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  1. Got any of her with her tits out?
  2. paul101

    The Covid-19 thread

    lets make it all better yuk
  3. paul101

    The Covid-19 thread

    No vaccine stops people actually contracting the virus and then testing positive, the vaccine enables your immune system to fight it off and keep you from getting very ill.
  4. Went to the local hospital, hundreds milling about and lining up so my heart sank, but directed upstairs to register- one bloke in front of me. Another floor for the vax (AZ) nobody waiting. Then 30 min waiting to see if side effects kick in, never more than 12 people. Hospital very organized, staff lovely but why so few people? Mrs registered herself for July. Looks like it's better to go to the hospital and register there than trying to get websites to work. No idea what all the crowds were for, testing for covid maybe. Never thought registering on mor prom would work, they should have kept using it. Lots of neighbor's saying they wont get it as they saw people are dying from it!
  5. Thailidomide was a drug not a vaccine, not fair to compare it. Well i'm off for the AZ, called hospital on Friday did not know if they had or not and if for foreigner or not, Called last night have, and foreigner no problem if booked on mor prom app. So will soon see when we get there, will not be surprised if it's back to the first answer.
  6. But they will not admit it, just keep coming out with claims about ordering millions of doses arriving nobody knows when and the photo ops to vaccination centers to make it look like it's all going well. If the AZ was being produced here in anything like the promised numbers there wold not be a shortage.
  7. Anyone know why the drop down menus have not worked all the time on univax site? and when i tried (about 30x) the calendar was always grayed out so not possible to select a time and date. Of course it's only 3 hours a day, don't you know Thai websites get tired and have to have a lunch break. Never mind, starts again on Mon but even later at 1400 hours, anyone want o bet if it will work or not? Mor Prom cancelled, foreigner app cancelled, two centers in Bkk just for foreigner vaccination cancelled, registrations at the royal CRA cancelled, univax site not working, people turning up with Mor prom appts turned away- not for foreigner. So far then something of a shxt show, absolutely disgraceful.
  8. Well 7/11 would do a better job than the governments laughable registration site, still not working after 5 days. Now only accessible from 12-3 PM, drop down menus still not all functioning. Will have one last last go at 12!
  9. This is what you get in a fuedal hierarchy, SIL, 35, no health problems got the jab two weeks ago as her employers are very rich. No need to queue or even make an appointment, told not to mention it on social media
  10. Now they say no booze in sandpit Phuket after July first, pubs etc shut. Leaves just the beaches, sea and shuttered up shops, real crowd puller. Thais always did overestimate the countries appeal.
  11. Apparently it's not gone abroad yet and delayed until July, trouble at mill by the look of it
  12. Still a shambles, the registration site still does not work, they give appointment dates for Jan 1 1970, or claim they will email you with an appointment, that never happens of course. Last week the PM said enough vaccines for all, now he's apologizing for cancelled appointments by hospitals with not enough vaccines. Meanwhile AZ produced here is being sold abroad. Even by Thai standards a total fiasco.
  13. So Jack the ripper and Fred West could be Icons then?
  14. Total shambles, tried it since 6am, it would not give date or time, all greyed out. Then it crashed and said try after 3 pm. Too many on it, kept crashing. Eventually it gave the same date to most- Jan I 1970! They claim you will get an email, I have my doubts. One or two reported getting a real date, but not many. Another IT triumph for clown world. Tried about 6 times, same result, pathetic.
  15. Mildly funny but rather true to life. Mrs has a relative with an air pilot bf who she claims gets 200k a month off him and has bought her a Merc, house in Bkk and a Sathorn condo as well as land up country, Seen the car and condo, currently on sale for 6.5 mil- he does not even live here! On Fri SIL came round with her friend wanting advice on her visa for Belgium- can't remember the guys age or even his name, but arrives in an 800k new Mitsu car he just bought her He's known her a few weeks, never met her and Thaifriendly meet up.
  16. Poly Styrene an 'Icon' ? seems the bar gets set lower for icons and geniuses all the time! Golden Life the Hungarian 3 series family crime drama is good, Thailand gets the odd mention.
  17. CCP denies covid leaked from the lab conducting experiments on it, Trump said it did, I know who I believe and it's not the lying CCP. Trading with the Chinese for 30 years? some people have no shame.
  18. paul101


    That was not a deliberate attempt to re write our history and brainwash people into accepting Britain has always been a multi cultural society with blacks pervading all levels of it, even up to queens, courtiers and the aristocracy, it's a lie. The very few examples always turn up because there are no others, John Black Henry 8th's trumpeter being one that gets picked out the most. The most laughable example was depicting George 3rds wife Q Charlotte as black in Bridgerton, One of her ancestors might have married a moor from N Africa 500 years and 22 generations before did not make her black. It's not only this but when black actors are cast in roles it's almost never in a negative one, they can no longer be murderers, rapists or thieves without some sort of get out, usually a white one. eg Lenny Henry in Broadchurch whose character was suspected of rape, all knew that was just not possible. The rapist was uncovered as mixed, looked like half Turkish but it was a middle class white male who forced him to do it!
  19. paul101


    He's got a terrible taste in women, she sounds like a nightmare
  20. Most embarrassing President in history
  21. I see Biden is going back on his promise re student loans, but to be fair he probably cannot remember what that was!
  22. Proven liar, cheat and fraudster At the time, Senator Biden was also facing numerous other allegations of plagiarism, including lifting passages from British Labor leader Neil Kinnock, Robert F. Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, and even John F. Kennedy. Biden also misrepresented his standing in law school, claiming that he had graduated in the "top half" of his class when he actually was ranked 76 out of 85. He further claimed that he had earned "three degrees." In reality, Biden earned a B.A. with a double major (History and Political Science) from the University of Delaware in June 1965. He was ranked 506 out of a class of 688 students.
  23. Though I prefer more traditional music most impressed by our local star in Bkk, 10 when she recorded this. Been on tv talent shows a few times, fluent in English as well as guitar, also has a great stage presence and confidence. Wearing her actual school uniform!
  24. If sinovac is all that's on offer I will have it and get a better one later. Sinovac is obviously not as good as the others, but should keep you out of the ICU if it came to it
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