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  1. Thought he'd done a Lord Lucan
  2. Queen of The South is very good, nothing like a gripping tale of cartel murder and betrayal
  3. Don't watch everything I download, but this was really good. Strangely it gets a load of one star review on IMDB, something to do with the women's roles, or is it wimen these days, nice twist at the end
  4. Not much of a plot and stiff as a board acting, but worth it for the shots inside the winter palace hotel and the scenery. Might have been better to have forgotten about the non story and just shown the locations
  5. Kyoto's finest, one of the worlds best school bands for sure
  6. All countries need a Mr Gormsby to sort out the nancy boys and dress wearers New Zealand's funniest ever show
  7. keep your eye on the girl, forgotten about this group until it pooped up on YT
  8. Strewth some of you sound half dead already 😨
  9. 20 years ago there was Soi Zero, Sukhumvit Sq, Clinton Plaza, Asoke corner, Queens park, Washington Sq etc all history. Nana Plaza will go the same way one day, just a matter of time.
  10. Just booked in to Hotel on suk soi 20 and can see down onto what was Washington Sq, sign of the times. I imagine Nana Plaza will end up going the same way in the not too distant future. Anyone know what they are building down there?
  11. Stick was a great bloke always willing to give help and advice, the site had a good run anyway. I think anyone from NZ must be a bit loopy to want to give that country up for a permanent life in Thailand.
  12. Must have gotten pretty boring covering bars and nightlife every week when not really interested in the subject. The photos were the quality side of the site. Like the terminator he'll be back.
  13. wasn't the 2000 election more than a bit suspect as well?
  14. Enjoyed that thanks, recall going to see the exhibit in '69 at the British Museum. Did not think the inserted romance was too bad, at least no bames littering the cast for once!
  15. Why do people who have given up drinking always go on about how long it is since they had one?
  16. Obama played more golf, how much was his bill?
  17. Not necessarily, in the UK you can win an election with fewer votes than the opposition, or get a large percentage of the votes but get very few members of parliament http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/politics/election_2010/8643955.stm
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