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  1. Specialist

    TIT. Thank God!

    Nope. None of the above. Watch was still on my wrist, wallet still in my pocket, mobile still back in my hotel room, room key still in pocket. You're jaded. I was surprised. And grateful.
  2. Specialist

    TIT. Thank God!

    Sometimes, something happens that goes a long way toward restoring your faith in humanity and Thailand and the Thai people. Yesterday, I was walking up Suk Soi 7 toward the beer garden. I don't know what happened, but I stumbled, couldn't recover, and went down hard in the street. I saw a motorcycle avoid me once I picked my head up. Before I knew it, before I even had time to start thinking about how I was going to get up, there were people around me, asking if I was OK, helping me up. I finally counted four men and one woman. They got me stood up. I had some scrapes, bleeding. Someone found paper towels somewhere, they helped me clean up, and one of them then walked with me to the beer garden and saw me safely to a stool. The beer garden dek serve found a towel and then their box of plasters, and we finished the cleanup and bandaging job. TIT. Thank God. The Thais are still some of the most wonderful people on the planet.
  3. Specialist

    Usa Thread

    You recall correctly. Had Gore won Tennessee, we would not have had the Florida drama. It is EXTREMELY rare for a Presidential candidate to lose his home state and yet win the election overall. Given that Noo Yawk is Democrat to the stones, it is not surprising that Trump lost that state. As for why he won the election, well, look at the county-level or poll district-level maps and you will begin to understand. (Those maps will also give you a very strong hint as to why the US has the Electoral College.)
  4. Specialist

    Any New Jokes

    Well, how'd you do, I see you've met my faithful handyman. He's just a little brought down 'cuz when you knocked, he thought you were the candy man.
  5. Specialist

    Roses For Tilac

    If you mean www.flowerbangkok.com, their "Contact Us" gives a telephone number Telephone: +66 2 552 8116 Fax: +66 2 972 8793. Those are Bangkok city numbers, not mobiles. Give them a call and ask for their shop address.
  6. Specialist

    What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

    I just saw this one tonight. The "major" plot twist was obvious, painfully so. On the other hand, the movie won the coveted Crazy Farang Award for Best Visual Gag, with the British getaway helicopter's registration code: G-DEUP. Giddi-yup!
  7. Specialist

    Meetings Still Going On?

    Well, since you said it: I'm at T minus 5 weeks and counting. Arriving late Saturday, 1 Sep, flying out early Sunday 16 Sep.
  8. Specialist

    Street Vendors To Get Kicked Off Khao San Road

    I still remember the night I arrived in Bangkok on my very first trip. I flew into Don Mueang, caught a taxi, and was staying at the Ambassador Hotel on Suk Soi 11. We turned onto Sukhumvit Road, and it suddenly hit me: At midnight, this city was ALIVE!, in a way I'd never seen before ANYWHERE. The street vendors were a noticeable part of that. Over the ensuing years, I gradually realized that the street vendors were not really the active commerce I'd thought initially, but, for a long time, it was fun to see what they were offering. I got tired of it as the porn and adult products and fake drugs started crowding out the more interesting stuff. At the same time, every time I hit town, landing shortly before midnight, getting to the hotel around 1 AM or so, Sukhumvit Road is still alive.
  9. Specialist

    Anyone We Know?

    He ran Dream Disco in the Zenith hotel on Suk Soi 3.
  10. Specialist

    Any New Jokes

  11. Specialist

    Divers Re-Enter Thai Cave To Search For 13 Cut Off By Floods

    Several years ago, there was a letter to the editor in the Bangkok Post. The author commented that he routinely spoke with government functionaries in English, and he routinely spoke with bargirls in English, and the bargirls were almost universally much more fluent and understandable. I noticed something similar during stays in Bumrungrad. The nurses were generally a lot easier to understand in English than the doctors were, even if it did occasionally come out as Tinglish. The reasons appear to be the same: the nurses and the bargirls get a lot more practice on a daily basis.
  12. Specialist

    Days Till Siam/nep/pattaya

    Update from a while back. All reservations in place. Arriving Swampypoom late 1 Sep, flying out too early on 16 Sep.
  13. Specialist

    What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

    The Incredibles 2. It was OK, but not as good as the original, in my opinion. They went too far toward photorealism on the animation, which left a lot of the faces and heads reminding me VERY strongly of Gerry and Silvia Anderson's "Supermarionation" shows: Supercar, Fireball XL5, Stingray. I saw the plot twist coming a mile off. And it did bother me some that they seemed like they chose to be politically correct, showing the wife as the totally competent one, while the husband kind of bumbles through.
  14. Specialist

    Itsmedave Arriving Soon

    It isn't that simple. The Thai GSM system uses completely different radio frequencies than the various US systems. These days, pretty much all phones will work on all frequencies, but this was not always the case. Also, depending on your carrier and your plan, international roaming for US customers can be ludicrously expensive. I own an old, cheap Thai GSM flip phone, that I use only in Thailand. It is so old that it think that years after about 2014 don't exist, so I have to play games with the year setting to get the calendar to match reality. But it works. Also, why would I want US telemarketers to be able to call me in Bangkok? MOST of the calls I get on my cellphone are illegal telemarketers.
  15. Specialist

    T Minus 30 Days And Counting...

    I'm landing at Swampypoom very late 1 September. I should catch the tail end of the rainy season.