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  1. I had to run an errand from my hotel on Suk Soi 15 down to the Food Land on Soi 5. Being 64, and not having the easy walking range I had ten years ago, I hailed a cab. The driver was an older guy, and there was none of the usual "100 baht" nonsense. I got in. And I notice he had CLASSICAL music playing. I said "Good taste in music, thank you." He promptly identified it as Mozart. And I believe it was. It made the usual traffic jams a lot more bearable. TIT...
  2. T minus one week and counting. All that is left is to call the various banks and warn them not to freak out when they start seeing things from the other side of the planet. And pack.
  3. Eternal rest grant him, Lord, and light everlasting shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen. I don't think I ever met him, but I read his writings, and he was one of the crew. He will be missed.
  4. Specialist


    The problem with that hypothesis is that prevalence of homosexuality among males is closer to 2.5% - 3%. (Source: the LGBTQ amicus brief to the Supreme Court in the Texas sodomy law test case.)
  5. It has truly been said that "The cure for bad speech is MORE speech, not stopping speech." If you outlaw, for example, any speech about the KKK, you make it impossible for anyone to say WHY what the KKK says is wrong. You also make it difficult to point out WHO the KKK really was. AND you make it difficult to point out that even the KKK occasionally says something that, politically incorrect though it may be, damned well needs to be said. Case in point: "If it is wrong to discriminate against a black man solely because he is black, why is it not wrong to discriminate against a white man solely because he is white?" David Duke said that, in words very similar.
  6. What Stick and Flash said goes for me too.
  7. I just booked the airline ticket an hour or so ago. T minus 7 weeks and counting for a two week stay. I still have to set up the hotel in BKK and the airport hotel here the night before, and I need to call AA to set up seat assignments on the JL legs and request the J upgrade on the return transPac hop. I'm in coach on JL on the outbound transPac hop, which is better than AA MCE and *ALMOST* equivalent to AA PE. And that's BEFORE you allow for JL vs. AA flight attendants...
  8. Did he say which bars? This does sound like the sort of thing the Arab might try.
  9. Don't remind me. A few years ago, I encountered one such group. One of them was quite persistent: she/he WOULD NOT let go of my wrist. I finally had to employ a breaklock I learned many years ago. Done full speed and full power against a resisting opponent, it can break bones. I did it slowly and gently, which let him/her figure out that he/she could either let go or experience a lot of pain as his/her wrist was bent in ways it was NOT designed to bend.
  10. The first time, he got me. I didn't recognize him the second and third times. I realized who it might have been, and then recognized him when he started the game, the second time. I didn't recognize him at all the third time, except for the game, and then I realized who it had to be. I didn't remember the taxi number well enough to be certain of it, this last time. Different taxi numbers. This has happened over the course of several years. I won't swear that the third time was the same guy, but it sure sounded like him.
  11. Is there a procedure for filing a formal complaint against a taxi driver? I think this is the third time I've run into this particular clown. His modus operandi is to claim to understand where you are going, and then persistently misunderstand, until you are (ideally) a long way from your starting point AND destination. The first time, he got away with it. The second time, he tried really hard to misunderstand "Soi Cowboy" as "Soi Kow", giving up when I said "Soi yisipsahm". Tonight, after the hotel security guard told him Terminal 21, and I told him Terminal 21, he tried to claim he heard 41. When I said "Yisipet", he tried to ask "Sukhumvit?" This was after he'd driven RIGHT PAST Terminal 21. I ordered him to pull over, NOW. It took me THREE TIMES telling him to pull over and stop. He finally pulled over just short of Suk Soi 23, and I got out. Blew my plans for the trip pretty thoroughly, as I just got out of the hospital yesterday and didn't really have the walking range to get back to the skytrain station without serious rest time. I would REALLY like to see his cabbie license lifted and shredded, to force him into an honest career, like maybe a ya ba dealer.
  12. I do not currently have any capability for transferring CDs to MP3s. I'm trying to work one problem, not two.
  13. OK, my old Sony portable CD player crapped out on me, and I need to find a replacement. Good places to look? It will be playing through existing Bose headphones, so audio quality is a MUST. It will frequently be bedside, so provision for an AC adapter is a MUST. Where's a good place to shop? Obviously, I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money. (I could replace the old one for upwards of US$300, as it has long since been discontinued. NOT A CHANCE!) Suggestions welcome. Skytrain or subway or taxi access required: the doctor has put me on limited walking restriction for the duration. Thanks!
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