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    His hard core support won't change. They don't care. He is feeding their xenophobic and bigoted fears and give them the comfort they will not lose their status in America. That's all that matters. He can raise their taxes, take their healthcare, do whatever the hell he wants, fuck little girls, fuck his daughter, shoot a man on fifth avenue, be extorted by Russia or China, help kill 200,000 in a pandemic, it all doesn't matter, as long as he maintains that. It also exposes the christian right wing evangelicals as well. They were never christians. I truly believe that. I don't consider them christians. Modern day pharisees who put power, access to presidents, bigotry, and use religion as a convenient cover to do it. They have been on the wrong side of EVERY socially just movement in America. Every single one. Southern and midwest evangelicals were for slavery, for the south in the civil war, for Jim Crow and segregation, against the women's right to vote in 1919, against the civil rights movement, against the women's right movement in the '70s, against gay marriage, for both wars in the middle east. They haven't been on the right side of anything because they are not christian. One has to wonder why more evangelicals support tRump than any other president prior. Bush is a born again Christian, so is Obama, but more came out for tRump. Imagine that. There were evangelicals who passed on Bush and Obama, one of their own but came out to support tRump over even Bush? Wonder what made them support tRump over a born again, evangelical, one of their own? These are the same people who said Clinton was unfit for getting his dick sucked but tRump is okay for getting his dick sucked by a porn star. These are the same people who have viewed Mormonism as a non Christian religion historically but backed a Mormon (Romney) over a born again Christian (Obama) even though they have always said a Christian should always vote for their own. And when asked if Obama is a Christian, one of them says "he says he is'. The good thing about the last 4 years is it exposes Republicans are more full of shit than the Democrats and that takes some doing because the Dems are spineless posers. It tells is that the Republican party are far, far more dangerous than the Dems because they have shown they literally have no line. They literally will do anything. The Dems have a line. Its fairly low but there are some things they simply won't do. If someone can tell me what the Republicans will not do, I'd love to hear reasoned (you gotta say reasoned and logical or its just lies and deflective bullshit) evidence otherwise. The Republicans scare the living shit out of me. Until tRump I never, ever thought Americans would back someone who not only lacks any competence for the office but could and may be compromised b a foreign power. They will back treason. All that flag waving is bullshit. I would be saying the same if it were the Democrats. They are full of the usual political bullshit both parties do: undue influence by companies, rich individuals, not carrying out campaign promises. Not good but its the norm. This shit though? This is nation ending type of shit. It's now solid proof to the world and specifically our enemies we have completely lost the plot. We have lost every ally save Israel and the reason for tRumps popularity is totally self serving. They are the only one we have maintained and it isn't even for honorable reasons. No one trusts us nor should they. There may be one thing that will scare me as much or possibly more than the Republicans of today. And that is they will push the envelope so far they make the left feel the current Dems are no longer legitimate and the far, fringe left comes to power. Then we will see some scary shit. And it will be the Republicans of today's fault.
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    No one has ever confirmed the JFK planned that. But no, there was no such executive order. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_executive_actions_by_John_F._Kennedy I think I'd put Afghanistan ahead of the VN War as the biggest mistake. Just what the hell are we doing there, if not defending the opium fields, the way the conspiracy folks insist? US troops have been there 19 years, FFS! The Brits tried in Afghanistan - and failed. Russia tried in Afghanistan - and failed. And the US? I don't know one Soldier or Marine who has been there and doesn't think we should get out. They all tell me that as soon as we leave, the Taliban will take over again. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-47391821 As to the US participation in the VN War achieving nothing, one can make a good case that if it hadn't done so, the communists would have conquered Thailand as well. I remember when when the Thai military was engaged with communist ":insurgents" at Khao Kor and other places. Malaysia was also very worried and openly supported South VIetnam. When the communists ruled Laos and Cambodia, the domestic communists would have been a serious threat. Thailand had a military government at the time, which was not necessarily very popular outside of Bangkok. Yes, the Thais were overall contented with their government, but so were most South Vietnamese with theirs. The communists didn't care in either country. They wanted power. In the 1970s my university students were donating blood and contributing money to help the Thai soldiers fighting against the communists at Khao Kor, while the commies had support from Hanoi and Beijing. NVA soldiers had been killed on several occasions inside of Thailand. http://outbackthailand.com/khao-kho-thailands-forgotten-war/ https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/DOC_0000012498.pdf p.s. In the 1970s I had a nodding acquaintanceship with the Thai commander at Khao Kor, while today I know several Thai ex-communists. They've said to me, "I made a mistake."
