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  1. De doo did dee and a lot of nasty looking dogs is not a feel good video, more like a flea bitten video, must try harder
  2. He missed this one, I think some sad old foreigners just resent a kid playing better than they could after several lifetimes, the song is shite of course as were Led Zeppelin.
  3. Oooh sounds like an 'unhealthy infatuation' with indie music, idiot. Not surprising this forum died a death years ago. Yellow Fang, the technical ability and musical talent of a simpleton, seems to impress some though 😜
  4. Mediocre you must be joking, of course she knows it's Hendrix she has done the original version already. Yes I have an infatuation with real talent, what did SRV or Jimi sound like at 12? Here is the other version with her little sister and 'mediocre' mates. Always find it strange when people have to put down young performers.
  5. she lives near us, not 13 until next month, perfect English a remarkable child
  6. Give it time they have only had five and a half years to try and get the 90 working. The system has me on a 200 day overstay so had to go in to report. When showing it to an officer she just said many the same don't know when it will be fixed. The online vaccine booking site was a complete balls up as well so not looking good for this latest attempt, why don't they employ foreigners to do it, photocopying seems to be the Thai strength 😄
  7. paul101


    Thought this Haka nonsense was a joke, sadly not. So Maori will not be able to use cars, phones or computers then as that would be cultural appropriation. There again if your main contribution to the world is an embarrassing dance maybe they should hang onto it, what about all those crappy Maori tattoos idiots get?
  8. I see you can apply for an international vaccine passbook on the mor prom app. Filled it in uploaded pp pic and one of the certificate they give you when you get the 2nd shot. Then the options for delivery pick up, post or email, onto payment cash or transfer. The only problem is that delivery and payment options do not work so it's only pick up 40 miles away and pay cash, another IT success then 😜
  9. Another film, documentary this one on the opioid epidemic in USA over 3 hours but never boring The Crime of the Century (TV Mini Series 2021) - IMDb
  10. Nov 2 2018 was years, they deleted your performance 🙄 got any links for the other 2 films?
  11. Dopesick (TV Mini Series 2021– ) - IMDb Good series so far on the opioid epidemic in the USA, I expect somewhat exaggerated, no former posters appear 🙄
  12. Gentleman's code on here, that's a laugh any way 🙄
  13. The one I was blackmailed on here with, you might have a point don't want any more of that- but then there are only about 6 left one here anyway. Nobody watched it then, it was funny, very.
  14. what's the problem, everyone know him, he's not been on here for years and his full name is in the credits at the end
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