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    Strange or not in LA they are relatively rich. They look out for each other as well. If they are in HR they will hire each other, promote each other and they have women looking our for them as well. As far as the homeless situation in California, its a nice climate. And even during its better days you had homeless but admittedly nothing close to what we see here. The homeless issue in America took off in the '80s. There was a combination of the closing of state mental hospitals and a large percentage Vietnam vets who were suffering from all manner of psychological and to some extent physical issues. When my oldest brother came off that plane at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, we literally lost track of him for a few years. He was homeless for some of those years. "self medicating" himself to try and forget some things he experienced. The VA wasn't equipped for it. Interesting thing is all the wars had this. I recall reading an article of the terms they used for PTSD for WW1 and WW2 vets. I had an uncle in LA (originally from Tulsa) , who lied his age at 16 and joined the Korean War, (he was born at home like many people so no hospital birth certificate which was common, he had a birth cert printed up) who was seriously fucked up. My aunt said years later he would still wake up screaming. We think he was bipolar before entering the military which made things worse. He had fits of rage as a kid and when you are a black teenager in 1940s Oklahoma with fits of rage, it seemed a good idea to get out. He had guns all over the house in the year I stayed with him when I first went to LA. He hated Asians and Whites virulently. He passed 2 years ago and it was a shock to us in hindsight that he never did a mass shooting. Lifelong Republican by the way..lol. His family were not going to be FDR Democrats. He was homeless for a short time as well as the Korean War when he came to LA. In Philly when I was growing up crack was huge and that contributed heavily to the homeless issue. I had a few friends from HS who were homeless. Mental issues that were undiagnosed or families unable to cope such schizophrenia, alzheimer's and other mental health ailments. What's the solution? Preventative care, okay but what about those out there now? For the vets I think its a national shame the VA is not given the resources to pay for this. Upwards of 1 trillion for defense and we can't do this? We are quick to send people to war. We have had a war/conflict literally every decade since WW2 but have not done anywhere close to enough for those we sent over there. I think the military budget, overall, is too high and the budget for vets way too low. There should not be much of a wait time at the VA hospitals. I really don't give a shit how much it costs truth be said. It's not because of family members that have fought but just friggin' common human decency.
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    Members of her family has spoken out about how the murder was used by the right for a political agenda https://www.vox.com/identities/2018/8/27/17786350/mollie-tibbetts-update-family-cristhian-rivera-trump I don't think its fair to say the left wants illegal unabated immigration. Its mainly what to do about them once they have been here for a certain length of time. And whether or not its worth the time and money spent to track them down as well as the moral ramifications of doing so (uprooting families). That is worthy of debate. Crime committed by said group isn't statistically one of the issues. As I repeated in an earlier post, you can make a stronger argument limiting the legal immigration of Russians and other nationalities if crime by immigrants is going to be on the table. I lived in LA and saw illegal immigration up close and personal. One of the things that was almost a cliche is that if you get into an accident, you hope the person isn't undocumented because they are either going to leave the scene or possibly didn't have insurance. It was just a part of life there. They avoided being anywhere 'in the system'. That said, I've known and met a few. The country has a lot of issues. Scapegoating any group undeservedly isn't right. Undocumented aren't responsibly for the crime rate or have a net overall negative effect on employment (at near historic lows) or wages. Should they be here? No. ICE is fairly new and frankly has been co opted from what it was originally set up for. Just like a few things (RICO statues as another example). Politicians have always misused and maligned the reputations of specific peoples historically in America in order to get votes going back decades if not a century or two. Jews, Blacks, Irish, all Catholics, eastern and southern Europeans, Gays, Feminists, the youth during the Vietnam era, corporations, unions, etc. We obfuscate and deflect from addressing far more specific reasons for problems we have as a nation and the solutions we need to overcome it. Immigration is an issue but my question is, are we spending the too much time and resources on it when that time and effort can be better spent on far graver issues. I think the politicians are using it as a deflection to avoid topics and answers that aren't going to be popular.
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    Kofi Annan died today, previous Secretary General of the UN. A most remarkable person within the limited possibilities of his job. When I celebrated my 50th birthday ( not long ago, lots of laughter ) at the Petersberg Hotel above the Rhine valley he came along asking what the party was about. And he was told that the Great Bubi turned 50 and he wished me well. Rest in peace Kofi, I shall always remember you.
