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  1. There is a pretty Indian gal with a great body in Paradise Massage, sukh. soi 26 by the name of Nana. She is Singaporean or Malaysian. In EZ2, sukh. soi 24/1 you'll find Nicky from Nakhon si Thammarat who is hardly distinguishable from an Indian gal.
  2. I remember that I read something like this on a monger-site a few years ago. Sometimes you have to read between the lines. In fact this dude says how wonderful and handsome he is. That he is muscular and young! And in his homecountry he had many girlfriends. Now he goes to p4p-gals in a country far away and "wants to be chosen".
  3. Why go Thailand for bonking Indian gals? Thai guys are not really into dark-skinned Indian girls but they are very interested in fair-skinned North-Indian gals - that's what I heard from my Thai male collegues. However: will you find a fair-skinned Indian Bollywood-type in BKK who's in the p4p? Don't think so... During the years I met a few Thai gals in the p4p-scene that could pass for an Indian gal. In general they are from the southern provinces like changwat Songkhla (near the Malaysian border). About half a year ago there was this beautiful gal Oei in Dali bar (sukhumvit soi 33). She is taller than the average Thai gal and has Indian features; hardly any typical southeast Asian. I think she could pass for a Bollywood actress.
  4. Once I had foot-massage in a spa at the 5th floor of MBK. As I was leaving an Arab-gentlemen and his wife came in for foot-massage. The missus quite loudly asks the lady behind the counter: "People can see me? People can see my feet?" The scoundrel that I am, I quickly answer: "Forget you feet! People can see your pussy!" Before they got the chance to beat me up, I got out of there as fast as I could.
  5. fyi: Strip Bar in PP2 is not closed but taken over by a Japanese fellow. Concept still the same.
  6. Yeah, Nepal indeed! Mix of South-Asian and East-Asian looking gals. Forget New Delhi concerning p4p. It's a pain in the ass.
  7. Delta Airlines: really old (that is Old) ugly flight attendants having grey hair all over. Some have big butt, some are skinny like a drug addicts.
  8. Cialis works almost a week for me. I bought 2 packets (containing 2 tablets each) in Singapore for a lousy S$5 !!!! Much cheaper than that old fart on sukhumvit soi 11 pharmacy who sells one packet for 1500Bht.
  9. Very bad they closed! Is there any other joint with the same concept as the Strip?
  10. And then we have the Strip Bar in Patpong II where u can have bj and all other j's in private cubicles in the bar. Better for shy bros (like me...).
  11. So in GB native Brits are becoming a minority. It may grow worse, my friend! In the US the native Americans are already a minority!
  12. Maybe off-topic but you risk ending up in hospital when you call an Iranian an Arab (in Iran).
  13. How old is she? To me she looks 14 or something?
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