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  1. This Iowa man is now legend. Joe Biden was standing right next to him and he couldn't care less. When asked what he thought of Biden, the man replied, "Who?" 😂 😂 😂 Picture on internet
  2. Local hospital. I'm now at the airport and what a nightmare! Sloooow, much paperwork to show and get checked. I asked at immigration about the Thailand Pass and they knew nothing. Now over one week and no TP or communication...great system....not!!!! Plan B, fly to Penang, Malaysia and take the train to Bangkok.
  3. Just went for my covid test...3600 Baht...WTF!!!!
  4. Lucky you! I am waiting 7 days now and will depart tomorrow hell or high water! If necessary, I will change to a flight to Penang, Malaysia and enter Thailand by boat as you don't need the Thai Pass!!!
  5. Such activity provides medical research as to how effective a medication might be. This activity is absolutely necessary for the betterment of medical research and humanity.
  6. I look at what I take as I want it to enhance things in my life...sex, OK!
  7. As we age, if we want to have an enjoyable future we must refrain...me too, alcohol greatly reduced. Welcome to your ride on the tea toddler wagon 555
  8. Kong...a HUGE congrats!!! I always said that there were better things to smoke than ciggies 555
  9. Kong, I know and understand what you are saying. For me, I deal with small businesses and they just want their machine to spit out the widget when they press the button. They have little interest to update their machine software/controller as long as they produce their widgets. I would be pleased to give them updates but the costs involved, machine downtime, etc makes it unappealing to them. My new HP printer/scanner...the interface software sucks. Yes, it's the latest and the greatest but for the operator, me, it makes functions slower then my old XP based scanner. All updates are not good...can you say Win 8? I completely skipped that one.
  10. Yes, there are large benefits, usually, with running the latest and greatest. My printer is sick so I run out and buy another...HP2722, cheap enough but guess what, the HP driver doesn't work in XP. On this PC I have the work around to boot up with my Win 7 so all is well. I have another PC using Win 10, which I was not impressed with and now they have Win 11? I hate being a slave to Microsoft and all the others but it is what it is. I'm still waiting on my Thai Pass so I think someone board mentioned that they got theirs in 15 minutes...maybe, but looks to be no more. No matter, as long as the flight doesn't get canceled I'm going and see what it takes to get back...
  11. Can you say...if it works, don't fix it? 5555555555555 Some of the older controllers I service require XP for the manufacturer's interface software to function. Thus I actually have dual OS/dual boot on several PCs.
  12. ...and I am running Win XP and using Firefox...555555555555555555 Can you say...dinosaur????
  13. I did the Thai Pass and it was a pain but I did it from square 1 with nothing prepared. I did the insurance, hotel, etc online. Easy to find an online converter to make the jpg files/docs they want.
  14. OK, managed to get a flight to the USA to see the family. Now I am looking at the hoops that I must jump thru... I take it I can get a covid test at the BKK airport before I depart as it is required to enter the USA? I have my covid passport from the hospital here in Thailand, so I hope they will accept that as proof of vaccination? Any other surprises?
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