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    Bubi, The difference is that the Demonrats and lame stream media have instituted and all out, lying attack on a duly elected president. Now we see the tech centers of the USA, FB, Youtube, PayPal, etc are actively trying to stifle the voice of the alt media. Sad days for the USA....
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    We ( or they ) are heading for desaster. Without an agreement for example all planes from the EU and vice versa are loosing their landing rights, how is this going to work? I may propose a Union Of Temporarily Disturbed Normally Civilised Countries (UTDNCC) under the leadership of President Donald and further encorporating the UK , Italy, Hungary and Poland. I do not consider Turkey as civilised although their leader seems to suffer from something serious and would as such be fully qualified . The leaders of this union should meet somewhere ( Boris for the UK ) and identify a new world order. Italy sorting out the financial side, Hungary and Poland responsible for human rights. Donald heading the promotional department and Boris fucks his hairdresser ( female ) . I invite your enthusiastic agreement.
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    I'd retire in Florida, get me some of that Cuban cuisine...
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    And I told you so you could post THAT! Haha
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    I did, thank you, good look, it was.
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    He is looking for a job with the Trump administration All this is a job interview for him. His rep took a hit after being part of OJ's dream team. Every lawyer who was on that team was sociallly and to some extent professionally excluded. They distanced themselves from him for obvious reasons and none of them would say they thought he was innocent even though they were paid to defend his innocence. Being a liberal or a so called 'Social Justice Warrior' (SJWs as the right calls them) doesn't pay. America has plenty of them. What pays is being conservative. Fox News contributors make very good money. Rush LImbaugh and the rest make way, way more money on radio than anyone else. Only a few can compete with that money like Howard Stern but he's the exception. If you are Black it pays very, very well to be a mouthpiece for the right. Same with being a pretty blonde or a Latino these days. Look at Candice Owens. First half of 2016 she had an anti Trump blog that no one cared about. Second half of 2016 she became pro Trump and is being paid big money. Not many pretty, young, well spoken Black conservative women out there who appear intelligent and she cornered that niche and its paid off handsomely, If I lost all my money, don't be surprised to see the CS, MAGA hat wearing youtube page..hehehehe I can't be bought...cheaply
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    I don’t even trust myself half of the time
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    Thank you Sir. Been really busy...no spare time. Working 6 x 16 hour days and Golf and Beer on Saturday's (day off) Loving country life. We've just started our 6th year here and kickin' ass. Lost contact with most of the old crew....except GOD...DOG....and all the other aka's...555 Spoke with Chappy last month and hope to catch up in November Got a message from expatdude over the weekend and maybe catch up early next month Well it's almost 7 years since the cancer treatment and Duncnut is still alive and kicking.... just proves the old saying.....Only the good die young. Would love to have an old time (r's) reunion in Bangers some time. Still remember the last one at Det 5.... Don't think I've seen you or Mekong since. Getting old by the day...my first 69 in December.....can't wait Still, it ain't all bad when your MIL is 16 years younger than you...LOL Cheers DS / DC
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    Saw this on Reddit, apparently it means "fresh spring rolls"? (playing around with attaching pix...)
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    I guess I view things differently, maybe because I am "old school". CK (sorry early morning typing) chose to go against the wishes of his bosses, he got fired, period. I don't really care why he did it, he is entitled to his opinions as much as all of us, but his boss said stand, he didn't. How many of you would have lasted in your job after telling your boss, "I know you want me to do this, but nahhhh I'm not going to". He was talented, no doubt, I played college football but would never have made it in the pros, they are gifted individuals. But did he risk more than the construction worker telling his boss that the job was too far to drive to? The migrant worker who said "I'm not picking today, you sprayed insecticide last night", The IT man who said, "I wrote the code my way, not really the way you wanted boss" (OK I know shit about IT). Granted, he was a higher profile than other workers, but what, really, is the difference? I'll admit I have not studied every piece of news on this but I would believe he had plenty of opportunity to discuss his desire to kneel with his management before, and after, and he should have known being released was going to be the result, unless his opinion of himself was higher than those in the management. I've owned my own business most my working life, only 10 - 15 employees but still. I used to tell my people that what I say isn't gospel, but I am the boss. If you disagree, or want to do it a different way, talk to me. But, mine is the ultimate decision since the business is my financial risk, if I say do this, and you do that, it sure as hell better work out better and, even then, their job is at risk.
