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  1. The Whorehouse of Asia, desperate for the return of sex tourists to 'clubs' massage parlors, a go go's, brothels and to access the thousands of prostitutes here online arrest 2 people for making a few baht on Onlyfans. Hypocrisy gold medal.
  2. Yes then the fake President cancelled it and imposed his own, Trump would not have left all that equipment and people, or even the doggies
  3. Childs play all this western stuff
  4. seen this one 140 times, including Denmark, London and Holland
  5. You can still hear Thai versions of Motorhead, she was 10 when she made this
  6. Been to over 1000 in Thailand but not since last Oct, everything got cancelled this year 🙄
  7. well done Joe making the taliban great again
  8. Daft buggers i the USA are only 'over dosing' as they seem to be taking Ivermectin meant for cows and horses! It's quite easy to look up the intended human doses based on weight. It will not do you any harm if you do and might well be working, i'd not trust the Chinese stuff of course, either fake or with other ingredients not known. You can buy liquid version on lazada made in Bangkok. Any taking it in place of vaccines is of course a total idiot.
  9. The one set in the blues party was quite inaccurate and got slagged off online. I went a lot in the 80's but the writer was not old enough to have experienced them at the time. The idea of people dancing to kung fu fighting, writhing about on the floor and slackness in somebodies garden was ridiculous. The music selection was also tame and limited mostly playing Janet Kay, opportunity lost there.
  10. Some people on here actually voted for him, Biden of course!
  11. Fake President does not even know the population of the country, what a clown
  12. paul101


    She does not look very 'forced' in that photo with him, taken I read to show to her mum.
  13. Most of them have huge ego's and annoying accents, well the Americans anyway. Too many concentrate on the nightlife/bar rubbish. Thought this guy makes some good material, and DJ Pat has done some interesting ones on Bangkok. James Abroad - YouTube
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