) No grab, food panda, etc 5) relatives can come in but can only bring snacks and dry food, all packages inspected 6) No alcohol (well they never checked my luggage so the joke is on them) 7) covid testing 3 times during stay It says 14 days but the first full day is day 0 so really 15 days. Costs Covid test $225 usd Insurance - I had bought some already so no additional costs Flight $2,500 usd, I treated myself to business class, other prices above Hotel 62,000 baht. OK haven't typed this much in a long time. Hope it makes sense, I'm happy to answer any questions
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    Here is a part of the Supreme Court’s decision in the case Ex parte Garland, 71 U.S. 333 (1866) A pardon reaches the punishment prescribed for an offence and the guilt of the offender. If granted before conviction, it prevents any of the penalties and disabilities consequent upon conviction from attaching; if granted after conviction, it removes the penalties and disabilities and restores him to all his civil rights. It gives him a new credit and capacity. There is only this limitation to its operation: it does not restore offices forfeited, or property of interests vested in others in consequence of the conviction and judgment. That is, a President can pardon a crime even before the police have begun to investigate it. However, the Supreme Court has ruled that “acceptance of a pardon is an admission of guilt”. so by definition, if Trump accepts a pardon, he is admitting to have committed the crime, and although Trump could do that and never lose a second of sleep, Pence and any future political career he hopes for will have to live with it. Pardoning Nixon ended Ford’s career, and Pence has got to understand the same will happen to him. Nonetheless, Pence is the spineless ass licker, he gives all indication of being and will sacrifice his own career to keep Trump out of prison. It’s sad to see people do this, because Trump has shown that people are worth keeping around only as long as they’re useful to him. Once Pence pardons him, Trump will walk away and not lift a finger to help Pence save his own career. and Presidential Pardon prevents indictment for violation of criminal law Presidential Pardon prevents trial after indictment for violations of criminal law Presidential Pardon prevents penalties for being convicted in trial for violations of criminal law Appeal to a court higher than the one you were convicted in may mitigate conviction for violations of criminal law . Impeachment for political crimes cannot be pardoned Conviction for political crimes cannot be pardoned There is no higher court than congress for political crimes, so impeachment, conviction, and banning cannot be appealed . You can neither pardon yourself nor preside over your own trial None of the above are my words, but I found them interesting and pertinent.
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    Biden's VP choice will alter the polls to the good or to the bad depending on who he picks. If I were him, I'd choose Susan Rice. Immaculate CV, not controversial, black (although that shouldn't be in the discussion but this is politics after all), a woman, held high ranking positions so her 'readiness' to step in in case Biden loses it completely (a distinct possibility...lol). I would not have advised Biden to limit his choices saying he would only choose a woman. Its pandering and its political theater but what's done is done. My choice for him would have been Julian Castro of Texas. There would have been a chance, a fairly decent chance Castro could put Texas in serious play. Biden is only down a point or two there. The obvious huge latino vote as well as someone who is well liked among Blacks in Houston and Dallas. Biden is liked in the north.
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    I once saw a guy, with burns all over his face and torso be received at a Thai knock shop - several of the pretties were competing, to help the guy out... Genuine concern, hearts of gold.
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