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    One of the most successful girl groups in the world, and one is Thai!
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    Gentlemen, due to the nocturnal event I did not watch it and it looks as if I did not miss anything. Viewed a few clips and have to agree: childish both of them. The good news for the Trump haters is that Biden did neither fall asleep nor started babbling nonsense. And: An American professor wrote some books about this type debates and found out that a change of mind within the spectators lasts about 10 days and then swings back to the previous status.
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    As I see the first debate (grades, A to F) Trump Biden Best makeup C B Best energy C A (whatever they shot Biden with, I want some!) Allow the other to speak F F (they both needed to shut up and allow the other to speak, childish, bot of them!) Preparation C B I feel Biden did very well, overall. Trump looked tired and with both of them constantly interrupting the other, I was very turned off.
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    Always remember that Truth is not a defense in Thailand.
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    I wouldn't have debated him. He makes a mockery of the president election process.
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    Why the Trump Tax Return "Bombshell" Will be Meaningless
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    The real one or her 'cultural' one? 😀
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    The USA Department of Justice (DOJ) is sadly lacking. So many politicians have completely abused the system and their illegal activities go uninvestigated. My largest concern is that President Trump has not done enough to reign in the DOJ. Not knowing all the impediments to reigning in the DOJ, I can only hope that when he is re-elected, that he will focus on the DOJ and bring them to justice!!!
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    I posted that video, absolutely shocking, Somali activists going around homes collecting ballots, people turning up from out of town pretending to have just moved them going home again after registering, votes being bought, intimidation, well that's the way they do it in Somalia. No way Omar won fairly and a disgrace she has not been investigated for it along with the other misdemeanors she is accused of, like marrying her own brother.
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    and then this!!! Biden campaign confirms newly surfaced viral video of Joe Biden calling US troops 'stupid bastards,' says remarks were made in jest The Joe Biden presidential campaign scrambled to explain away a newly surfaced video showing the Democratic candidate calling U.S. troops "stupid bastards" during a visit overseas in 2016. https://www.theblaze.com/news/viral-video-biden-bastards-military?utm_content=buffer0598f&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=fb-glennbeck&fbclid=IwAR3UvLuNSkYtePT1r42Q58LEPoKhgs--SWkt20VZgCPSR7OGH9buJN4zXuo
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    ...says it all...yes, fraud and illegal activities!!! and the Thai360 social engineers who insist there is no issue with mail in ballots...BS!!! Military Ballots Found in the Trash in Pennsylvania—All Were Trump Votes Mail-in ballots from the military serving overseas were found in the trash in Pennsylvania. The ballots were discovered during an investigation into election issues in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. They were all votes for President Trump. https://pjmedia.com/election/matt-margolis/2020/09/24/military-ballots-found-in-the-trash-in-pennsylvania-all-were-trump-votes-n964614?fbclid=IwAR2g1e2z96zy-zHX4xysKjPHbuPXQxf0_A7hTnQQy82PjioP0QbkJTvQwsA
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    The Guardian is a socialist rag, if Trump brought about world peace and a cure for the virus they would moan about why it took him so long. Amusingly this woke paper supported slavery and the confederacy in the 1860's when it was called the Manchester Guardian.