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    Flashermac, yes, he was that famous mafioso: Meyer Lansky (1902 - 1983), son of a polish-origin jewish family, is regarded as the most powerful, brightest mafioso of all time. He built up a gigantic network of jewish gangsters: the Kosher Nostra. For more than 50 years the FBI tried to get him down, but failed, because thanks to his outstanding memory, there were no records of his "business" and thus no proofs. This bar is a wonderful place for relaxing, chatting, flirting. Right in the heart of Hamburg at the Gänsemarkt = goose market. Gänsemarkt is located in Hamburg's Neustadt district. Thanks to numerous shops and restaurants, the square is a popular place to go, especially for shopping enthusiasts. But the square also has something to offer historically. In addition to historical buildings, such as the tax office - a typical Hamburg clinker brick building by the renowned architect Fritz Schumacher - there are also modern buildings along the square. First and foremost is the Deutschlandhaus with its numerous offices. The Meyer Lansky is located in the souterrain – basement – of the Finanzbehörde – tay office. Come to Hamburg and we can have much fun ....
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    I have just returned from Hamburg-City. On September 5th 2018 there was once again an Anti-Merkel demonstration between 18 and 20 o'clock. „Merkel muß weg!“ "Merkel must go!“ I was there. Afterwards I spoke with participants, but also with fanatical counter-demonstrators; all from the left-wing extremist camp, "Antifa" - anti-fascist. Later I was in the Meyer Lanskys, a hip and trendy cocktail bar directly at the place of the event, the Gänsemarkt. There I talked with guests about the current situation. https://www.meyer-lanskys.de/ I know my country. Since my stroke in 2012, I have had 24 hours to read newspapers and magazines every day. In addition blogs of scientists, intellectuals, poets and artists. I sit in the Düsseldorf University Library for many hours and read and study books, studies, expert opinions, scientific collections of essays. I think I know the mood in the country. Sorry, I am tired now. Tomorrow I will drive back to Düsseldorf. Next weekend I will post more about th actual situation in my country. ok. Enough for one go.Sorry for my bad English. Late!!! in Buxtetown (Buxtehude) on the Este (Deutschland) – 1 a.m. Bakwahn - Nasiadai
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    Sounds about right, property at about 35-40 Cents on the Dollar and cars at around 50 Cents on the Dollar
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    Coss, Many people have had trouble with the USA wrong coast Immi...Seattle, LAX, SFO can be very invasive over nothing. Mid America, you are welcomed and not hassled.
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    Ed and Nancy met while on a singles cruise, and Ed fell head over heels for her. When they discovered they lived in the same city only a few miles apart Ed was ecstatic. He immediately started asking her out when they got home. Within a couple of weeks, Ed had taken Nancy to dance clubs, restaurants, concerts, movies, and museums. Ed became convinced that Nancy was indeed his soul mate and true love. Every date seemed better than the last. On the one-month anniversary of their first dinner on the cruise ship, Ed took Nancy to a fine restaurant. While having cocktails and waiting for their salad, Ed said, "I guess you can tell I'm very much in love with you. I'd like a little serious talk before our relationship continues to the next stage. So, before I get a box out of my jacket and ask you a life changing question, it's only fair to warn you, I'm a total golf nut. I play golf; I read about golf, I watch golf on TV. In short, I eat, sleep, and breathe golf. If that's going to be a problem for us, you'd better say so now!" Nancy took a deep breath and responded, "Ed that certainly won't be a problem. I love you as you are and I love golf too; but, since we're being totally honest with each other, you need to know that for the last five years I've been a hooker." Ed said, "I bet it's because you're not keeping your wrists straight when you hit the ball."
