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  1. Anyone aware of any places ot spades or dominoes or any spades or dominoes touraments in BKK?
  2. I was just curious.....let's say someone from let's say Honduras goes to Thailand to do business. Assuming Honduran currency isn't convertable in Thailand how do folks like that (people going to countries where their currency isn't convertable) do business overseas? Do they first convert thier currency to say Euros or dollars first before going to Thailand? Do people from countries like that take the cost of converting thier money into account when doing business like that? Do they have an account in a popular currency just for occasions like that? I was just wondering about that. Thanks for your answers.
  3. I just figured it would be a cool place to be at. From the videos I saw on youtube. Almost like another world within Bangkok. Plus I get to avoid eating pork. Nope. I am not a Russiam blonde.
  4. What good hotels are in the Soi Arab area? Is Pinnacle Sukhumvit Inn good? What about apartments in Soi Arab? Anyone here know about the Soi Arab area and maybe renting an apt from there? Where would I go to find apts available in that area on the net?
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