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  1. Yo! Henry man is you divorcing dat white bitch Katie or not ? ya useless Tudor lump 😀
  2. Death on the Nile 2022, no point doing a remake if not as good as the original, and how often is that? Some decent performances but plot marred by the the usual inclusive diversity policy. Black characters introduced which would be acceptable if the script treated them the same, but oh no. In a classic where everyone is a suspect in a murder case the two black character's get a free pass, cannot have them as serious suspects, and certainly not cast as the culprits. Nice location shots and over the top dancing.
  3. Sanuk fun in Thailand, did that start Sept 97? KS tagged a forum on the end of it, cant remember who was on it
  4. Was she speaking to a class of 5 year olds? they are sending her to Europe!
  5. Kratae in a bit at Lumpini Park,then off to Wat Borphan to see Monkhean. Kratae is still fit being an ex boxer.
  6. Bad idea to re start meet up, things revisited are rarely as good and all you would be doing is talking about how much better the past was Bad idea to re start meet ups, things revisited are rarely as good and it would be mostly talking about how much better the past was.
  7. I remember Sarisin from those days, a real ego maniac but a lot of fun, especially his new years eve champagne do at Tilac bar. Unfortunately 'exposed' by that scumbag Scottish gutter journalist for having a an ASFO hat and going out to have a good time. He also had a few threats to somebody else on here, better not mention him 🙄
  8. The great wall of China goes on for miles, but then so does the M6- Karl
  9. Ponzi scheme with nothing behind it except greed, gullibility and a belief it will always go up
  10. For' lovers of Thai culture' not seen Jin for 2 years 🥶 seeing Lamyai tonight, rare luktung song with subs, Pamela Bowden number
  11. People do dislike me and even though I have been lied about on here years ago accused of costing somebody their job (I asked him and he denied it) been blackmailed by a former advertiser of a 'club' and poster as well as being let down over a loan to a member I hold no grudges. 😀
  12. Sorry, but it was only something he posted before and all know about anyway
  13. Not so good when they stop and get a gun or a knife out
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