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  1. Al jazeera do some good work, outbreak at wuhan from on the ground Chinese reporters
  2. Yes absolutely sickening that something like this still goes on here, it's the 21st century not the 19th.
  3. Trump is not the nicest of people but his achievements make him one of the better Presidents.
  4. This one was a bit of a dud, Sept 18th 1858 I believe, people's perception about presidents do not always line up with reality
  5. Calling it a 'club' always amused me, why not just have called it the Eden brothel, oh they are illegal of course, as is pimping, blackmail and other nefarious goings on. 🙄
  6. Many know Bangkok Pat, nice bloke doing a bit of youtube material, this was enjoyable on washington sq
  7. she don't look like that any longer
  8. Not friendly if you ever said anything he did not like about the dump. I still have the PM's and emails he sent me to prove it.
  9. From Mr Stick this week Legendary soi 7/1 house of fun Eden Club is closing in its current location. It will reopen in a new location when the airport reopens and tourists return. Oh dear, what a pity, never mind. There is always Daisy Dream on Soi 33, a place that appears to give a better service without harassing customers, you can leave an honest review there without being threatened. 🤐 As I always said Eden was mainly for tourists straight off the plane.
  10. Yeah usually they are cute but crap and have a few dance moves taught at a talent school, this girl is better than a lot of grown ups, natural talent. Think she won about 300k on the spin wheel, but they always make sure ( I think) they lose in the end when the viewers start to tire of them winning every week.
  11. Some singers are very small, you wont see a better one than this girl from Chonburi on one/31 contest show this year. Singing Ying Lee song who was one of the judges with Pee Sadert and song writer Sala Chunawut. Poor bloke never stood a chance.
  12. First singer Poy Faay subcontracted to Seang Issan Nok Noi band, so made little out of that smash hit, went on a weird religious retreat in the hills with him and a few other singers once. Next one Siriporn Ampiapong, now given up singing, last saw her two years ago and her voice was really shot, no power now, but very nice lady and good to fans. Pissed off that our local wat concert stint for Jan has been cancelled, had Lamyai and someone called JIntara lined up as well as Takkedan. Bugger. Went out with a Nok Noi dancer once, had a twin who also danced. In the off season they were in Thermae, happy days.
  13. None where I live either, and if two do happen to be in the Big C 12 k away they always pretend they have not noticed each other. They usually look miserable and downtrodden by the tattooed tart they are following round filling the trolley up. 😄
  14. Grahame Briar mark 2, he died of course a few years back
  15. Just watched Black Narccisus the new one off the telly. Not bad but I was hoping one of the nuns would get her tits out, no such luck
  16. I fast forwarded it a few times thinking it might get better, it did not. However, 'the assistant' film was even worse, that never even starts!
  17. Dreadful, you can tell it's a play and should have remained one
  18. Stayed on soi 33, about as dead as this forum these days, apart from massage parlors with no customers. One exception being Daisy Dream done out like a 1920's Chinese whore house, owned by a French guy. I was assured not the same as the French blackmailer on here from another 'club' down the road. Had a look round and nicely done out, 2k for 45 mins. Owner amusingly claims online they adhere to Thai laws. Might be of interest to people still attracted to such places, personally I'd rather have a wank to porn hub! I made my excuses and left, been open just over a year. I bet hungry penis has been there, dirty bugger 😃 Hotel was full this weekend, 40 rooms and the pubs were pretty packed. Went in Royal Oak and recalled last time I was there was on 9/11 with my old 'mate' long gun on a quiz team. Then went to Thermae and saw all the footage on the tv's of the planes hitting the twin towers, with nobody taking any notice. Pan Pan and the Japanese restaurant on the main road doing good business, good job there are no tourists or would not be able to move. Walked through SC, boring so went to Penalty Spot pub to watch the football, never been in there before great pub but one of the few places we went in with almost no customers. Shops like Emporium were pretty busy. Almost a pleasant break and no melt downs from the Mrs, stocked up at Villa market, best shop in Bkk. Happy 2021. can't be any worse, can it?
  19. paul101

    The Covid-19 thread

    which blows a hole in the heat killing off the virus suggestion
  20. paul101

    The Covid-19 thread

    The same people who poisoned their own babies with fake milk and who have killed millions of citizens in the past 70 years, I think not
  21. paul101

    72 years old

    Quite right, I have never driven here the Mrs has to have some use I let her do it all. Plus it avoids all the requests to give family and friends lifts to the shops/school/airport. Every day when we go out and not far there are usually several potential accidents to avoid from the idiots on the roads here, no common sense at all.
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