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  1. One more thing.


    We landed at Don Muang, and I did the long trek through the terminal, hit the currency exchange booth, did the long wait in line at immigration, had to walk to the next terminal to get my baggage, cleared through Customs, walked the gauntlet to get outside to the taxi stand...


    It was that moment, when I walked out of the building, and the heat and the humidity hit me, all at once, that I knew I was back in the Land of Smiles.


    And I can't tell you how good that felt!!! I could try, but I don't know enough superlatives.


  2. OK, I guess I should update this.


    I was in Bangkok for just over two weeks, which was about five days longer than I planned. The BAD news was that three days of that was an unplanned stay in Bumrungrad International Hospital (Sukhumvit Soi 3). The good news is that Bumrungrad is a world-class facility, every bit as good as a first-rate American hospital.


    I'd picked up some local GI bug. Diarrhea, high fever, dehydration. It was that last that put me in the hospital. The girl I'd been with the day before was having diarrhea, too, and we were joking about having to take turns going to the bathroom. After I got out, I checked on her. She was fine, none the worse for wear. I'd been the sick one.


    I'm not going to do the standard explicit Trip Report. Suffice it to say I had a lot of fun, with an assortment of absolutely delightful ladies.


    And I look forward to going back soon. But I haven't started the new countdown clock yet.


  3. Airline and hotel reservations made, seminar registration in place, attitude adjustment in progress.


    I deliberately stacked a few extra days on the trip this time, to give me (a) more time to adjust the internal clock (not that I really expect to need it) (B) more time to see the sights © a chance to meet some of you guys at Gullivers on Friday.


    I'm arriving very late Thursday night, 27 July 2006, departing Monday 7 Aug 2006 morning.


    Now I just have to maintain my sanity between now and then...

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