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    From a REAL black conservative patriot!!! What Side are YOU On? These Vile Reactions To The Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett Will Be Your Guide
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    Truth and facts!!! The Left is THREATENING VIOLENCE over Trump, Senate Filling #RBG's #SCOTUS Seat!
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    I think you need to look up the definition of fascism mate,sounds more like BLM or Antifa a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition
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    ...and you know what is the kicker? If she wasn't a known conservative, 90% of Republican masses, the every day folks, would be against her being on the high court based on that. They only support this nominee because tRump does and because she would vote favorably for any case before the court that affects tRump or Republican dogma. That's it. Nothing else.
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    Amy Coney Batshit, Republicans repeatedly nominate Catholics to the high court because Catholics are the most vehemently against abortion. About 4 or 5 of the high court are catholic or catholic schooled. I grew up in a Catholic heavy city and while they all thought abortion was technically wrong, they weren't going to go to war over it .Boston, LA, Philadelphia and other catholic heavy cities have had abortion clinics for decades and have never batted an eye. Protests in front of them are always from out of town evangelical nutters. Being the son of a baptist Deacon, I'm not big fan of abortion truthfully. I'm uncomfortable with its roots. Planned Parenthood, the largest such clinics was started by a eugenicist. But I fully allow its practice because its not my body. I know my history and know how far the state will go to control your body and rights. Finally, this particular pick, is not just your run of the mill Catholic. She belongs to an off shoot that are..hmm...'scientologists' of Catholics. They believe in speaking in tongues, visions from God, etc. They are a sect. In other words, she's a fringe religious nutcase. By definition, she will not be able to reconcile her faith and the law. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catholic_charismatic_renewal Catholics who practice charismatic worship usually hold prayer meetings outside of Mass and feature such gifts as prophecy, faith healing, and glossolalia. In Ann Arbor, Michigan, a Catholic church describes charismatic worship as "uplifted hands during songs and audible praying in tongues." It further distinguishes a charismatic congregation as one that emphasises complete surrender to Jesus in all parts of life, obedience to both the Gospel and Catholic teaching, as well as Christ-centered friendships
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    'These far right extremists are pussies' not the hyped up 'threat' then, so nothing to worry about
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    The thriller movie side of me has a morbid curiosity if tRump loses and how he gets kicked out of office. Re-enactment video of tRump being removed from Air Force One
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    Pence for 2024 then after hopefully another 4 years of President Trump
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    Coss, I'm way past alarm. I realize this is America. I am melancholy actually. I've pretty much known for a while. We won't be back. You can't have a nation last with that number of people openly condoning lawlessness in a leader. Republican politicians are running for office on supporting Trump with full implication that his advocacy of fascist rule. There is a candidate in Alabama. Former football coach of my alma mater, Tommy Tuberville, who is the Republican senate candidate and leading and says he will do whatever Trump says. That's his platform. No plans, no this is what my platform is. It was purely I'm Trump's cuck and if he says the world is flat and the moon is made of green cheese then that's how it is. 150 years ago, 25 percent of Americans said enslaving others is their right. For about 20 years there were all kinds of appeasements, compromises, etc but you can't progress as an enlightened nation when 25 percent of the population believes inhumanity and the Civil War was its culmination. The same for a similar percentage a hundred years later who have state sanctioned repression and segregation. The peaceful movement was moving into open rebellion territory (rise of the Black Panthers, Nation of Islam) and foreign allies (especially the UK) were making quiet threats behind the scenes. This time it was much more peaceful in comparison and laws were changed. (even though some question the enforcement to this day). One may make a similar argument for the women's suffrage movement as well. The 17 year old domestic terrorist who traveled from his home state of Illinois to Wisconsin and shot 2 people is being openly defended in conservative media and notice the eerie silence of any Republican lawmaker to condemn it. I'll be accused of being hyperbolic but you can't have 40 percent of the nation support a person who flouts the law, asks his administration to do things he knows is illegal, unethical or unconstitutional and survive as a nation. You can't. You can survive longer if its a kingdom or authoritarian state because the people are already culturally accepted such rule. But not