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    The result of today's education system ... Ooh Say, Can You...Read? 10 Non-'Racist' Statues Targeted By Historically Illiterate Protesters https://www.mrctv.org/blog/oh-say-can-you-read-9-non-racist-statues-targeted-historically-illiterate-protesters?fbclid=IwAR3HXE9IC1Zq_XJgJVCEaLs58ServvYqUkMZBnTS_171qusCAsbu1rdxD2s
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    The way things are at the moment,we’re more likely to die of boredom than a virus.
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    You know the worn out, full off holes 30 year pullover that you can’t bring yourself to throw away? This board is the same, just comfortable
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    Well obviously the books and manuals that say you can test too much, isn't it obvious. As a percentage of all books, our books, which are very good books, the best books, are clearly the ones with the right information, and its very good information, the best, best ever information. Look here on this chart, it's all green, that's good right, and its a long line, the best ever line, very green. But not China, then I'm going to ban Tik Tok and they will sell it to someone, I don't know, might be Microsoft, lets see, then the treasury gets some money so the Chinese virus will go away. Then when its gone everyone will know how I fixed it.
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    After thorough research I could find out who " they " are: here in front of you illegal Afghan female refugee Mrs Habitallah F.... ( name withheld) sitting in der Black Forest surrounded by hundreds of ruthless mercenaries. Location withheld. Democrat member of Congress in front of Madame just slaughtering innocent lamb by breaking backbone.
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    Some nice news for a change ... Thai Restaurant in Minneapolis, Protected by Black Volunteers, Lends a Hand MINNEAPOLIS — Save for one shattered window, Khun Nai Thai Cuisine in Minneapolis was protected from looting by a group of volunteers, which include black Americans and Jamaican-Americans. “Luckily, our shop was not damaged at all since we have a volunteer group protecting the community right across from our shop,” Suniporn Yotharak, owner of Khun Nai Thai said by online messages Tuesday. “Without them, all the shops in the area would have been destroyed,” she added. The restaurant responds with kindness: cooking free Thai meals for a Jamaican restaurant across the street who organized the volunteers that saved Suniporn’s business. The Jamaican restaurant, called Pimento Kitchen, in turn donates the food along with other essential goods to the community. Suniporn is one of the Thais and Thai-born American citizens caught in the protests and unrest that erupted after a group of policemen were seen suffocating a black man named George Floyd to death. “White or black or whatever race, we should all have equal rights,” said Suniporn, who has lived in the U.S. for 13 years. “If we are nice and not discriminatory, and respect their human dignity, then people are nice back.” Amazing Thailand, another Thai restaurant owned by a Thai in Minneapolis, is also reportedly untouched by the violence. The restaurant also put up messages calling for justice for Floyd as well as providing free meals to those in need, according to photos posted by Amazing Thailand. “Amazing Thailand and our staff are all doing okay this morning,” a statement by the restaurant said. “We are heartbroken for the pain our city is experiencing and thankful that our business, built and tended to by immigrants and people of color, can continue serving our community today.” Thai businesses in other cities have not been as lucky – Sunday local time, a Thai restaurant and a jewelry store in Thai Town had been looted. https://www.khaosodenglish.com/news/2020/06/02/thai-restaurant-in-minneapolis-protected-by-black-volunteers-lends-a-hand/
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    Unless I'm forced to (and Ameicans may be made to do so by withholding a variety of things if you don't) I'm not taking any hastily invented vaccine. I'm not anti vaccine. Just anti rushed research. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-pushes-warp-speed-effort-on-coronavirus-vaccine-ignoring-lessons-from-a-longago-drug-calamity-140324220.html Trump pushes 'warp speed' effort on coronavirus vaccine, ignoring lessons from a long-ago drug calamity
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    I used to trap and hunt when I was a younger man. The furs I sold and the carcass from the muskrats and raccoons I gave to some people at times who actually cooked and ate them. I tried it. Not to bad. My hunting was mainly rabbit and squirrel. Yes I cooked and ate them. Tasty when cooked in a cast iron skillet and fried in butter, after rolling the meat in flour.. I didn't ever hunt just to have a trophy mounted on a wall. It was for food and making money from the furs
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    I'm an on and off hunter, over the years, and I've no emotion when seeing an animal killed, if for appropriate reasons - food is a good reason - trophy is not. Common and pest animals can be killed, rare and beautiful, not. And as I'm becoming more of an archery aficionado, I'm discovering that "hunting" in 'merica, means often, a different thing, than does the term "hunting" in NZ and OZ. So, it transpires that what we think of as hunting, in NZ and OZ, is what 'mericans call "spot and stalk" We, go out into the bush, the mountains, the hinterlands and quietly roam about, looking for, finding and shooting, game/pests. 'mericans drive their trucks up to their hunting area, walk about 200 metres and either, hide in a blind, or up a tree, somethings for days, until an animal comes to the automatic feeder, that's been there for months, feeding out each day, so as to attract the animal. And worse, they go to fenced farms and shoot animals raised specifically for the shooting thereof. That's not hunting, that's sitting.
