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    Any New Jokes

    The husband had been sitting and staring at their marriage license for over one hour. The wife finally asked him, "what are you doing just sitting there staring at our marriage license"? The husband replied, "looking for the expiration date". :grin:
  2. cavanami


    There were some "nice" massage parlors. My Japanese customer took me there, so not sure where they are exactly at, but they do exist. Hangzhou is mostly a tourist city. Nice lake in the middle of the city. There are some good pubs near the lake, one was a German pub with great beer! Plenty of ladies about :grin:
  3. cavanami


    Been there, as I have a Japanese customer that setup a factory there. I get there every few months or so. If you go the tourist route, can be on the expensive side. There are cheap hotels and for long term, cheap & nice apartments ($300 USD/month, 70+ sq. meters). Usually I fly in to Shanghai and take the train or bus to Hangzhou. The bus is right there at the airport, so easy to access but a 3 hour ride to get to Hangzhou.
  4. cavanami


    Sounds like a plan! Consider it done.
  5. cavanami


    Do they meet there on Fridays? I could stop by after Gully's.
  6. cavanami


    I know there are a few copies out and about in Bangkok, I just need to get one to watch the movie. If Paul will allow me to copy, I can do, otherwise I would respect his copyright and not make a copy, up to Paul. Frank's Corner, don't know what that is, so I must not be a member. If you can provide me with a copy to watch, that would be great! Just tell me when and where and I will be there to collect it!
  7. cavanami


    Paul Spurrier He has posted here before. Looks to be a good movie. Dean Barrett even had a small part in the movie. I want to hook up with Paul and borrow the DVD off him as it is not available in DVD here in Thailand. There is a website with clips of the movie, etc: http://www.pbar.info/videos.html
  8. cavanami

    Farang, insult or not?

    I am called a farang often. I am in the Bangkok China Town area a few times a week picking up this and that. The staff at various shops always refer to me as a farang, but not in any demeaning way, just to identify me to the other shop staff. No big deal.
  9. It takes 3 months to show up on the test? Not sure, but I think I was told this at one time. Just my foggy memory.
  10. I had the same form "issued" at Khao San Road :grin:
  11. Common...depends. if you can take the "regular" HIV medicines, they will usually be covered. If the doctor wants to put you on an experimental medicine, usually not covered. which may mean a death sentence for you unless you have the cash to get the medicine(s). Also, if you happen to get on with a new insurance, they usually will not cover previous illness, so if you already had HIV, they most likely would not cover you...real nice...NOT
  12. When I was on certain ships that were sailing to certain areas...we had to get a series of shots for small pox, anthrax, etc. Before we could get the shots we had to pass an HIV test as the shots could not be given if you were HIV positive (and you would be removed from the ship). A little nervous, but came out OK. Makes you think and take notice!
  13. cavanami

    Any New Jokes

    Cruel. Where's the Anticruelty Society... Great! Keep 'em coming!!! :grin:
  14. Bad news, but for sure, not the end! The doctors continue to make HUGE gains in the control and cure of HIV. Also, stem cells may help. There are (is) companies in New Zealand that sell stem cells. I'm not anywhere near an expert on these things but PM me and I can put you in contact with a man that was *** cured *** of diabetes using stem cells and the magnetic pulse" machine. The docs gave him three months to live, that was three years ago!!! Never give up! Positive thinking, good eating and living habits!!!
  15. cavanami

    Who Will be Next President of the USA?

    OK...to sum up, Who Will be Next President of the USA? Elmer Fudd? Alfred E. Newman? Daffy Duck? May as well, we already have all the Looney Tunes running the government now!
  16. cavanami

    Who Will be Next President of the USA?

    Bush did the same as Clinton did and many presidents before. It is a "good ol' boys" club. No rules, no penalty and no fear!!! USA, the best politicians $$$ can buy!
  17. cavanami

    What's your mafia name?

    Louie the Hammer I like it...you got a problem wit dat?
  18. You sure don't want one of them to fall on your head!
  19. Gun control? How about Parent Control??? Like this guy within one minute decided to shoot 47 people??? What were the parents thinking??? This guy has been a wacko for many years!!!! WTF!!! (IMO).
  20. cavanami

    FREE TV over PC? or is this a scam?

    This one used to be great but they stopped showing some channels Now it is only, OK.
  21. cavanami

    Farang, insult or not?

    Now reading an old book (1985) about the life of Jim Thompson. They mention the use of the word, farang, as coming into use when the French were still in the area and the word was used to denote a French person and later on, westerns. I do not see any insult in Thais using this word.
  22. cavanami

    Conversation with a Russian hooker

    An engineer fresh out of the university is almost worthless! They need experience. Yes, the pay is low until they get experience. Sounds like a load of horse hockey!
  23. cavanami

    Farang, insult or not?

    I agree that the use of the word, "farang" is not normally used is a negative manner. For me and the Thai folks I associate with, Farang is a very useful word when they are trying to mention a certain foreigner and using the word farang makes it easy for me to understand who they might be describing.
  24. cavanami

    Escalators, and the Great, Good Men who Visit Them

    ...lick your eyebrows
  25. cavanami

    English teacher is paedophile suspect

    1997??? Ten years ago???? WTF