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  1. CS Try living and commenting for items in 2020. Obummer is not president any longer...time to move on and stop gaslighting.
  2. 1 + 1 = 2...and the neo cons and globalists continue their attacks!
  3. President Trump didn't have the popular vote because of all the illegals voting. Judicial Watch has won legal cases in California and other states, forcing the states to clean up their voter roles! You forgot? I already posted that several times but doesn't fit your biased narrative so of course discount it. Up to 1.5 M to be cleaned from CA voter roles! This is 1 + 1 = 2. You say Judicial Watch is not doing anything? BS, here's only on example!!!
  4. Before you get sucked in to all the Dem lies to cover up the Biden crimes that Biden openly admitted to!
  5. Bubi, you are soooooo clever....you got everything under control in Germany??? How's the new training going for the police??? Berlin police recruits must 'learn German before English' The new head of the Berlin Police Academy has said that police trainees should close their English textbooks and open their German ones instead. The training program has been criticized for falling German levels. https://www.dw.com/en/berlin-police-recruits-must-learn-german-before-english/a-46461889 Amid controversy, Germany's police struggle to find recruits Serious accusations leveled at the Berlin police academy include violent and even criminal trainees. Meanwhile, police forces around the country are struggling to find suitable recruits. https://www.dw.com/en/amid-controversy-germanys-police-struggle-to-find-recruits/a-41306017
  6. This is China's century...they have a lot of sins to pay for with all the pollution in CHina, with all their human rights violations, etc etc etc China confirmed that the deadly Wuhan virus sweeping the country can spread from human to human, increasing the risk of an epidemic China's mysterious deadly coronavirus can spread from person to person, China's top medical authority announced on Monday. Chinese and international authorities are scrambling to slow the spread of 2019-nCoV, a SARs-like illness known as the Wuhan virus because the infection originated in a seafood and meat market in the central Chinese metropolis. Authorities initially believed the illness was largely being transmitted from animals to humans. Confirmation that it can move directly between people makes the threat even more severe, and increases the risk to other countries. https://www.yahoo.com/news/china-confirmed-deadly-wuhan-virus-204845877.html
  7. Here's China's century.... China Confirms Human-to-Human Transmission of Coronavirus as British Tourist Hospitalized in Thailand
  8. Coming out of New Zealand...where they do a crappy job of vetting "charities"? Australia threw the Clinton false charity out!!! Guess Kiwis' are no too bright!!!
  9. I've said it since Trump was elected, the Dems need to prepare a credible candidate for the 2020 elections. ...but the Dems did nothing for a viable candidate, shame on them!!!
  10. The New Zealand government replied to the email sent, exposing the millions of $$$ that was given by the New Zealand government to the illegal, fraudulent Clinton "charity". For the weak minded, this is a clear fraud, NOTHING to do with politics. It concerns the New Zealand government giving the peoples' tax money to the illegal "charity"!!!
  11. Comments from a French Embassy official...not some baseless BS accusations...facts and truth!
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