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  1. Düsseldorf, great city! I have lived/worked there several times during working career. My good friend lived north of Düsseldorf in a small town, Kleinenbroich. Carry on! Keep up the good work (fun)!!!
  2. From a REAL black conservative patriot!!! What Side are YOU On? These Vile Reactions To The Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett Will Be Your Guide
  3. Truth and facts!!! The Left is THREATENING VIOLENCE over Trump, Senate Filling #RBG's #SCOTUS Seat!
  4. More truth and facts regarding the corrupt Biden crime family and the Evil Obummer administration!!! NEW DECLAS PROVES RUSSIAN COLLUSION IS TRUE! BARRY’S FBI USED RUSSIAN SPY TO HELP HILLARY! GET TRUMP
  7. More Biden BS... NEW Docs Show Even Obama Admin was CONCERNED about Biden-Burisma Dealings!
  8. Obviously you have ZERO knowledge of the real Biden! Biden was the MBNA (large USA credit card company) Senator, meaning he pushed thru massive legislation for the benefit of the credit card companies, screwing the middle class! Biden has always worked to screw the middle class, Please study Biden BEFORE you make stupid comments!!!
  9. ...or cut to the chase... Charles Ortel is CLOSING IN with Special Guest George Neumayr The Biden Deception
  10. ...want to know the truth and facts about Biden? read this book!!! Biden is an absolute POS his entire political career!!! Wake the FUC# UP!!!! The Biden Deception: Moderate, Opportunist, or the Democrats' Crypto-Socialist? by George Neumayr A Socialist in Sheep's Clothing That's what Joe Biden is. "Ordinary Joe" bills himself as a unifying "moderate," but he's far more dangerous than many realize. In fact, he's on board with the extreme Left on every vital issue—from the "Green New Deal," to trampling on the constitutional rights of gun owners and Christians, to socialist schemes that threaten to turn the United States into Venezuela. George Neumayr, a savvy and seasoned reporter, exposes Biden's radicalism and proves—often with the candidate's own words—why his presidency would be a disaster for America. In The Biden Deception, you’ll learn how and why a Biden administration would: Undercut law and order Erase our national borders Insist on abortion on demand across the country Repeal the Trump tax cuts Treat Communist China as an ally rather than a dangerous foe Pick up where Obama left off in “remaking” America—but far more aggressively Be the stepping-stone to power for an even more leftist Democratic Party that takes its cue from “AOC and the Squad” All elections are important, but 2020 will determine whether the U.S. becomes a socialist state—modeled on “lockdown America”—or renews its commitment to freedom and capitalism. Read The Biden Deception and don’t be fooled.
  11. Krystal: A Krystal Murphy Mystery (Krystal Murphy Mysteries Book 1) by Michael R. Davidson A controversial Miami judge is murdered in a Washington hotel room. Homicide detective Krystal Murphy identifies an ideal suspect, a person with motive and opportunity. Following the suspect’s trail to Miami, she is confronted by an unspeakable tragedy. Convinced her initial instincts were wrong, she teams with a Miami detective. When more people associated with the case begin turning up dead, Krystal finds herself in a race against time before she herself becomes the next victim of an increasingly desperate killer. Great read! The story moves along with a few twist and turns. ****
  12. More reports on the Thai TV news: Thais in Shibuya (Tokyo), Japan joined in the protests in Japan. Appears that all the major cities in Thailand had protests, so millions were involved in the protests. Now we wait for the results of the protests...
  13. From reports provided me from people that attended the protest, appears that over 200,000 were in attendance. There was a full military and police presence there complete with water and sound cannons. The protest was quite peaceful and last night, the main stream Thai media started to cover the event. Main theme of the protest continued with, "Prayuth get out"! The photo shown in the article was very early in to the protest... Thailand protests: Thousands join huge rally demanding reforms Thousands of people have protested in the Thai capital Bangkok calling for reform of the political system, including the role of the monarchy. It was one of the biggest protests in years with at least 15,000 people, police said. "Down with feudalism, long live the people," chanted some. There were no reports of violence. Since July, rallies have called for the resignation of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha who took power in a 2014 coup and won disputed elections last year. Saturday's student-led demonstration moved from the campus of Thammasat University to a park next to a grand palace used for royal ceremonies. Demonstrators say they plan to stay overnight and march to the offices of the prime minister on Sunday morning... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-54217284
  14. Many of these have migrated to Facebook but they are still around and active.
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