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    Anyway, seems like the sharks are circling Trump. I love the idea of a non politician coming to Washington DC. So, the one good thing about Trump's election is that a non traditional person got elected. I think that is good in theory in that it expands the number of people we deem eligible culturally to be President and was sorely needed. The problem specifically with Trump is that you want that person to be more honest than the people already in Washington DC, not worse morally and ethically. The "outsider" candidate only works if the "outsider" is better than what is already there. If its a business person, Warren Buffet would be a person pretty much everyone can agree on is amply qualified and honest from what we know. If Trump was honest and a true maverick, even being a Republican I think people would have accepted him if not respected him. I'm finding it hard to see how he can be supported to "drain the swamp" with the baggage he has and brings. Either there is a desperation for a segment of the country to see someone, anyone other than a career politician even if they have ethical issues or he is being supported because he appeals to some people's more 'base' instincts. The interesting long term thing is how does this change presidential elections in the future?
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    Some of the shows on Italian TV nearly 30 years ago were full on nudity 1990i was on the coast of “ Bay of Sirte”in Libya and I constructed my own antenna to pick TV from across the Med, Italy. Didn’t have a clue what they saying but pictures were good fun
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    I also watch Dutch TV advertising, but only for the nudes
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    Seems things are 'normal' around here..lol. Omarosa's actions are not a surprise if anyone knows anything about her career. She's always been self serving and an opportunist. The question isn't why did she record private information and turned on the person and people she aligned herself with and helped her. The question is why was she given the job and access? She came to fame as a back stabbing, self serving person. She reviled in it and made a career out of it. If anything it shows bad judgment on giving her the job. For her to record things going back as she did, even when things were going well with her job with the campaign and administration also speaks volumes on what she initially saw for her to think she would need to record things. I will throw Trump a bone and say I completely understand and support his wanting to rectify America's trade deficit. Every country wants a positive trade balance. What I would question is HOW he is going about it. It doesn't seem he had a well thought out plan. But I do support the idea if not the actions taken. My gut feeling is nothing of consequence is going to come from the Mueller investigation. Not saying I don't want it to, just saying I don't think it will extend all the way to Trump. These things rarely find what they set out to. The Whitewater special counsel never found evidence to support the allegations. Clinton was facing impeachment on lying while under oath. Nixon was found to obstruct after the fact. Hillary was never found to be guilty of what the special council set out as well. She was alleged to have used a private server. So, its par the course of these kinds of matters that if Trump is found guilty of anything it won't be what the investigation was originally based on. Mueller is a smart cookie though. He is very, very good at his job. He may get one of Trump's sons and force Trump to pardon his own son. And in doing so create his own impeachment. Who knows what will happen but I am guessing it won't be bullet proof collusion naming Trump specifically. What is lost on most is that this is basically an internal (Republican) fight. Comey and Mueller are fellow Republicans. This isn't a Democratic party fight. I think Trump's possible unraveling may be the economy. The stock market is nearing record highs, unemployment is at an all time low..great, right? Well, we have been overdue for a massive recession, a bigger, nastier one than in 2008 during Obama's 2nd term. 2008 we had 1 bubble, housing. Now we have 4 different bubbles (housing, credit card, car loan and student loan) to contend with and frankly I'm surprised the tariff mess hasn't triggered it already. The economy is the only thing that can dislodge Trump I think. I don't see any Democrat who can win against him in 2020. I think Sanders would have won fairly easily in '16 but not so sure now. It would be close.
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    Congratulation, although there is no way to "know" what happens to an errorfare once it has been published everywhere. Usually they appear on codeshare flights when somebody misinterprets something that the actually flying company offers. Flyertalk is one of the great assembly points of bullshit worldwide which is why I call them liartalk.