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    There's been precious little drinking going on this board bar, so let me, help a bit. G'day, Since the Stroke (July 2017) I've been at pains to be 98~99% of normal from before. If I am realistic, it's 75~80%. Still, mostly the good bits. Last August I bought a 700ml bottle of Glenfiddich for my 60th birthday, with the intention of not drinking too much of it. I had three drinks from it, until now, and when I looked at it yesterday, there was about 1/4 of the bottle left. I decided to get another, 1litre this time. So I post a photo of this drink, the last 175ml from the August bottle, to hope that you'll share with me the appreciation of a good scotch . Yes I know, big glass.... So cheers, my good fellows and ladies, I hope you are well and that we'll get to sup a wee dram at some point in the next years. cheers Coss.
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    "Lastly, I'm going to get a check up and see if I have any level of diabetes since both my parents have it and I must be predisposed to it and other things like hypertension as well." CS, I have high praise for the Keto diet. Big part of Keto is to cut out all sugar and reduce carbs, Don't eat anything after 3pm, one meal a day is good. You can form a Keto diet around your life style and needs.
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    I'm not one for bragging about my credentials but my hand is forced.
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    Steve, I'll smoke what you are smoking, but I am subject to random drug tests... 555
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    Here is a scenario, which I think is very, very plausible. A nightmare scenario to most, A 'thank the Gods' moment for our friend Cav probably. The virus will get worse before it gets better. Public gatherings of more than 50 people are now being banned in some places. The economy will get worse into a full blown recession if not depression. Trump's popularity plummets. Trump eventually wants to postpone the election. He cites the virus obviously. Can't have these long lines of people passing the virus to each other. We don't have the infrastructure for any other means of voting. Democrats obviously fight back. But Trump has the Supreme Court who back him. He is a dictator..."legally". Indefinitely. The virus gets worse, not better in all likelihood.
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    Thai police officers were tasked with the mortifying job of re-enacting a couple's public sex act. https://www.ladbible.com/news/news-police-forced-to-re-enact-couples-public-sex-20200120.amp.html?source=nextupia&sfns=mo&__twitter_impression=true&fbclid=IwAR05r-HggAml9cuEF16Xw8QNbOcr13qlYc-cWiTgdcqsd4F3Yb6jF5vD4dE
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    Same with Bill and Hillary...couples stay together for money, power and influence!
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    Gentlemen, I just discovered that I deserve the Thai National Watersaver Medal in Gold. According to governmental announcments the Thai people are requested to shorten their water usage by 1 minute/session for example when cleaning teeth or body in general. I may therefore let the Thai people know that I regard myself as the leading watersavingforce as I have traditionally requested the lovely Pam to share the shower whenever possible with myself. Focus on using less resources to preserve the natural wealth of the intra urban klong waters. Just to let you know
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    Hi, Anything to get the winning lottery numbers. Sanuk!
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    I'm not sure if many Thais understand Christmas even today.
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    you think the eu will want to set a precedence for catalonia and the basques ?
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    Wow, no bars at all?! I think the first time I went to Soi 33 was in 1992, when I started living in LOS, and I became quite a regular. I think there were 5 or 6 bars back then (Renoir, Vincent Van Gogh, Degas, Monet and a couple of others) although we mainly frequented Renoir. Over the years a few more opened on the main soi and sub sois and then it sort of took off and a map of the soi dated March 2010 shows about 40 bars, including many Japanese ones, and about 15 massage joints. So to go from 40 to 0 in 10 years would be a massive collapse!
