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  1. That's why you come to town for two weeks, do the tailor visit on the first or second day, and tell them you're only there for a week. Or you could use a really good tailor shop, that has done outstanding work for you or your friends in the past. PM me if you want a referral.
  2. We used to have quite a few active "mongers", who frequently posted detailed Trip Reports. After some fairly brutal tar-and-feather parties, they said "The hell with this!" and stopped posting Trip Reports altogether.
  3. From memory: I go down the escalators from the Soi Cowboy side of Asoke, and I'm looking West, going under Asoke, toward lower Sukhumvit. The subway station proper extends off to the North. There didn't USED to be a way to go South. There was a secondary corridor on the South side, going West, that seemed to end quickly, but I've never really looked. Are you saying they've cut another tunnel and opened a portal to the South, to cross under Sukhumvit?
  4. Nahh, an air strike would be a waste of good Jet-A. Snipers are much more efficient, and you get far less collateral damage. (Recall the death of Seh Daeng during the unpleasantness a few years ago. One shot, one kill, and I think a reporter got a bit splattered.)
  5. I must have missed that when I was in town in April. How do you get to the southeast corner from the northeast (Soi Cowboy) corner? I've been crossing under Asoke on the north side, to get to the Skytrain, for years. Crossing Asoke on the south (even-numbered soi) side is relatively painless, but about the only occasion I've had to do that was walking from Los Cabos to Soi Cowboy.
  6. I'm aware of the actual viability time. I originally considered writing "a few days" intead of "a short time". The key point remains the same: the actual window for fertilization is a few hours out of the ROUGHLY four-week cycle.
  7. They've been married for five years. They've got a kid together. As it is actually not that easy for a female to become pregnant (the window for fertilization is only a few hours wide, and sperm does not remain viable in the Fallopian tubes for very long, one surmises that "little tommy" has been holding up his end of the bargain. If there is any possibility AT ALL that her husband would have bundled Suri off to the Sea Org, she is quite correct to be worried.
  8. Specialist


    Viagra does require stimulation, just like Cialis. The difference is that Viagra metabolizes out of the system after some number of hours, quite a bit more quickly than Cialis does. Being younger back then, you were probably on more of a hair trigger, more apt to feel any stray contact or thought as stimulation. Incidentally, for that price, I'd be VERY surprised if what you got was real Pfizer Viagra. It might have been sildenafil citrate 100 mg/tab, but I doubt that it was manufactured by Pfizer for their brand-name packaging. They're VERY proud of their trademark. (Pfizer Viagra in Bangkok goes for about the same price per tablet as it goes for in the US.)
  9. As of a few years ago, that place was still there. I'd lost some weight, needed to get a couple more holes punched in my belt, and the guy at my tailor shop told me about them. I got the impression that they were good people.
  10. As I understand it, the problem is this: the bill that sets up the CDA does NOT enjoin the CDA from altering the constitutional monarchy. The fact that the current draft amendment to Section 291, the draft that the CDA, once appointed, would use as a starting point, does not alter the monarchy means nothing. It appears to me that, without such a specific injunction on the CDA, the Constitutional Court fears that the CDA may indeed attempt to tamper with the monarchy, and there would not be enough teeth in the existing legal framework to stop such an attempt in its tracks.
  11. Yes, definitely please continue to keep us updated.
  12. Truth be told, I almost never drink alcohol myself, so that's no problem. "First beer's on me" is the traditional honorific for this kind of thing.
  13. KS, next time we're both in the same bar at the same time, your first beer is on me.
  14. What I find amusing is that, despite being invited to do so, neither of the guys who SAY they need programmers managed to say ANYTHING about what they needed, beyond "CHEAP!" (implicit in their unstated assumption that they could not afford to pay market rates for what they needed to hire). Recall the old saying "Cheap, fast, good. Pick two."
  15. Well, let me ask you two simple questions. 1. What qualifications do you need? 2. Are you able, willing, and ready to pay them what they're likely to cost on the market? I haven't been able to find the exact quote, but the late Milton Friedman supposedly said something along the lines of "If someone is having trouble finding someone to do a job, it is because they are not offering to pay enough."
  16. One of the rules of the recruiting game is that you have to GET THE WORD OUT that you are looking for people, with or without certain specific background. You might find that someone you know would be open to considering a new opportunity halfway around the planet.
  17. Waitaminnit. Yesterday morning, you reported that you said you were willing to let her use community assets to post bail. Are you saying the JUDGE put the kibosh on that arrangement, and insisted she use her OWN money for the bail, or did the judge just say "Nope. Flight risk. Remanded until trial."?
  18. The Taliban will be back. How much control they seize remains to be seen. Part of the reason they did so well up until 2001-2002 is that Osama bin Laden was bankrolling them, so he'd have a safe back yard to play in. A lot depends on how cowardly the Afghans are. One would expect them to figure out that people who would poison their wells and their daughters are NOT people you want to leave alive, much less running around free, much less running your government, but I may be asking too much. (Was it Moshe Dayan who said "It helps if you're fighting Arabs."?)
  19. I don't know if he qualified as "royal", but a classmate of mine during my refresher work in 2003 admitted to being "well, TECHNICALLY" a German count. He was noticeably embarrassed to admit it.
  20. Out of curiosity, is that the Regency Park on Suk Soi 22?
  21. Gobbledonk, what you don't understand is this: As bad as George W. Bush *MIGHT* have appeared, to the people who voted for him, Al Gore and John Kerry were MUCH, MUCH WORSE. The ugly fact of life in American Presidential politics, since at least 1988, is that the voters who voted for the Republican candidate weren't really voting FOR him, but rather were voting AGAINST the Democratic candidate. The three-way election of 1992, in which Ross Perot, an independent, took about 20% of the popular vote, most of it from Bush Sr., was the same story: a whole bunch of people who voted for Perot were voting AGAINST both Clinton and Bush Sr.
  22. There was a reason for that. After Afghanistan fell, and the Taliban booked foot for parts unknown, the mop-up squads found a Taliban safe house in Kandahar. The safe house contained, among other things, al-Qaida payroll records. In detail. It turned out that the Taliban was on Osama bin Laden's payroll, and had been for a LOOOONG time. Not to mention Mullah Omar being married to one of Osama bin Laden's daughters... The Taliban was NOT going to give up their employer, not as long as his checks continued to clear.
  23. There's a bar and grill in the Tunnel, near the Soi 5 end, that has a sign posted, something like "Due to unacceptable behavior, black men will no longer be serviced here." I saw it on this last trip, and took a picture. (Two pictures, actually.) I plan to show it to a few of my liberal acquaintances, watch them blow steam out their ears, and then give them the back story, about the location and the "black men" in question.
  24. That is a beautiful piece of video, of a beautiful piece of machinery. My father would have loved it.
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