in a modern republic. I have a former coworker who is from the deep south, Confederate flag tattoo on his arm. We worked together in the middle east. He still had my whatsapp contact info from a work group (I certainly wasn't interested in maintaining communication) and he still solicits his opinion, etc. to a group of us. Ironically enough he only dates non white women, with a specific affinity for creole women in his native Louisiana. He volunteers his opinion to a few of us now that he is back. He thinks some day the US will break up into parts. It will be regionally as well as ethnically/racially and ideologically. You can read between the lines. He says this is discussed privately a lot. So, its not just his opinion but what is discussed with militias, etc. First, by advocating that you are saying you lack faith in and will not adhere to the Constitution, and with that the concept of America. Someone like that is saying the Constitution has failed and the concept of liberty, freedom, equality is thrown out the window. There are no more rules. Because if you can't agree on rules, then you are by definition advocating the anarchy you claim the opposition wants. Lastly, and I don't respond to these diatribes its going to be impossible for one main reason. Unlike 150 years ago, today we have 1000s of nuclear warheads, enough chemical weapons to kill the world a few times over, stealth planes, etc, the world's biggest array of military weapons. So, my theoretical question that I won't ask is 'Who the fuck gets them?" LOL...will they be shared? Even if we get to that point, no one will agree to have them all destroyed when China, Russia and several other countries have it. And trust me when I say this. There is no way in hell they would allow the other "new countries" to have them. It's a fantasy. Can you imagine the EU, China and Russia's reaction to all this? It's an insane, asinine proposition. My guess how this will all end in 10 or 20 years or who knows how long is this. The future is left. If everyone voted the Democrats would win the presidency and both houses of Congress every time. Some years with a super majority to do anything they want, some years with a plurality depending on the economy, etc. Same with most of the state governorships. Gen X, Y and Z are farther left than at almost anytime since the hippie movement of the late 60s. If the Republicans continue to flout things, and the Democratic establishment continues to be spineless, people will elect more and more AOC types. Eventually, there will be more mass shootings, etc, and what will be the trigger may be gun control. Not outright ban but enacting some provision to make it extremely difficult to arm yourself. Especially with certain types of weapons and the quantity of weapons. Mass shootings are already normalized in this country. It will become more targeted, secret groups, government buildings and officials targeted. And with that the government will crack down even more. Perhaps a militarized state to some extent. Maybe I'm the one with the crazy views now that I've re-read what I just wrote about the possible future if things don't change.
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    Never in the history of the country and probably any other country has so many people of his or hers own party endorse the opposition that they have almost no ideological similarity with. This number of people supporting the opposition in which they don't agree with is ONLY because their own party's leader is an existential threat to the Republic.
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    ...and for those who may not know outside the states. NO ONE likes the police. Why? Because the police are an unofficial tax on the people. Cities have an illicit agreement with their police to generate revenue by writing tickets for any slight infraction. So, this whole 'Blue Lives Matter' support is bullshit. Its really about the police cracking down on any one who is deemed non conservative. There isn't a person, right or left wing that hasn't been pulled over by a police officer hoping to give them a ticket over something. None. The possible exceptions are very small towns where everyone knows each other. But generally speaking, no. The high way police especially. They are 100 percent about taking your money. They arent the ones coming in case you really do need the police for something...generally speaking. The police are backed by Republicans now ONLY because they are arresting people they oppose politically. The police generally are right wing in support but they still will write up anyone for a ticket. The police generally will back right wing militias in protests as well. Even in Democratic cities . But that same militia person is driving somewhere and that same cop sees some small infraction, they are getting a ticket. Some smart right wingers try to limit this by having a Blue Lives Matter bumper sticker. It may or may not work. Generally speaking though, people get nervous when any police car is driving near them. You might say, you get nervous in your own country as well so its not a unique feeling to Americans. But in America the feeling is far more worse because of their targeting of the population for revenue. I've driven in several countries. There are many stories of Thai police having their usual monthly ticket writing campaign. In America depending on who you are it can even be arrest over any mundane thing. Arrests make money too. you have to post bail, pay a fine, etc.