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    That's exactly right - it is much more about the history of the area and it really helps to fill in a lot of the background about the place. If someone is only interested in the bars, it should be of some interest but if you're interested in the history of the area then it's truly fascinating.
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    A few things. Trump held up money, he was not legally allowed to do (it was authorized by Congress) to basically extort Ukraine. The context of the call, covering up the phone call moving it to the server, etc, I think negates that comment. There is a process for investigating the Bidens. Obama didn't call up Putin to ask him specific questions about them interferring in the electtion etc. He let the process happen. Trump used his own private attorney in the process. This stinks. Trump evaded the legal and agreed upon process and the fact it was a direct political rival makes it stink to high heaven if we are using the subjective 'sniff test'. Had Obama done anything like this, this guy would not have reacted like that. Also, the call was reported internally in the administration, by Trump's own party before a Democrat even saw it. It was of enough concern to LEGAL experts on such things within the administration to okay it to ultimately go to Congress. Impeachment is a political process and this act Trump is certainly well within that scope. I personally don't see any nuanced view about it.
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    The banks and businesses might be Chinese but the automatic barriers of the MTR seem a bit of a stretch. I was in HK last week, some signs that "things" have happened there but at least during the week it all seems normal and peaceful enough. Lots of the MTR barriers have their LCD screens smashed. Octopus cards still work but you can't check your balance so easily. A number of the subway advertisement hoardings are covered now due to damage, same with some outside ATM's. All have signs saying they are damaged and out of service as a result of vandalism. I was staying close to the Jordan MTR station on Nathan Road and traveling the MTR to Tung Chung near the airport every day. All very normal and typical HK. Airport was a bit different. Only passengers now allowed access to the departure and arrival areas. All the shops in T2 are closed. Airport quiet and easy to pass through, no immigration queues. Hotel room rates a bargain. Great time to visit but maybe stick to weekdays for now.
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    Well done, for a change! PORT MORESBY: Papua New Guinea said Thursday it had ordered the indefinite closure of a multi-billion dollar Chinese-owned nickel facility that spewed potentially toxic red slurry into the sea. The Mineral Resources Authority said it had ordered owners of the Ramu Nickel refineryto "shut down its processing operations" as of Monday October 21. The facility is run by the state-owned China Metallurgical Group, which mines and processes nickel, a metal widely used in batteries, including for electric cars. In late August, the plant's mechanism for dealing with slurry failed, sending hazardous liquid into the Bismarck Sea and turning parts the surrounding coastline ochre red. Earlier this year the China Metallurgical Group asked Papua New Guinea officials visiting Beijing to approve plans to expand production capacity. The Mineral Resources Authority now said the company had been "ordered to cease operations because it has failed to adequately" fix a string of defects spotted during the investigation. They included poor spillage containment systems, inadequate maintenance and "incompetency of operators". Ties between Beijing and the resource-rich Melanesian nation have been growing apace, but there have been repeated tensions over standards at some minerals and infrastructure projects. They included poor spillage containment systems, inadequate maintenance and "incompetency of operators". Ties between Beijing and the resource-rich Melanesian nation have been growing apace, but there have been repeated tensions over standards at some minerals and infrastructure projects.
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    5555555555555555555555555...she quickly gamed the system and is working hard to be part of the swamp! 1. She complained after winning the election that she didn't have rent money...then suddenly she did? Where did that money come from? 2. Ocasio-Cortez, chief of staff illegally moved $885G in campaign contributions 'off the books,' FEC complaint alleges https://www.foxnews.com/politics/ocasio-cortezs-millionaire-chief-of-staff-violated-fec-rules-to-hide-885g-fec-complaint-alleges 3. Republican group files FEC complaint alleging Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's campaign team illegally funneled thousands of dollars to her boyfriend through an allied PAC https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6752313/AOCs-campaign-team-accused-illegally-funneling-6-000-boyfriend-allied-PAC.html 4. Former FEC Chairman: AOC 'Could Be Facing Jail Time' for Possible Campaign Finance Violation https://pjmedia.com/trending/former-fec-chairman-ocasio-cortez-could-be-facing-jail-time-for-possible-campaign-finance-violation/ 5. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is being sued in two separate lawsuits. The plaintiffs in both lawsuits claim Ocasio-Cortez blocked them on Twitter. Business Insider says they are seeking injunctions demanding to be unblocked. A recent US appeals court judgment said President Trump isn't allowed to block people on Twitter. The two suits against Ocasio-Cortez are leaning on that ruling. Ocasio-Cortez has not commented on the lawsuits.
