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  1. He gave up the satanism then theosophy, probably no worse than being a whore monger in a dump like Nanaplaza anyway anyway 😜
  2. Borat has not aged well, about the same level as schoolboy fart jokes, he will get his ass kicked one day, now that would be funny Queen's gambit on Netflix is very good, especially if you like chess
  3. President elect has no power to call on anyone, he would have to wait until he's sworn in, if he can follow the right words 😄
  4. First the old fool kept saying he's running for the senate, now he says not 4 more years of George and the mrs has to whisper Trumps name as he cannot remember. At least Reagan got like this after several years as president, not while he was running. This guy is not mentally fit for the post
  5. paul101

    First Wave of Chinese

    Can't be from China as they a queued up in a proper line and not screeching at each other 😄
  6. Immorality and disrespect you say mm
  7. Maybe he thinks being honest is more important than pandering to Democrat fans?
  8. I dont know who this 50 cent is but he has the right idea
  9. chicken abuse, enriched by diversity in the UK!
  10. K pop sensation Black Pink it's on yts, incredibly hard work to get where they have
  11. paul101

    Protests in Bangkok

    I see the PM just marched into a news conference to the tune of live and die with loyalty, a catchy tune I can't say I am familiar with and could be taken as a threat of violence on the part of the state against it's younger and wiser generation. Live news feed ban upheld by the court of rubber stamps and a request to block telegram app, China 2 no doubt about it.
  12. couple of Dem boys on here will love this
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