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  1. Johnny Cash did the best rendition of Hurt. I listened to all of them and in my opinion he was the best.
  2. Thailand....paying for my admission, sign clearly states, Over xx years old, free admission...not quite, as I was told, that is for Thais ONLY Welcome to Thailand!!!
  3. Saw Johnny Cash at a few of the Farm Aids that I was able to attend. Just a great, natural performer!
  4. My friend Fred phoned me and asked if I would join him to see some guitar player down in Chicago. I said ok. I asked who is it? He said some nigg.r. Yes, that's how he talked. We went to one of the early Jimi Hendrix concerts and were blown out of our seats!!! That was incredible music!!!
  5. Some may know the Carabao song, Tom Tom where you go last night... I had a friend here in Thailand who we called Tom Tom, so I am wondering what was the inspiration for writing the song? Sadly, Tom Tom passed away a few years back but I always think of him when I hear the song.
  6. Just lock the board and take yourself a well deserved break for the holidays!
  7. Going to the USA from Japan, when I arrived in Japan they did a full on security between gates. Shoes off, everything out of your pockets, etc. Coming back, the other way, there was nothing. No security check at all.
  8. Going thru Japan from Bangkok to the USA....Bad! Security between gates, shoes off, blah, blah blah. 1st I have ever seen that, Coming back to Bangkok, nothing, zero security check. Wait for boarding that was it.
  9. They also had a form you could fill out if you did not have the Thailand Pass. As time permits and the jet lag is reduced, I will scan and post the forms.
  10. $ selections to check off: less than $20,000 US$ 20,001 to 60,000 US$ more than 60,000 US$ no income and yes, it stated US dollars.
  11. One thing I notice, on the immi form when you arrive, they want you to declare your yearly income! Hmmmm...
  12. I be at the BKK airport hotel. Made it thru all the BS at like 1AM this morning. I see the Thailand Pass people and the immi people working their azz off at the airport dealing with all the crap! There were at least 200 chairs set up before the first hassle, Thailand Pass. Many besides me had problems with the Thailand Pass. Even checking in to the airport hotel was a hassle, more for the hotel staff but it took quite bit of time to get checked in and then to get the mandated PCR covid test. 3 AM I finally was showered and sleeping as best as I could with the wonderful jet lag. Anyone doing international travel...DON'T...unless you enjoy insane hassles!!!
  13. Just in...email from Thailand Pass...they want me to re-register...OK, fill out all the forms online and submit all the docs again...they will review and get back to me in 3 to 7 days...I don't think so. I working on plan B: fly to either Laos or Malaysia and take a bus or a train in to Thailand. Don't need this Thailand Pass for bus or a train... If I can get to Japan and they stop me, then plan B goes into effect... If I do get to Thailand by air...hmmmm...I may not have the Thailand Pass but I got all the paperwork...vax passport, recent covid test with negative results, insurance and the quarantine airport hotel.
  14. ...still on hold... Thailand Pass never answer the phone, never answer emails...
  15. ...still on hold...52 minutes on hold...international call...let's see, new Thai system, not working...understaffed...and Thailand wants tourists and people to retire in Thailand???
  16. ...get a message that they are experiencing high call volume...errrr...with your f#cked up system, of course you have high call volume...on hold...no message, no warning, the call just gets cut!!!
  17. I phone Thailand Pass, press 9 for English and they talk Thai...I go on hold and then they cut the call...great system...NOT!!!
  18. My Mom's New Boyfriend Henry Durand is a young federal agent who is given a difficult assignment: spy on his mother and her boyfriend who is suspected of leading a gang of art thieves. Fun movie. Some twists and turns. Good movie!
  19. I Care a Lot A crooked legal guardian who drains the savings of her elderly wards meets her match when a woman she tries to swindle turns out to be more than she first appears. Gripping movie! Scary. I rate it as a strong must see!
  20. I have my Thai people calling the Thailand Pass and the hotel. I am sure all is OK with the hotel and the hotel confirmation but Thailand Pass is f#cked up!!! The sticking point is Thailand Pass as they do nothing!!! F#ck it, hell or high water I fly out of here on Monday so let the adventure continue... Oh, not too stressful...what a great place to go to for holiday...NOT!!!!
  21. My hotel confirmation clearly shows a "superior room" with the covid package. Room Type: Superior King Number of Room: 1 Adult: 1 Room Rate: THB 4,900.00 inclusive of 19.7% Tax and service charge for 01 night per room with 1 Covid-19 RT PCR testing,1 Antigen kit, airport pick up from Suvarnabhumi airport to hotel and internet. Payment Method: PAID Please be noted that this quarantine free package is non cancellation and non-refundable. The property is located right next to the terminal, a leisurely 5 minutes stroll via the air-conditioned underground (B1) walkway or a short ride in the 24h complimentary shuttle van from Gate 10, arrival level (2F) at the terminal
  22. Too much hassle to change at this point. I need to show a covid test to get in Japan. Covid test here in the USA was free!
  23. ...but the people at Thailand Pass seem to not know about the ASQ hotels as they rejected my Thailand Pass because my hotel confirmation did not say, covid test included... I'm still waiting and even have my people in Thailand calling Thailand Pass but nothing!!!
  24. Anyone can get a SS number when they are born and many do, so your idea to use SS as an ID, nope!
  25. USA voting is sooooo good that even the dead people can vote!
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