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    My 2 cents after several trips and living there for about 1 year so info starting back in 2009 up to 2018 and going back for 2 months in 2019. Went all over the country except for AC, worked in Makati. Airports: I have known NAIA when there was only the old terminal open but finally they have renovated a bit T1 and they opened the other terminals, all in all much better. For travels between plenty of main cities you have Cebu pacific + PAL + air asia, no real hassle and often some pretty good deals. Currency: Great as it is, especially compared to the Thai Baht strength. Cost of living: Excellent, not as cheap as Cambodia but still quite cheap, again compared to Thailand. Accomodation: Condos for rent can be found in all the main cities with plenty of good deals especially since platforms such as airbnb became the trend. Plenty of hotels with a good choice of 5 stars, be it in Manila, Alabang, Cebu, Puerto Princesa and so on. Never got bad service to the contrary since most of the hotel staff I met really tried their best to help. Transportation: Train = almost non-existent (missed the Bicol express). Manila/NCR/Makati = huge traffic jams (Manila skyway is very convenient though, depending where you have to go work). Taxis = meter almost unknown, many taxis in bad mechanical shape (I count at least 5 times when the taxi broke down or was in the process of breaking down, which, once on the skyway, can be no fun at all) Tricycle-habal habal: can be the only mean of transportation in some areas, never had any problem and surprisingly quite regulated and quite honest. Long distance buses: Some more reliable than others from what I heard, some very comfortable (almost like first class beds) but never tried one. As a sidenote, uber is really getting big there. Ferry: Despite the poor reputation of Filipino ferries I gave a try to 2GO ferries and was a bit impressed (Manila to Cebu trip). Banca: Never had a bad experience (of course I never went on a trip on a banca when a storm was supposed to happen) and actually had my best 'desert islands' experience hiring a banca and its crew for the day and going island hopping in Bohol, add to that some gems can be visited only by banca such as in Coron or El nido. Food: Plenty of foreign restaurants everywhere in the main cities, once you go out of the big cities you usually find less of those foreign restaurants, but given the Filipino love of eating I believe bonchon, mcdo, BK, chowking, max, jollibee are pretty much almost everywhere. Spicy: Filipino food is usually not spicy, some Thai restaurants in the main cities, other than that if you go in the Bicol area you can find some spicier food. Drinks: Red horse, san miguel and plenty of local or imported alcohols everywhere.....may I add that drinking (between men) is a Filipino ritual, sisig + red horse deep into the night can be quite an experience. Taglish: One might think English is widely spoken but older people are not all fluent in English especially in the more remote areas. Now, if you happen to spend your time in the northgate area in Alabang, near more than a few big BPO companies you will have no trouble with English with the thousands of predominantly young female college graduates, some who speak better English than myself since they went to de la salle university and UPI. Red light stuff: Big KTV in ermita/malate: catering mainly to wealthy Filipinos but these days more and more to Chinese, Japanse, koreans and more than a few westerners, expensive (if you know a floor manager can be only 6-7k php but usually damage easily )more than 10k php) but can find some real gems, failed entertainers and so on. VIP rooms can be full service. Japanese (and a few Koreans) KTV/karaoke: del pilar/mabini streets in Malate for the biggest concentration: some classic Japanase karaoke where being slightly naughty can be done but they play hard to catch, some others where they are much more readily available, same kind of businesses as soi thaniya and other Japanese places), can find some real gems in some, expensive as it is catering to Japanese but on the other hand can be worth it if you have time and some money. Padre burgos: The classic, most of the 'dancing' bars not worth it, some such as bottoms can be incredible, both with the talent and the high prices. Note, some of the girls offering massage in the street can be real gems. About bottoms and jools: Yes they are expensive, yes the mamasans are pushy and yes they are a nightmare for non-smokers but, from all my travels I remember only 2 times I met real college girls (besides some G clubs in Bangkok), once was at Monet on sukhumvit soi 33, got her to come in her college uniform to my condo once, the other one was at bottoms and I went to pick her at her college another day. Filipino KTV in QC: Quezon city, more than a few, some doubling as MP (Pegasus, kremlin), some really costly, example pegasus, 10k-15k php dmg minimum but then, in a way, you can really find some incredible women there. Other smaller (seedier?) Filipino ktv in the area have really great VIP rooms and are far from being as expensive. A special mention about AF1 (air force one) in parañaque, KTV doubling as MP was worth a visit. EDSA: Was never impressed. Casas: Can be a hit or miss and you better have a taxi driver you can trust, never went there without a close Filipino relation, some casas you find 40yo women, others are full of (real) college students trying to make money to pay their tuition. Night clubs/dance clubs: Not my cup of tea + the table system is absurd and anyway I am not young enough anymore. Freelancer joints: Went once to LA care and never again. AC: Never went, not interested to be with thousands of other foreigners in 'Pattaya in the Phil' Cebu: For another time, can be really great. Davao: For another time but is incredible, sadly too dangerous from time to time.