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  1. Yes, agree. She should have learned her lesson and as the book went on, she fall in to her old, evil ways. Over half way thru the book it looked like she had learned her lesson and was trying to encourage others to flee from the drugs, but in the end...
  2. Let's hope that President Trump will start a free, unbiased new network! Info from an attorney in the know!!! Robert Barnes (Trump's Next Move? Social Media Purge, War On Liberty, What Can YOU Do?)
  3. Escape from Venezuela’s Deadliest Prison After getting arrested at a Venezuelan airport with a suitcase of cocaine, Natalie was clueless about the danger she was facing. Sentenced to 10 years, she arrived at a prison with armed men on the roof, whom she mistakenly believed were the guards, only to find out they were homicidal gang members. Immediately, she was plunged into a world of unimaginable horror and escalating violence, where murder, rape and gang warfare were carried out with the complicity of corrupt guards. Male prisoners often entered the females’ housing area, bringing gunfire with them and leaving corpses behind. After 4.5 years, Natalie risked everything to escape and flee through Colombia, with the help of a guard who had fallen deeply in love with her. Good read! Well written and moves along nicely. Many ups and downs in the story. Sad ending. **** 1/2
  4. Wake up Bubi... Germany: New COVID variant found in Bavaria A mutation of the coronavirus has been discovered among 35 newly infected patients in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It is different to the one found originally in the UK, but doctors do not yet know if it is highly infectious. https://www.dw.com/en/germany-new-covid-variant-found-in-bavaria/a-56269615
  5. Delusional Trump haters trying to take a page from the propaganda non-news media....keep saying it enough until you convince yourself, then say it more to try to convince others! Watch the video or keep fooling yourself with your Saul Alinsky commie BS!!! Quote from Alinsky...Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. So keep ridiculing President Trump so you can reinforce your leftard ideas... Hundreds and hundreds of positive actions taken by President Trump for all the USA people!!! 47 minutes detailing some of the excellent accomplishments!!! THIS IS WHY TRUMP'S 2017-2021 PRESIDENTIAL TERM WAS SUCH A SUCCESS!
  6. Hundreds and hundreds of positive actions taken by President Trump for all the USA people!!! 47 minutes detailing some of the excellent accomplishments!!! THIS IS WHY TRUMP'S 2017-2021 PRESIDENTIAL TERM WAS SUCH A SUCCESS!
  7. cavanami

    The Covid-19 thread

    Chinese City Reports Coronavirus Found on Ice Cream A city government in eastern China says the coronavirus was found on ice cream produced there, prompting a recall of cartons from the same batch. BEIJING (AP) — The coronavirus was found on ice cream produced in eastern China, prompting a recall of cartons from the same batch, according to the government. The Daqiaodao Food Co., Ltd. in Tianjin, adjacent to Beijing, was sealed and its employees were being tested for the coronavirus, a city government statement said. There was no indication anyone had contracted the virus from the ice cream... https://www.usnews.com/news/health-news/articles/2021-01-16/chinese-city-reports-coronavirus-found-on-ice-cream
  8. Touching the Void The true story of two climbers and their perilous journey up the west face of Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes in 1985. Hell of a story! Well written. Keeps you enthralled wanting to finish the book in one session. **** 1/2
  9. President Trump haters getting their feedings...
  10. For the brain dead President Trump haters...real truth that you ignore!!!
  11. *** If *** we are forced to have a Bidumb presidency...get ready for things go down the drain!!! The Bidumb theme song of how to fark up the USA... You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
  12. A bomb went off tonight in Jamchuree Sq. In Bangkok. 4 hurts so far. UPDATE: Police announced a bomb incident in front of Chamchuri Square. Total of 4 injured people asking for a result to follow the perpetrators. . Today (16 January) Ph. tā t A.D. Krishna Phatcharoen, Deputy spokesman for the National Police Office, mentioned that there was a noise similar to explosion in the intersection of three neighborhoods. People were injured around 18.00 p.m. While police officers are on duty in front of Chamchuri Square building, there is a loud noise like firecracker in front of Chamchuri Square building. Then police officers in police station. Pathumwan has investigated. Found 4 minor injured people who are security guard. Chamchuri Square Mall 1, 1 Press and 2 Police Officers Read more news at https://thestandard.co/#ม็อบ16มกรา #News #TheStandardNews
  13. Get ready if we have Bidumb for the USA president...Bidumb will fark up the world and you brain dead Trump haters will be wishing for a President Trump!!! Russia to Exit Open Skies Treaty, Escalating Military Rivalry With U.S. Russia said Friday that it was pulling out of a decades-old treaty that allowed countries to make military reconnaissance flights over each other’s territory, escalating its growing military competition with the United States and Europe just weeks before the incoming Biden administration will have to negotiate the extension of the central nuclear arms control treaty between the two countries.... https://www.yahoo.com/news/russia-exit-open-skies-treaty-195102468.html
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