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    Had a neighbor once who also treated their dog the same way. Chained up all day, no attention. It was a very good dog. One night some dastardly person snuck into the yard, after consuming alcohol, and the dog disappeared. Only a coincidence that my friend in the next town over received a very nice dog the next day which has been treated as part of the family since.
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    Personally I would be gutted if the board closed, it's by far the most civilised of the Thai centric forums. I rarely post these days since illness has prevented me from traveling to the LOS for several years, and consequently there're few relevant posts I can make. However, I do still visit and read the posts others have made which keeps me current with what's happening, unfortunately the current immigration shenanigans and the strength of the baht don't exactly create a welcoming climate.
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    I run the website and Internet infrastructure for thai360.com (and the former nanaplaza.com). The costs are not too high, as long it remains useful. It's good to read the appreciation of our efforts. Thanks! Jigger
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    Bordmember radioman, there are no words to express the full volume of gratitude towards yourself after having studied your valuable advice not only repeatedly but simultaneously thouroghly. Many people lough about my telephone but they are not Aware of what multiple strategies are coming with it´s presentation. I promise to elaborate further on tomorrow morning because I am now under the increasing influence of a bottle of French rosé named Pure and a cigar from Honduras. My apologies. For the moment I may point out that life is good as such.
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    Good on President Trump to slap down the fake, lying, biased media! CS, you campaign to end the electoral college? You were quiet on this for the 8 years of Obummer!!! Ohhhh, different? and how can a 100% popular vote take place with the lying, biased media? It can't!!!
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    Apart from myself I regard Mr FieryJack as a true genius in writing. Followed by Wildalaska sitting in a Chessna plane with a dead wildbore on his lap. According to his own very words but who cares. Probably sitting on a tuktuk with a drunk freelancer in reality but this is what writers are for. It is now more than 20 years I spent numerous hours here and got to learn that mum leg broken is more than a tragic accident and who remembers the White Towel? These were good times and as soon as this farking virus is under control it just goes on. Hopefully. Pam truely loves me, remember that.
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    Without going into the sentiments and drives of the man that is the President of the USA, there is a clear clash between his conscious and unconscious life. As a rule you don't set out to demonstrate the rather discerning details of a person's ego. But Trump has displayed a clear *orienting thema* . In Trump's case it is not expedient to make a distinction between the major configurations of overt drives and sentiments and the orienting thema - he is explicit in word and deed and thus is consistent and is of a relatively consistent and obvious type. By far the most common form of defense mechanism is that of projection. This works in the service of self esteem, in blinding him to his inferiority. It is simply unprecedented, how often it is used and the intensity of it. It operates so promptly and consistently, indeed by paying close attention to the objects that Trump scorns and condemns one gets a fairly accurate and comprehensive view of his own id. Perhaps most perplexing is that he has consciously adopted and furthered what was no doubt a purely unconscious mechanism. He has many pathologies: * Insult as stimulus * Compulsive criminality * Contempt for himself - something he is largely unconscious of and more conspicuously are his superiority feelings. It is a characteristic of the proud counteractive personality that his energies are not engaged unless he has been insulted or injured - or imagined to have been belittled in some way. Berating and snubbing a 15 year old girl is a fairly extreme example of this. I will further this analysis in further posts - Yes I'm a highly qualified doctor; I'm also a highly competent judge of character.
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    Dershowitz has fucked up his legacy. Not sure he'll be able to come back from this one. He's got 9 lives though, he's defended OJ, Epstein and a few others and still maintained his rep, but this time? Not too sure. I recall I lost all respect for the head of NOW during the Clinton investigation. It's okay to be supportive of democratic party policies to help women and still be critical of bad male behavior from allies. Just like how I lost all respect for the christian right now, I lost all respect for the women's movement in the 90s when they made excuses for Bill's affairs, etc.
