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  1. Not necessarily, in the UK you can win an election with fewer votes than the opposition, or get a large percentage of the votes but get very few members of parliament http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/politics/election_2010/8643955.stm
  2. Stickman includes it in a list of 'Bars" which have closed over the years, all of them are bars and a go go's but the Eden was neither, being a brothel posing as some sort of club. 'Eden Club was never the same when it changed hands and Marc was no longer involved' Well that must have been an improvement then 😝
  3. The idea that renewables can form all or most of our energy is a fantasy, and they do considerable environmental damage as well as using up coal and minerals which need mining and smelting. Nuclear power is the safest, cheapest source of energy with little environmental impact, yes we all know about Chernobyl but that was old technology done on the cheap. A committed environmentalist exposing the renewable myth
  4. Of course Twitter banned her account, they still have countless amounts of porn including child porn on their site of course, but politicians they don't agree with break the rules!
  5. where did that number come from?
  6. Renewables providing even a small percentage of power needs is just a pipe dream, what happens anyway when the wind drops and not much sun? If you are afraid of coal and gas running out the only realistic alternative at the moment is nuclear, windmills and acres of solar panels made from quartz and coal just does not work.
  7. Al jazeera do some good work, outbreak at wuhan from on the ground Chinese reporters
  8. Yes absolutely sickening that something like this still goes on here, it's the 21st century not the 19th.
  9. Trump is not the nicest of people but his achievements make him one of the better Presidents.
  10. This one was a bit of a dud, Sept 18th 1858 I believe, people's perception about presidents do not always line up with reality
  11. Calling it a 'club' always amused me, why not just have called it the Eden brothel, oh they are illegal of course, as is pimping, blackmail and other nefarious goings on. 🙄
  12. Many know Bangkok Pat, nice bloke doing a bit of youtube material, this was enjoyable on washington sq
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