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  1. If people can't do 7 days in a Hotel they are not really bothered about getting back here. If you test positive after arrival you can quarantine at home if no symptoms, it's hardly penal servitude is it. I booked biz class coming back thinking less coughs and sneezes about.
  2. looks rather amusing Stick Uncensored - Coming Sunday 16th January 2022 Stick Uncensored Jan 8 Welcome to the all-new weekly Stick Uncensored Newsletter, all about the latest goings-on from the Bangkok nightlife scene. This is a subscription-only newsletter. You can pay monthly or annually. NOTE: Free subscribers see nothing and will miss out on the following upcoming articles: PAUL HAYWARD: King Of Clubs… more like King Of C**ts. MADAM MAEW: The backstabbing bitch behind the Hillary Group who thinks she can control soi 4. COVID CLUSTERS: The bars that have hidden clusters are named and shamed. BRIBING THE BOYS IN BROWN: Sharing how much Bangkok bars pay the police to turn a blind eye. BRYAN FLOWERS: How the Pattaya Pimp funds his lavish lifestyle.
  3. Nice version of one of LIncoln's favorite tunes
  4. Another one gone, Sornphet a popular luktung singer from the 70's who was still working died yesterday aged 72. Had a drink with him backstage once, he was known to enjoy a drink, RIP
  5. Elvis 1935-1977, would have been 87 on Jan 8th
  6. The only good thing about that daft 1991 film the good woman of Bangkok was the soundtrack
  7. Looks like I am restricted to the over 30's then 🙄 which both Bird and Jin were even in 2002
  8. Yes it would stop the nonsense from bored hypocrites pretending to be outraged by posting very mild AKB vid made years ago, and then making vile implications at the responses, and one with a name stating his penis is hungry! at least I can see the funny side, some on here have had a sense of humor bypass as well as a common sense one. Happy new year lads.
  9. I don't have a problem with the ages of talented kids other people do, can you just say what the age limit is for musicians in this 'anything goes' thread? You just deleted band maid- who are ALL in their 20's. Some on here appear to have oddly puritanical views, which is funny considering what they have posted here in the past about their activities.
  10. I wish you bluebirds in the spring..........
  11. You would think people would have something better to do than rubbish talented youngsters, some on here are obviously not very happy with their lives. You have already been asked to stop and had personal comments deleted but you carry on.
  12. Probably the greatest classical musical talent of modern times, playing violin and piano at 3, composed her first piano sonata at 5 and first opera at 9. Used to dream music then wake up to write it down, Alma Deutscher
  13. Child prodigies are quite common, true genius is rare-
  14. Morlam cing, as in racing- not stop fast delivery. Never sing or xing
  15. Quite right, but they do seem rather obsessed
  16. Trigger warning for grumpy old men- these girls are just musicians, take your fantasies and childish accusations some place else
  17. Some 'under aged' performers on this one then, according to the fake outraged on here, I'm sure you can have a better go at twisting this one into something it's not 🙄
  18. What problem would that be? that fact that one girl is 12 seems to have got you all excited, it's all fake bs of course from a serial monger who used to go in bars like black and white in SC with under aged kids where no singing went on. Have you lost the bar girl stories then, I think I have them somewhere, maybe I could post them for you? Fark!
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