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    Beyoncé Set To Perform At Trump Impeachment Halftime Show IN a desperate bid to garner interest from the lethargic American public, officials involved in the Trump impeachment proceedings have announced that Beyoncé Knowles will perform at today’s Superbowl-styled halftime show, along with an array of supporting acts, WWN can confirm. Citing poor concentration skills and general apathy among American voters, it was decided entertainment during an interval was needed to increase interest in the country’s latest impeachment proceedings, which was initially billed as “the most entertaining impeachment of them all”. “Queen Bey will perform 5 songs halfway through today’s impeachment proceedings, followed by Daft Punk and a special appearance by Kanye West,” organisers confirmed. The investigation into president Trump’s alleged scheme to coerce Ukraine’s president into opening an investigation into an election rival or face military aid being withheld is now into its second day, with its findings expected to change “fuck all” in the minds of Trump supporters. “God damn witch hun’ if ya ask me,” spat Alabama soybean farmer Randy Stevens, who said he will vote for Trump again despite losing thousands in revenue this year due to the ongoing trade war with China, “Mr. Trump is a good man and understands small folk like me more than anyone else I know… he even killed ISIS,” Stevens added, hocking out a large brown pile of tobacco. The halftime show will also feature an indoor fireworks display. Ever the restrained and dignified leader, president Trump has vowed to continue to incriminate himself and justify the impeachment inquiry on Twitter before ultimately taking to the stand to scream ‘You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth’. https://waterfordwhispersnews.com/2019/11/14/beyonce-set-to-perform-at-trump-impeachment-halftime-show/
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    Merry Xmas 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎅🏾 🎅 🎅🏻 And happy times to you all and yours
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    I'm not sure that English proficiency in England would score so high these days either.
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    I'm hoping to be celebrating 60 years on the planet that month so where better to do it?
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    It got cold in Germany. The last four nights we had in large parts of our country -1 to -4 degrees in the night. In the low mountain ranges and in the Alps of course correspondingly colder. A high pressure area over Central Europe led to a cold spell. I had to turn on the heating for the first time in this autumn. To pass the time I watch some videos from warmer areas; e.g. Pattaya Walking Street, Beach Road. I'd like to be there now. and some more ....
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    Mr Nasiadai, hereby you are officially installed as the leading board-philosopher; key area being Jomtien affairs.
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    I don't know about the constitutionality of it but I disagree with having to submit your tax return. Just like I'm sure you agree with states that were trying to force submission of birth certificates as a precursor to them invalidating Obama's. Lets be consistent about bullshit from all sides.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqLQvhOke48 Best Irish golf joke, might need translation for some!
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    Hi, You do realize many of those "rat-infested apartements" are owned by Trump's son-in-law, right? https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjU0Ki6mffjAhUTS48KHalIA48QtwIwAHoECAUQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.independent.co.uk%2Fnews%2Fworld%2Famericas%2Fus-politics%2Fjared-kushner-trump-baltimore-apartments-rodents-mould-maggots-a9024826.html&usg=AOvVaw076ESaqohbEGN-Xzxdiely https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjU0Ki6mffjAhUTS48KHalIA48QFjABegQIARAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fnypost.com%2F2019%2F07%2F31%2Fkushner-owned-apartments-in-baltimore-are-infested-with-rodents%2F&usg=AOvVaw1o5x7pnTC0k3xNk5Y6elXO https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=4&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjU0Ki6mffjAhUTS48KHalIA48QFjADegQIBhAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.washingtonpost.com%2Flocal%2Fmd-politics%2Fjared-kushner-owns-lots-of-apartments-in-the-baltimore-area-some-infested-with-mice%2F2019%2F07%2F28%2F0d3cb754-b13b-11e9-8f6c-7828e68cb15f_story.html&usg=AOvVaw0lG4Une5HMc4qDCpvLqij8 Sanuk!
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    I barfined a girl from Shark about 2 months ago, no issues. Gave her the cash for the BF one night and arranged a meet up another night about a week later. This was just for some research, no sex, though I wouldn't mind, just wasn't part of what I was doing then. But no issues with the BF. If the whole Cowboy M.O. has changed it probably wont last, one or the other. But today all you need to do is spend a night or two hitting lots of bars, find the ones you like, collect the phone numbers and connect through some sort of platform. If that's what you're looking for you could probably spend 2 nights in bars and the rest of a two week holiday fucking a different girl every night without ever going near another bar. P.S. Thermae is a current favourite. Still plenty of Japanese guys but lots of cuties and and most willing to go with Mr white guy for some much needed respite.
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