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  1. Except he's right as usual More like if they imagine something has affected them because they are black, some just love being a victim.
  2. Joe will be at the birder any month now
  3. But it's true the old fool Cummings stated in 2016 that Democrats were responsible for the 15th amendment. Maybe he had dementia like Joe? Nothing to do with Trump supporters.
  4. Pat is back on the state of the nation
  5. Give they guy a break Cav, he has was in the senate for 120 years! 😁 The old fool has a dead look in his eyes, could be medication effects
  6. Worse than expected, what an embarrassment the so called press conference was. He could not even read the notes in his hand. This guy is a national security risk.
  7. paul101

    The Covid-19 thread

    All vaccinated can get the disease, the vaccine stops the virus from developing into a serious attack
  8. 98% of married men re not adulterers though are they
  9. The difference might be Trump was not screwing staff in the white house while president, like Clinton and Kennedy did
  10. paul101

    The Covid-19 thread

    I thought you always could get infected with it, but being vaccinated means it should not develop into a serious case?
  11. Incompetence or they just can't be bothered, what was the queue like?
  12. Down since sometime in Feb, meant to be back last Mon then on 21st this week, still down. Outstanding failure even by Thai standards, nobody can do anything online inc 90 day reports and TM30's. Anyone got any news on if it will ever return and what the problem is?
  13. Who is looking forward to Biden's first press conference? Apparently he does not have early dementia, it's a 'speech impediment' he's always had 😄
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