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  1. ...more for the butt monkeys....only 1m 21s, so it won't overload your goldfish memory...
  2. For the propaganda butt monkeys...
  3. Soi 22 place was in Queen's Park Plaza...and great burgers!
  4. The USA (lack) of intelligence agencies have done such a good job...where were the WMDs? gun running, drug sales to pay for their black ops, etc etc CS, you have a great routine for the comedy club 555555555555555555555
  5. 555555555 CS will be performing at the Comedy Club tonight...
  6. Judge Jeanine, she knows and understands!
  7. Smile... 5 more years for President Trump to keep winning for the USA!
  8. CS This is how it works. Invest the time, listen and get educated.
  9. An accurate and factual summary
  10. Amazing the cognitive dissonance being displayed by many! They fail to see the full and real picture. This impeachment facade is nothing but a waste of time. President Trump's constitutional rights are being trampled. Isn't there a little provision in the constitution that requires the accuser to be brought forward? Why can the Dems blocked witnesses... Ohhhh, the Dems changer the rules!
  11. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EItKMYBWoAEgH22.jpg
  12. All you whiners...get ready for 5 more years with President Trump!!!
  13. People can pontificate all they want but facts and truth are only denied by those suffering from TDS and cognitive dissonance...
  14. Up tomorrow them if are gay. Nothing there, move along. Rosario Dawson, Shaaaa wing!!!
  15. OK all you suffering from TDS... Suck it up, snowflakes. ..
  16. ...ignore the facts and keep drinking the kool aid... When you are getting all your "data" from the lying, biased, for profit news media...you have been brain washed!!!
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