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    Gentlemen with a US passport supporting the very words of their current democratically elected President might probably also support this wise statement : "Well, we're going to have to see what happens. You know that. I've been complaining very strongly about the ballots. And the ballots are a disaster. ... We want to have -- get rid of the ballots and you'll have a very trans- -- we'll have a very peaceful -- there won't be a transfer, frankly; there'll be a continuation. The ballots are out of control. You know it." Gold luck to all of you, emigrating to North Korea might be a real improvement.
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    ANYTHING is better than Trump and his gang. Once he looses his presidential immunity I bet he will end in jail due to his dubious past. Biden could pardon him.
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    I think they would be seen for what they are, more like communists, definitely the likes of AOC and that nasty little bitch from Minnesota
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    Obviously you have ZERO knowledge of the real Biden! Biden was the MBNA (large USA credit card company) Senator, meaning he pushed thru massive legislation for the benefit of the credit card companies, screwing the middle class! Biden has always worked to screw the middle class, Please study Biden BEFORE you make stupid comments!!!
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    ...or cut to the chase... Charles Ortel is CLOSING IN with Special Guest George Neumayr The Biden Deception
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    ...want to know the truth and facts about Biden? read this book!!! Biden is an absolute POS his entire political career!!! Wake the FUC# UP!!!! The Biden Deception: Moderate, Opportunist, or the Democrats' Crypto-Socialist? by George Neumayr A Socialist in Sheep's Clothing That's what Joe Biden is. "Ordinary Joe" bills himself as a unifying "moderate," but he's far more dangerous than many realize. In fact, he's on board with the extreme Left on every vital issue—from the "Green New Deal," to trampling on the constitutional rights of gun owners and Christians, to socialist schemes that threaten to turn the United States into Venezuela. George Neumayr, a savvy and seasoned reporter, exposes Biden's radicalism and proves—often with the candidate's own words—why his presidency would be a disaster for America. In The Biden Deception, you’ll learn how and why a Biden administration would: Undercut law and order Erase our national borders Insist on abortion on demand across the country Repeal the Trump tax cuts Treat Communist China as an ally rather than a dangerous foe Pick up where Obama left off in “remaking” America—but far more aggressively Be the stepping-stone to power for an even more leftist Democratic Party that takes its cue from “AOC and the Squad” All elections are important, but 2020 will determine whether the U.S. becomes a socialist state—modeled on “lockdown America”—or renews its commitment to freedom and capitalism. Read The Biden Deception and don’t be fooled.
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    Well what do you expect, the first republican President set the precedent by ignoring the law and the constitution he swore to uphold. Trump will of course accept the result, unlike Hillary who is still crying over 2016 🥶
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    I've talked to vets who actually knew McCain, and they didn't share your high opinion of him. One USAF colonel told me that McCain was shot down when he returned to do a victory loop ovr the target he'd just attacked. True or not? How should I know, but the Col was a pilot who flew missions over NVN himself. Trump and McCain never got along. There's a difference between calling one man a loser and saying he called all veterans and war dead losers. There is ample evidence tht he did not. p.s. I voted for McCain.
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    Interesting that Yahoo suspended it's comments section on it's propaganda, they just could not stand what most people were saying about their biased Trump hate, so much for free speech.
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    something wrong with this article, Yahoo are not demonizing Trump, they don't miss many chances to rope him in, maybe the owner is a Trump supporter, mmm but they would have said so if he was, so more likely is Democrat nutter
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